Mural yang dibuat oleh Glenda sangat Out Of The Box! – PART 3 – MDA

Mural yang dibuat oleh Glenda sangat Out Of The Box! – PART 3 – MDA

I’m very nervous about the black colour
in the master bedroom
But the gold should be like dark brown,
you think?
You sure it won’t look too dark in here?It’s going to be very dark you know?Dark is scary man!
It’s like a haunted house!
That’s why I reminded her againYou sure about the concept?
You sure about the execution?
Isn’t the room going to be too dark?No because the bottom of our bed is whiteand above it is going to be cream in colourMaybe he couldn’t imagine what the
colour arrangement is going to be like
sure there’s going to be blackbut it’s not going to be overbearingBecause it’s going to be balanced by our
furnitures and DIY
Alright, just making sure,
I was afraid that…
our gold coloured furniturewon’t be visibleHe then was able to accept my opinion on
the colour of the room
I’m heading down okay?This is the first time I had to make a DIYthat’s really big and heavyFor a while I actually wanted to try
using some steel
and I want the result to have some black
So there will be those black listsThis is also the first time I’m using a
steel cutting machine
and I’m, honestly, rather scared of the
sparks because sizzles like a firework
but because this is the grand finals,I don’t think I’ll have this kind of
opportunity again
I’m making this on my personal philosophy
that everything should have a baseline
the furniture will look like it has
a frame
I’m making a marble wall in the bedroom,
on both left and right corners of the room
I started painting the first layer, then
I painted the second layer and so forth
So in my opinion, it makes my room…it gave off an expensive feeling, and I
really loved that effect
Work in here first! This part hasn’t been
painted yet
Go over there to install itIn my opinion, Glenda knows how
to make use of us really well
The colour combination should mostly
be in white okay?
The blues are just additional enhancementsReally?YeahUp to you on that partWhat’s important is that it shouldn’t
be too dark
And I’m happybecause it means that Glenda understands
that I have the skills to get the job done
Glenda gave responsibility for the
so I was doing all the paintingand the assemblingbecause there’s so many, and I’m practically
used to it
While Mamet is responsible for
t he flooring and DIY
Don’t you think the stove will look
weird if it’s in the middle?
What I’m saying is if it’s going to be
parallel with the wall in order
It’s just that there’s a pathMy idea for the kitchen island is that
it’s going to be floating
so that we can access it from anywherebut Glenda was still adamant about the
kitchen island sticking to the wall
If it sticks hereyou’re going to have to bring food around it,
before heading to the dining room
Alright, then the starting point will be hereif it’s floating it’ll be weirdIn making the kitchen islandMamet’s floating idea is already weird
if it’s standing all by itself
So that it won’t look weird if this was
the starting point
let’s make it a curve like thisSo when someone wants to head
to the kitchen from that curve
they won’t crash into it, and even
then it’s not going to be sharp
On this side there’s going to be a storageThere will be a cabinet, yeah?Where you can place all those things,
but it’s only on this corner
so the shape will look prettyThe solution is to stick it to the wall,
in the shape of a trapezium
With 30 minutes remainingWith high spirits team Lami and Glenda
continue to complete their designs
Lam!LamiHow does this look?In your opinion?Actually if you wanted-It’s too muchThe whole wall is going to be mirrorand there’s going to be this at the frontI’m sure it’s going to be coolBut we don’t have the budget for itYes Andi has given a lot of ideasBut I think this time he’s a bit much
with wanting to change my ideas
Just paint it firstso that it can dry offbut make sure that the paint goes even
on the insides
Okay, let’s goAlright I’ll continue working on the
marble then
So Lami’s concept, in making this, is…for her to reminisce her childhood
in Bosnia
this pattern perfectly captures her
culture, but in a modern form
it’s correct right?Andi, we’ll try our best to work faster
tomorrow and get it done
so we should have-My GodAndi… Andi…That hasn’t been nailed yetAnd you just let that go?No, I was holding it and I was trying
to reach for a chair
Then why didn’t you say anything?I was pretty shocked because we don’t have
a lot of those patterns
and we have to use those as good as we can,because there’s a chance that it won’t
be enough
Don’t worrywe should still have
enough of it
Which is why when you need help,
just ask!
So we weren’t finished at the end of the
first day
I’m not satisfied,
I know I could work a lot faster
and maybe this time Andi irritated me,
and I wasn’t able to focus as a result
Met…What’s the update Met?Only half of the vinyl is donebut the one in the master bedroom
is already done
Bri…Vinyl is already done, Bri, Bri, Bri…Bri…He looks like hes the most exhausted
It was crazy… I was so tired…Let’s just laugh it off and work through it,because the most important thing is
that there’s progress
Okay lets head back, I’m exhaustedLets…I’m proud of you both, I knew I didn’t
make the wrong choice!
I just want to remind you guys that our
time is getting shorter
Let me divide the workload thenMamet, you should focus on applying
the vinyl for the time being
While Brian… there’s going to be a
bunch of photos here later right?
all you need to do is make the frame
boxes that can be hung up over here
So I have to manage, again,who’s going to be responsible for t
his, in charge of that
work needs to be parallel, everything
moves together
Team Glenda, Booyay!This is blended…It’s already day 3 of the execution and
there’s still alot that needs to be done
Hey Andi, so I was thinking last nightAbout the linen…since there’s going to be a mirror herewhat do you think if the linen is behind
the mirror? But not all of it
but the linen is going to be rather
tilted as well
So we wanted to make a mirror with
the Dulux linen right behind it
that’s coloured gold and whiteIf possible, let’s use something subtle
because it’s already…
Because that colour is kind of…Gold for me is too muchAlright, then I’ll order the white oneSo I asked him in the end, where we ended
up adding white
So within these three rooms, I wanted
to add several DIYs
You finish working on that cabinet
YeahThe first one I want to make is a
partition that divides both rooms
The second is that I want to make a
kitchen island
I want to make a koi mural that has my
personal philosophy written all over it
I’m creating the koi mural on the mirrorA mirror itself doesn’t have any poresso when I started painting,I would have brush strokes that
I wouldn’t be able to produce
on any other materialAnd why is that I’m using two mirrors?Because I want to give it a dimension,
of a different painting on each layer
and this is a new innovation in my opinionand I’m sure that the judges are going to
love it
Glenda’s working on the details, so
I’m down here working on the DIYs
so that when I’m done, all I have to do
is put them in place, and it’s all done
I have to finish all of the DIYso that it can ease up Glenda’s work loadso my job was quite tough for that dayThis three-room challenge is certainly
not a laughing matter
because we had to work so fast, look
what happened to my finger!
I got sliced by a cutterIt’s all blistered now because of that cutter,
all sliced up
Waiting a medic takes too longBut, whatever, I’ll work on it until
I’m done
I’m making the DIY for the furniture
that I’m unable to get
I made a lot of DIYI made the table for the dining roomI also made the cabinets for the kitchen
and near the mirror
A drop ceiling for the bedroomI also made a closet for the bedroom and
the cabinets for the wall clock
And I also made the partition between
the living room and dining room
I made the kitchen island as wellSo I had an idea to make a DIY in the
wall of the dining room area
I wanted to make these circles,
made out of ceramic
this requires a bit of time to dry offafterwards it just needs to be paintedIt’s already done!So the partition goes in the middle?What happened to your finger Met!?I got sliced by a cutterwhen I was-All the red stuff it blood?Alright, so do you want to lift this up?YesOkay, let’s lift it upRight when I bought the partition
inside the unit
Oh God! It was so tall and huge!It was so close to ceiling man!Let’s tilt itSo I had to be extra careful!Lifting it up slowly so that it
doesn’t break
In the kitchen, right after I was finished
with the ceramic marble and flooring
I continued to work on finishing
the cabinet
that will be made with the taco
sheet finishing
and we’ve agreed on using taco sheet
with a wooden fiber
because Lami said that Bosnia is filled
with things that are influenced by wood
What?What happened Aristo!?It spilled…No!Man! This just adds more work to
the plate!
Oh my God!How could this happen?Yeah I knowIt’s better like thisI meanWe still have a lot to doAnd I think if we leave it like that
it’s already good enough
No it’s notI wanted to be angrybut it would be better if I just helped
him and get it all done

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  1. 5:09–5:16 ternyata ada tim MDA yang ikut bantuin, gw kira full kerja dari para peserta. Tapi, no problemm tetap semangat Glenda dan Lami!!1

  2. Disini gw merhatiin bnyk bngt org2 (bukan dari team) berkeliaran ngerjain sesuatu entah ada hubungan sama pekerjaan masing2 team atau engga. Jd mikir ini beneran selama ini mereka cma ngerjain bertiga masing2 team apa ada bantuan? Atau ini grand final jd mereka dpt support dari luar buat bantuin mereka DIY atau yg lain ? 😕

  3. Glenda kok gak pilih andy iya mungkin andy kayak gak bisa diandalin atau susah ya sama andy tapi ini kan grand finals ya pasti sangat bersemangat coba dulu dilihat lihat dia udah berjuang sampai semifinals loh

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