My First Prints! – CATPRINT Review

My First Prints! – CATPRINT Review

hi everyone so today I’m going to be
reviewing my first professional print delivery I ordered from cat print and
all of my orders just arrived so I’m kind of gonna go through what I ordered
how long it took and how long it took to get here as well as some other things
along the way thank you stopping by and that subscribe
button really helped me out yeah alright so I want to start by saying out that
this is not a sponsored video I doubt cat print even knows who I am
besides shipping me this order so this is prints that I got made of a ton of
different pieces I have a lot now and I ordered Elevens too which is crazy
and all of these were first off for my first solo tabling booth at a pet
adoption for one of my local shelters fun fact I actually did used to
volunteer at a shelter in my area I played with the kitties and made sure
that everything was good with them so where i’m tabeling isn’t where i
volunteered but it is where i actually adopted my cat so if you’re in the local
area of Southern California the Irvine Animal Shelter is a great place they are
super kind and helpful and have a ton of adorable animals including sometimes
pigs and chickens so really fun to go visit them
so yes back to cat prints the whole reason for this video so these are just
some of the prints that I got made a lot of these do
have the gold paint so it was kind of nervous to see how they would transfer
some definitely look better than others so take like this guy the effect
honestly of the scan is kind of cool so I left it it gives them an even cooler
halo effect but I did order an extra couple prints of his to see how their
paper would take to painting on and so the first one they did with the new
colors I got let me see with the liquitex ink which I’m honestly
not a huge fan of and this is uh how it laid down kind of the exact same thing
happened on my mixed-media sketchbook as well um super splotchy no matter how
light or heavy I apply the paint does not lay down correctly and it definitely
did not enjoy this paper it kind of shrunk on it next is my liquid leaf
which I’ve had for ages and I really actually need to replace um and this is
how she lied down so definitely a lot better but it’s really kind of hard to
tell you can definitely see the paint lines so neither one really laid down
the great but I would definitely say the actual liquid gold leaf lot back so that
is something to consider if you’re like me and like doing a lot of metallic
accents on your pieces it’s gonna be a little hard to get them to show up
properly and I want to show you one of my favorites so this is definitely
bigger than the actual painting but I love it like I have a normal-sized hand
I mean it’s a huge dollop honestly a print may not make it out to someone I
may keep one of these I think they’re super cute and so yes so cap print it
took me a while to upload all of my photos because I obviously really used
pretty high resolution I’m a crazy person and scanning all of my art at
1200 dpi just in case definitely don’t need to do
it that large of a file but I don’t know I like being over-prepared so yeah the website definite look a
little bit longer to load the photos into their system and for the first time
using it I was a little confused about some of the borders that the site puts
up when you’re measuring your photos so that one actually it’s it is kind of
cropped like that kazeer did run off my page but here’s a good example so even
though when I laid this photo out I had everything go past what they suggested
it did still leave a border I know you can do the edgeless printing but it does
add a decent amount onto your order so since most of these are gonna be framed
they’re not just pieces that people are gonna just you know pinup on their their
bulletin board or something the border didn’t bother me as much because if you
get it matted properly or even a good frame
that little border totally won’t be seen so just a an idea if that does bother
you um you’re gonna have to do multiple orders the orders on the site to get
that to work also I would say the one downside of this site was honestly not
being able to do two size prints at the same time so for all of these I had to
order the smaller ones on one order and then the big set
on another order so when you’re ordering multiple sizes that does mean you’re
gonna have to read rag in your art every single time for a different size line
all of the edges up properly for every single one so obviously when you’re
ordering you want to keep that in mind you want to make sure that you give
yourself enough time to edit everything or you’re gonna be really sad um yeah um
and you can choose pretty quick shipping I wanted to get proofs of mine before
because I’ve never used their site wanted to make sure everything was gonna
look okay I did digital proofs for these and that was only because I knew I would
need them sooner if I was just ordering these for a restock I probably would
have had actual proof copies shipped to me but they do offer digital versions
and everything where they send you PDF documents basically of every single one
of the prints and you can review it make sure all of the borders and edging and
coloring is correct and then approve it so they I put mine in late on a Sunday I
heard back by 10:00 on Monday with all of my proofs luckily I checked my email
pretty regularly throughout the day and so I saw it come in within a half-hour
loaded everything up on my computer went through everything approved it got an
email back within a couple of hours saying thank you for approving and the
were printing all of your images so really easy honestly a lot easier than I
thought I was gonna be yeah so I would absolutely recommend this site I think
the print prices are very fair for the quality that you get um I went with
their recommendation for art prints so it’s a it’s a light kind of like a light
cardstock I’d also did mine Matt because there’s
really no reason for art prints to be glossy and that shine is actually from
my out light sorry yeah so I absolutely love these I’m very proud of myself for
just buckling down and buying these and I’m really excited to see how they sell
you can buy them obviously from me in person you can shoot me a message if in
this video you saw ones that I don’t have listed on my Etsy yet and you want
to claim one let me know I can absolutely put stuff aside for everyone
and yeah I’m just really really excited about these and while this video isn’t
sponsored I say go check them out get some prints done so now they also do
like cards and stuff like that and hit me up cat print sponsor me you know yeah
so that’s it I hope everyone has a great day and please check out all my links
below there’s a link to my Etsy store which will have these for sale as soon
as I really ate all of my amounts well thank you guys so much for watching this
little review video let me know if you have any questions or comments about cat
print that I could help answer for you before you place your first order and I
will see you guys next time bye you

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  1. Hi there! thanks for the review! What kind of scanner do you use? I'm trying to find the best one to scan my art.

  2. Great informative vid. Just edit out the dead air parts where youre searching for something, it will shorten the vid and keep peoples attention more

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