Mr. Ravi Wagh’s 3 BHK House interiors Design| Elementa| Tathawade| Pune

Mr. Ravi Wagh’s 3 BHK House interiors Design| Elementa| Tathawade| Pune

All English Kans designers own your satisfaction is our success Hello friends My name is Ravi my wife Sheetal our Sun audience before we start searching for interior and architect We wanted to ensure that you know, we get the right interior decorator The reason being we have heard a lot of stories the bad Experiences of our friends as to how they did not really get their job done in the right way It could be related to you know, the interiors not providing the enough ideas Second thing was you know the work which you know the interior started was not completed in time or it was left half way through third thing was you know the budget I think a lot of times It happens that you know people start working on some budget but over the period of time You know that budget shoots up really high and that that is again a problem for a customer So we wanted to ensure that, you know, all these challenges are taken care in a right way So we spent maximum time in you know searching the right into there We went through, you know, the Google we visited a lot of interiors as well Eventually, we happen to talk to camps and they said that you know, why didn’t you come to our site where you know? You can see you know, what kind of work we do and we thought let’s go there and see you know What kind of work is done there? We made their camels. Oh, she and Meenakshi Joshi man. First thing that I think we Looked at this site later But the first impression was a really good we found both of them very knowledgeable They have details of each and everything that was you know, put together in that house and you know That sense of confidence was extremely high and at the same time, you know that honesty that was coming out very clearly They’re very open to ideas and very clear about you know what they really want We started working with them and we were really happy that you know eventually we got a swarm that can understand our problems or that are open to Presentations with the ideas from our site and they can work on a good budget as well after that year It was a process where talked to komodo Chasseur and they explained us each and everything as to How their vendors are involved in different stages of this process? We faced a lot of challenges in our little house, and we wanted to rectify them When it comes to saving on the or in other space in our house, we were very clear on our tail that you know We wanted our house to be modern house at the same time There shouldn’t be too much of dark colors in the house and we want up as I mention, you know we want to really the modern house and Commons ocean when actually might up their bows or thus whatever gates and They start working on the process I Think I want to say that, you know, we enjoyed this process It was a good experience right from you know other vendors. They are extremely good the peop Carpenter even the electrician I think salud to their team. They are the ones who are doing all this work The direction is definitely provided by Comodo shizer and Meenakshi Madame. It has never ever happened that common so she’s our organization I thought they have not aware of what is happening in our house. They were updated all the time They visited us quite a few times to see that you know The thing on the right track and they keep getting status and feedback from us as to if they if we need any changes in The house so it was a good experience I think it is a good process and each and every vendor Understands the Duty thoroughly and they work according to in other direction and the you know, the layouts provided to them This is our dream house We always wanted our house to be a beautiful modern and we wanted the use of soft colors in our house and certain design for our interior and this house exactly looked like what we Imagined our dream house. So thanks to thermal serve and Mm-hmm and about Meenakshi mam and Kamal sir. They both are very nice and one commendable thing about them They are always smiling and full of energy whenever we meet them They look always positive and energetic So whenever we go Visited them and meeting with them while coming back we were fully satisfied and that is the very good quality in both of them that we would really Want to appreciate so thank you Kamal sir, and ma’am You know the kind of efforts or you know the hard work that these two people have You know taken to ensure that customer get what they want. It’s really appreciable and Whenever you know we visit them it is not, you know, they will cut the discussion in just five minutes or so They will ensure that you know, every customer get enough time You know, the customer is satisfied. So it is I’m sure you know it is this is something which is not done in typical You know eight to nine hours of work. There is a lot of hard work a lot of dedication commitment from Commercial and Meenakshi men to their customers to ensure that you know They are happy when they leave the door so great job BER guys I think you have been doing another fabulous job and I wish that you know in Not only in Pune but in verse, you know, Mara strand India your name You know keep sliding high In our artists, you know vicious to you and thank you so much for making our house so beautiful for your future project You

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  1. Wow 😳 wow 😳 and wow 😳 it's really really nice 👍 truly amazing 😉 👍👍👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 good 😊 job 👍👍👍

  2. Am really impressed with their work and am following with long time…… and waiting for long time when they design my interiors in #GHAZIABAD

  3. Hello,
    We are looking for interior designer for our 2BHK flat,
    Our flat's floor plan is also similar to above flat except the guest room, I liked the work you have done for this flat.
    Can you tell how much the above interior cost ?
    I have budget upto 12 lacs

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