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When you drive around LA you see many
signs, many billboards. But when you go around and you see that mural that has
been hand-painted… It’s not a poster, it’s not a banner, it is somebody taking their time and painting it by hand with a paintbrush. In art, in this community it
definitely resonates. The reason why we were here was to really impact how
people interacted with brands… interacted with the cityscape that they were in. Vivache Designs brings a brand to the center. So what can a mural painting do..? It can literally transform a space; be the epicenter for either your customers or employees. And it gives and you an understanding of what community is. A little bit about our process. Our process is, #1 authenticity, honesty, and giving it our best effort. When we think about design, we don’t
think about just the business, we think about the cities, we think about the communities and all of that holistically. Every mural painting that we do is hand-painted and customized to our clients needs. Vivache Designs, most definitely has
assembled an “A” Team. with extremely diverse and talented mural artists. Who want to create and transform Los Angeles. We want to be able to empower and employ people who have that capability and that (Mural Painter) skill-set. We are very passionate about
that empowerment! All of us here at Vivache Designs we’re constantly challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves. We are extreme perfectionist, We don’t
settle for anything but the best. Bringing people to go, “hey what is that?”,
“What does what does that mean for me?”, “What does that mean for my local
community?” “What does that mean for the sort of vision of the city?” That’s what we do here at Vivache Designs.

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