My First PAINT BY NUMBERS Kit || Tips & Review

My First PAINT BY NUMBERS Kit || Tips & Review

Hi everyone! For today’s video I’m painting my first paint
by numbers and giving you some tips, if you want to try this out. This paint by numbers kit was sent to me by
idiypaint so I’ll also be reviewing the kit. Keep in mind though that I haven’t tried any
other paint by number kits so I can’t compare this to the other options out there. There are links below, if you want to check
out this kit or any of their other paint by number kits. I chose this African sunset landscape called
generations and I didn’t check the size so I was surprised at how big the box was when
it arrived. The canvas is 40 x 50 cm and it came pre-stretched. Sometimes you might need to buy the stretchers
separately and stretch the canvas yourself. So, this is an easier option if you don’t
want to do that. I’ll talk about whether I thought it was a
good thing or not later in the video. There are some instructions and tips on the
cardboard box it comes in. The English on the box is not great, which
I think is often the case with kits and supplies coming from China. It says on the box that this is DIY oil painting,
but after using the paints I’m sure it’s not oil paint, it’s acrylic. Oil paints might be nicer for this since they
dry slower and you would’d be able to blend the paints easier, but that would add the
hassle of how are you gonna clean the brushes and what to use as a solvent and all that,
whereas with acrylic paints you can just use water, so I think acrylic paints are the better
choice after all. The kit comes with the canvas that has the
image outlines and the numbers printed on it. You get the paints in little pots with lids
and the numbers on top so you can match the paint color with the numbers on the canvas. You also get 3 paint brushes. It also comes with a kit for hanging the painting,
but we’ll talk about that later in the video. You a get copy of the image and printed instructions. The copy is especially handy if you make a
mistake or cover a number but leave some corner unpainted and forget what the number was. The paints feel thick, but the coverage on
the lighter colors was not great. The brushes feel ok, I did the whole painting
with them. I didn’t use my own brushes. I did cut off a few little stray hairs off
the small brushes though to make them easier to use. I only noticed this afterwards looking at
the listing, but I wondered why they sent a large brush and then two small ones of the
same size or at least a very similar size. However, the listing says there’s a large,
medium and small brush. So, I think I got two mediums or two smalls. I would’ve liked a smaller brush for details
so I’m thinking those were mediums. This paint by numbers kit is definitely for grown
ups and maybe teenagers, it’s way too detailed and intricate for kids. I think this would work for you, if you like
to work on the same piece over a long period of time as something relaxing and calming
to do. I enjoyed painting this while listening to
an audio book or watching YouTube. You’re not going to finish it in one or two
sittings. I tried painting this as fast as possible
to get the video out and it still took me a week or more to finish compared to a usual
painting that I might make in a couple of days. Some paintings take more than others though. But if you’re not rushing it and painting
multiple hours everyday, it’s likely going to take weeks to finish. And it’s because of the small areas you need
to paint. On a normal painting I would cover up large
areas with a background color and then paint details on top, which I think is a lot faster. Besides the time it took, this was different
for me, ’cause I’m used to working in a smaller size than this. I don’t regret choosing this specific kit
though, because I think it will look nice on my wall. I chose the color scheme so that it would
suit my decor, it matches the color of one of my walls quite nicely and I really like
the African sunset savanna with animals type landscape paintings. I’ve actually made one before years ago, but
mine was a lot more simple than this and it also had brighter colors and darker contrasts
with black silhouettes and no muted colors so this one looks much more realistic. And that kind of leads me to another benefit
of paint by numbers. You can produce a good outcome even as a beginner
painter, since all the prep work was already done for you. Paint by numbers is more like coloring rather
than making a new painting from scratch. The composition, outlines, color choices and
color mixing have already been done for you. You do need to take your time though and try
to paint smoothly to make the outcome look nice. So, you can go about it in different ways. You can paint all areas of the same number
at once and then move on to the next number as I was doing for the most part. The painting proceeds faster that way, but
you don’t get to blend the colors. You could also paint it in sections. So, in this painting, I could’ve painted one
elephant at time and that way the paint would stay wet while I paint that area and I could
blend the lighter oranges into the darker browns and make it look softer. When you’re working on such a large canvas
one color at a time, by the time you get to the next color, the previous one is already
dry so there’s no way to blend them anymore. However, since the areas are so small and
you have a lot of in between shades in going from the darkest to the lightest shades, it
doesn’t look like just blocks of color so I don’t mind this look at all. And you can even go over the edges with a
mix of the two colors later and blend them that way. I’ll link a video about blending below. I found that you definitely need to go over
every section at least twice. For the darker colors that’s enough coverage,
but for the lighter ones you need even more to cover up the black printed numbers and
outlines. The image was so intricate with such tiny
areas to paint that I found it hard to stay inside the lines, but the good news is that
you don’t need to stay inside the lines. In fact, you have to paint slightly over the
lines to cover them up. Otherwise you’ll be left with an outlined
painting, which you might not want. Unless you really like that look. Some instructions and tips I found online
said to start with the darkest colors. I started doing that at first, but then I
realized that since I’m painting over the lines, I would prefer to do the darkest colors
last or at least the final layer of the darkest colors last, since it’s easier to cover up
any errors with a darker paint color on top of the lighter colors rather than trying to
cover up the darker colors with the lighter ones. I painted the outlines with a smaller brush
and then filled the inside with the large one. To avoid smudging wet paint, try to work from
top to bottom and left to right if you’re right handed or vice versa. I definitely got some paint on my arms, when
I wasn’t following that advice. Turn the painting around to make it easier
to reach different areas. I wasn’t doing that as much while filming,
but I was doing it a lot off camera. Keep the paint pots closed when you’re not
using them. I even stored the paints in the fridge, ’cause
that’s where I usually keep leftover paint. I painted some of this outside at the summer
cottage and it was like the windiest day of the summer and I of course didn’t realize
to bring the top clamp of my easel and I had to hold down the canvas with one hand and
paint with the other. And then when I was taking photos or setting
up the tripod into the lake, ’cause I was painting on a pier and the tripod wouldn’t
fit, the wind would blow over the painting. So, if you’re planning to paint outside with
an easel, definitely use the top clamp to keep the painting in place. And that way you can position the painting
vertically instead of tilted back, which might be a bit better. The easel is from Lidl and it’s pretty small
for this painting, but it worked. I was worried something would fall into the
lake while I was painting especially with the wind, but the only thing that fell in
was the plastic bag the paints came in so that was ok, I just fished it out with a tripod
leg. I painted the sides too, cause I don’t think
I’ll frame this painting and this way it will look more finished. As for the outlines and numbers on the canvas,
there were some mistakes, where the number was missing or the same area had 2 numbers. But in those cases, maybe leave the area unpainted
till the end and then use your own judgement on which color makes sense. The final color I painted was the darkest
one. And I was surprised when I opened it. Everything else in the painting was yellow,
orange, brown, a bit of reddish brown. And they look really harmonious together. But the darkest color that I was expecting
to be a dark brown, was actually purple. I also wanted to mention the shipping of the
kit. I was actually expecting to make this video
a couple of months ago, but the kit just wouldn’t arrive. It says on the website that shipping, which
is free by the way, takes 10-40 days to Finland. If you live in US, Canada, Australia, France
or Germany, it should be faster. So, the 40 days had passed and the package
did not arrive so I sent an email asking about it. I then got to see the tracking info and it
said the post office had contacted me by email and and I didn’t collect the package so it
was returned to their European warehouse. Now, I never got that email. I checked my junk email and it wasn’t there
either. So I’m not sure why that happened, but IDIYPAINT
kindly sent the package to me again and I gave them my phone number that time too and
got the notification of the package and it was fine. That time it took 9 business days to arrive. But in case you want to get one for a gift
or something, keep in mind that the shipping time might be long. I’m not done with this painting yet as I’m
editing this video. I definitely still need to cover up the numbers
showing up through the lighter colors. From a distance the painting looks fine as
it is and I love it, love the image, love the color scheme, but when you look closely,
you can still see the numbers. I wish they were printed in grey instead black
so they’d be easier to cover up. I might also need to fix up places, where
I’ve painted over the lines. And I might add some extra highlights. I’ll update you in a new video once I do that
so you can see the final result. I’m looking at the painting on the wall as
I’m making this voiceover, I hung it in the place of another painting for a while. And I can see shadows on the canvas, when
I’m looking at it from the side so the canvas is a bit loose and saggy. One reason might be that it got loose during
the shipping. I would like to try and tighten it, but I’m
not sure how I can do it though. I usually buy canvases from Lidl and they
come with stretcher keys and stretcher key slots, although I’ve never had to use them
yet. But this one does not have stretcher key slots
so I’ll have to think of something else. If you get a loose canvas like this, it might
be easier to tighten it before you paint on it. I’m not sure how well you could see it in
the video, but the stretcher bars are kind of warped or crooked so the painting didn’t
lie completely flat on the desk as I was painting. Now that I’m testing it on the wall and I
don’t think it’s that noticeable, but I just wanted to point that out. It’s of course easier for you to get a paint
by numbers on a pre-stretched canvas like this rather than to stretch it yourself, but
the stretching might not be perfect. I’ll also varnish the painting once it’s done. I have another video about how I varnish acrylic
paintings, if you want to see that. And I already know, where I’ll hang it once
the painting is completely finished. Looking at the listing afterwards, it says
the hanging kit includes 2 screws and two non-track hooks. So, I got 3 screws and the metal accessories,
but I did not get the white, plastic hooks that are pictured in the listing. I have some of those from before though, so
it’s ok. If you notice there’s something missing in
your kit though, I’m sure you can email them or send a message through the contact form
on the website and they’ll send you the missing parts. Have you tried painting by numbers? Comment below with your experiences on it. Thanks for watching and see you next week! Bye!

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  1. I'm unboxing and trying out a paint by numbers kit for the first time and sharing some tips I learned and reviewing the kit. I also did some of the painting outside by a lake on a windy day, which did not go down well…
    How I tightened the loose canvas:

    How to varnish acrylic paintings:
    Blending technique:

  2. Nice video, and beautiful painting made! I really want to try this out myself.

    After watching the video and checking out the website… I realised I spotted art from an artist called Margaret Morales in the 2nd tab of "characters" set of paint by numbers. Do you know if this company has rights to some of these artwork? I know Margaret has her own store that she sells these prints for (she also named the piece of art "Celestine") and at a much higher price so that makes me believe that there might be something fishy about the paint by numbers store (which they named "Flower Feast Girl".)

    I still would love to try these out… but Im a little worried that I might be buying… art that hasn't been consented to be used in this way.

  3. Which brand of Paint by Numbers kit would you say is the best? Considering quality, and variety as top 2 "must". – Thank you! ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒธ

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