Must Have Laptop Accessories 2.0! Dream Docking Station Setup

Must Have Laptop Accessories 2.0!  Dream Docking Station Setup

As much as I like the portability and convenience
of a laptop, when I bring it back home I want to be able dock it and take full advantage
of my home office setup. To do this I added a flexible laptop stand
to keep things tidy, used a couple USB-C adapters to simplify the connections and drive my 4K
display, and added a USB switch to act as a KVM to go between my desktop and laptop
quickly with the same keyboard and mouse. Hi I’m David and these are my must have
laptop accessories for a laptop docking station. At home I like to run both a desktop and notebook
system depending on what I’m working on. For gaming or video editing, I’ll want to
opt for my more powerful desktop pc but for work that I’ll need on the go or to bring
into the office, I’ll use my laptop instead. Whether it’s my laptop or desktop, I want
to be able to take full advantage of my setup. The large 4K screen and my dedicated keyboard,
and mouse. Sure you could just unplug and replug everything
into the other device but that gets tiring really fast. So originally I went with these Logitech keyboards
and mice that have built in profiles to switch from one device to another, but I find the
latency with a Bluetooth mouse too sluggish for my liking, and actually prefer the comfort
and responsiveness of my older non-bluetooth G602 mouse instead. Also I didn’t want to be limited if I switched
back to a wired keyboard or mouse. So instead, I picked up this USB 3.0 switch. It has 4 connections on the front for accessories
like my mouse and keyboard. And cables in the back to connect to my desktop
and one to my laptop. Now with a single press these USB devices
are routed to either the desktop or laptop, and switches instantly back with another click. Much simpler than needing to replug my devices
every time. Next up is using the display with both the
desktop and laptop. And most monitors and display will have multiple
connections so switching the display between systems is usually straight forward. Unfortunately the 4K TV I’m using here only
supports HDMI 2.0 for that full 4K 60Hz, something that this Dell XPS 15 is lacking. So I went with a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adapter
to solve this problem. It’s a pretty straight forward solution,
to get that full 4K 60Hz experience from my laptop to the TV. The adapter also supports power delivery that
is driven with a separate usb charger. But you’ll need to keep in mind, this setup
only supports up to 60W of power delivery back to the notebook. This is much lower than the 130W of power
the original power brick supports, so if fully loaded on the CPU and GPU, the battery may
not charge or even drain a little while plugged in this way but during my typical usage it
more than enough for a slow recharge when docked. And finally a laptop stand. While this isn’t completely necessary. You know I’m a huge fan of reducing clutter
on the desk with stuff like my monitor stands. And I feel the same way about a laptop stand. Floating the laptop saves space on the desk,
and allows you to position the laptop closer or out of the way as necessary throughout
the day. I’m using the Amazon Basic monitor arm here
combined with their laptop mount to hold this together. This robust design feel very solid and secure
with my laptop. And the pneumatic arm make it really easy
to reposition closer or out of the way depending on what I’m doing. So that’s how I combine my laptop and desktop
into a single workstation. And not feel like my workstation is compromised
in any way whether I choose one or the other. But that’s just how I prefer to run my computer
setup at home. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. For all those asking about the Sony TV he's using as a monitor its a Sony 43X720E
    He explains the use in this video

  2. Why not use "Mouse without borders" (by Microsoft) and have 1 keyboard & mouse connected to up to 4 devices and you specify how to switch by the hotkey of your choice (also you have a clipboard to copy between your laptops/desktop through your network)

  3. really nice setup, i got two pcs hooked up and for mouse and keyboard i use this its by microsoft just install on both pcs and the mouse and keyboard on one pc can be used on both pcs over the network works great for me

  4. The logitech mx master can be paired directly with the receiver. You don't have to use the bluetooth connection

  5. Notice my ergonomic mouse, my elevating desk so I can stand and get the blood flowing again. And to round it all off, the smallest most cramped keyboard ever sponsored by carpal tunnel syndrome.

  6. I've a dock for my thinkpad laptop (not required), with power and Ethernet connection. Them I use 'windows remote desktop' from my Desktop computer to my laptop. And voilá, no need for adapters and other stuff, when I want to use my desktop at full power (ie gamming), I just close the remote desktop app.

  7. what am i watching? i have so many question but i just going to throw that away. yeah indeed
    S T R A I G H T F O W A R D

  8. Is it just me or anyone seeing that's a sony tv instead monitor? That's a damn tv and are you for real sitting 15 inch away and using that tv as a monitor for computer productivity????

  9. Doesn't make any sense using a notebook where you use your desktop PC save laptop life by using it only when away from the office. If you were really tech savvy youd have a harddrive mounted to a unix server as a file system and then use a VPN and/or DDNS address to access this file server to bring you files on the move can also setup your own cloud space with a browser GUI for pulling/pushing files if unfamiliar with unix based systems all in all make your notebook dock as pretty as you like still pointless…. I'm addition isnt that a travel keyboard? How the hell do you use that thing at a office desk loool each to their own I suppose


  11. nice deals you got going on I have been interested in how or what Pplication would switch from note book to desktop.

  12. This video is really very cool. I think we should have these laptop accessories especially the monitor arm as it helps in reducing the wrist pain or the shoulder pain. These accessories also looks great and are kind of cool.

  13. Thanks for the video.I am also looking forward to your setup but instead of flexible laptop stand my Laptop will be recessed at my desk.

  14. how do you switch between macbook and pc on the monitor? im trying to make a setup like this but i end up using 3 ports on my macbook, Thanks. I was very inspired by your setup and it was just the one i wanted in terms of clean and modular

  15. Cable Matters USB-C to HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz Adapter link is posted incorrect for US:

  16. Hey man, really hope someone can help me with this question!
    I'm about to buy the UGreen USB switch for my laptop and desktop set up. However, if I switch to my laptop, how can I still use my monitor along with laptop screen (effectively having a dual-monitor with my laptop)?

    I hope that makes sense and any help is really appreciated!

  17. You seems to know about this stuff, so i have a question, i hope you can help me out with this:

    – I have a Acer Predator Helios 300, how can i add more monitors to it?

  18. My biggest issue with docking with laptop is to remove laptop from stand, open the lid , power it on, close the lid and place it back on the stand. I wish if manufacturer's can provide an external switch which could allow us to turn on laptop without opening lid.

  19. Nice setup, I'm looking to make something similar. A little tip: you can use something like VNC viewer to connect to your laptop all wireless. This also allows you to easily copy over text from your desktop to laptop and vice versa.

  20. Laptop main function is his mobility. What the point to setup bunch of cables and aceesories. Why just buy a set of PC.

  21. Dude, You can use mouse withoutborders a simple software created by MicrosoftGarage.I use it very often to switch between my laptops and that saves me from buying a usb switch. All it requires is to connect both devices with same wifi router. Sorry for my bad english anyway

  22. Hi David, I'm thinking of getting the UGreen switcher but I wanted to check on how you switch the audio. Do you use HDMI for the audio between your laptop and desktop?

  23. You can use Mouse Without Borders to share mouse and keyboard through WiFi. Seamless installation and works like magic. It even lets you share the clipboard and drag and drop files.

  24. Very nice video, I have some questions and was wondering if anyone can help. I have the dell XPS 15 as well and want to connect it to my monitor via HDMI cord, but it my monitor and pc won’t recognize connection when I plug it in. Can anyone help?

  25. Have you thought about a USB-C to HDMI, USB, and USB-C? This way you have one plug going into the laptop. Then you would have USB to KVM, and HDMI to Monitor. I'm currently trying to find a KVM switch that supports USB-C and HDM+USB for my laptop + desktop setup. Any recommendations since this video?

  26. no one saying this doesn't make sense, using two computers when you can just use one. Use just one and push your work into a repo or cloud and you have it in your office

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