My First Time Acrylic Pour Painting · Letting Go Creatively · Fluid Acrylic

My First Time Acrylic Pour Painting ·  Letting Go Creatively · Fluid Acrylic

Good evening guys and welcome back to my channel. I hope December is treating you well so far. In today’s video, I wanted to share with
you, the fun I’ve had experimenting with fluid acrylic painting or paint pouring. Since this was my first attempt, I don’t
have a lot to say about technique, paint mixtures and ratios, as it honestly was all trial and
error, but I will have info on everything I used in the description below. It was definitely a learning curve, but I
started to see an improvement towards the end. For the first one, my paint mixture was a
bit too thick, and then I went much too thin for the next so it blended and muddied into
a grey mess. After that, it still took a couple of tries
to get a consistency I was happy with, but moving forward, I at least know now what I’m
aiming for. There are loads of different ways to get the
paint onto the canvas, and I decided to start out just straight pouring it, since anything
else just seemed a bit too ambitious. But for the last couple of attempts, I tried
the flip-cup technique, and I wish I had started with that as it really gave the most interesting
effect I think. Now, as you’ve probably gathered, this is
all a little out of my comfort zone, for a number of reasons. I’m quite controlling when it comes to art
and mess, I like to plan things and have a vision for how it’ll turn out, I like to
research and reference, and I also love a quick clean-up once I’m done. But I’ve also had a long, stressful and
not-so-cretive month, during which, I found moments of calm in newly discovered paint
pouring videos. I watched in total awe and amazement, soothed
by the flow of the paint, the freedom of it and the constant experimentation of the artists
behind them. It’s impossible to watch these videos and
not think ‘I have to try that’. But all month, I talked myself out of it. I was trying to find a reason to make it worth
my while. When art becomes your job, the line becomes
blurred between creating as a task and creating just for fun. And when I thought about making these types
of paintings, honestly my first thought was, but then what do I do with them. Where do they fit in. Do they reflect my style, can I incorporate
this into my existing works, how do I make this benefit me to make up for the time and
money I’ll spend making them. And I had this thought on and off for weeks. Every time I considered trying it out, I convinced
myself it wouldn’t be worth it. Until I finally remembered, I don’t just
make art to sell it, I don’t make art to have something to add to my portfolio. I make art because I love making art. I love to play with paint, with colour, to
just try things and see what happens. Art is my job but it’s also my hobby, and
I don’t always need a reason to do a certain thing. If I want to do it, I should just do it. So I guess what I’m saying today, because
I feel like this is something all of us, even if we aren’t full-time artists, we all have
moments where we convince ourselves that just trying something won’t be worth our while. It’ll be a waste of time, a waste of good
supplies. And the whole point of being creative, creating
as an act in itself, never can and never will be a waste. You learn and you express yourself and in
the end, theres a thing there that didn’t exist before. Whether it’s a mess or not, whether it turned
out how you expected, you made a thing. That’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks so much for joining me. If there’s anything you’ve been overthinking,
something you’ve wanted to give a try, make some time to do it this weekend. And let me know how it goes! Speak to you soon. Bye!

31 thoughts on “My First Time Acrylic Pour Painting · Letting Go Creatively · Fluid Acrylic

  1. Thanks for watching! If you have any questions about the paint, other tools, music, filming equipment… anything really, please check the video description first! Happy Wednesday!! 💕💕

  2. Until about a week ago I had not even heard of pour painting… at first it sounded way too much like “performance art”, which is not my taste at all… but after seeing Caren Goodrich and then saw you trying it ( subscribed to you a few weeks ago), I see it can be a way to create amazing and unique things. I’m SO impressed you gave it a go! I wonder if there is a way (like someone else suggested) to create a small pour piece that could be “collaged” (that’s probably a made up word) with your other types of art? Pour on some matte board and use it as a frame perhaps?

  3. I have not seen one w/blk / wh. Love it. I have a lot of old acrylic paints, I am going to give this a try. I've been watching one gal "artzyfarty" for a long while and came upon your video. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I just want to say that I love to watch your videos, you inspire me a lot! 💕
    I have wanted to try pour painting for so long! And you made me want to try it even more😍 I love how your paintings turned out!

  5. thank you i felt really lost becuase i've been feeling burnt out lately like art didn't feel like art but this video cleared a lot of things in my head!!

  6. Thank you so much for this! I over think things all the time. I need to just do it and express myself!

  7. I'm going through this mindset right now as I'm struggling what I'm more known for on IG with charcoal portraiture and what I'm experimenting in with watercolor and design. My shop is actually growing with design work but since my following started following because of my portraiture work…I can't figure out how to incorporate it. This video was a fantastic reminder that sometimes you have to do art for yourself.

    As I've been watching your videos the past few weeks, it's helped me grow with thoughts of being a self-sufficient artist and how I view other people's work as well. I've started a dump journal and it's helped me form more thoughts and ideas than I ever could have imagined. I would get so involved in the look of keeping myself organized that I would get frustrated and then quit. This dump journal is the best thing that's happened for my creativity as it is a safe space.

    Thank you for these uploads!

  8. I loved your line at the end where you said creating is never a waste and there's now a thing that wasn't there before. Simple but profound! Thanks!

  9. I am NOT an artist by any means. I can figure out how to play any instrument you put in front of me, but I cannot draw or paint to save my life. But I saw Jennamarbles do this and now I really want to try it. Watching all the videos so I can maybe make something pretty.

  10. This was beautiful sentiment….this is EXACTLY my thought process when I wanted to start paint pouring. I also decided that it "wouldn't be worth it in the end" because of all the reasons you listed, money, time, mess, cleanup…and then what would I DO in the end with them? lol…. Thank you for expressing all the thoughts I wrestled with in my mind. Its been a couple months, and while I have had some successes and many many failures, I'm glad I tried this technique. And it has been fun and enlightening. Appreciate your video.

  11. I did my first pours today it was so much fun I am not an artist in anyway shape or form but it was so much fun mucking around with paint.

  12. I agree with everything you said in your video. I was looking on youtube for some different techniques and found the paint pouring vids. They were so soothing to watch and felt almost freeing. I haven't tried it yet but plan to do so shortly as I think it will work for a couple of pieces I have planned. Thanks for posting this and reaffirming my thoughts.

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