My Go-To Home Decor Accessories

An accessorized home is what makes a
house a home. It gives it personality and character.
This week I’m going to go over my ‘Go-To’ Home staging at home decor items that
are sure to work in any space. Number 1 is Greenery – either real or
artificial. Plants and natural green elements
breath life into a space. And studies show that having house
plants around you help to decrease stress. They also clean
air in your home as well. A good quality silk plant can
fill any empty corner or complete any look; or
you can use things like artificial boxwoods or moss balls, which
are always popular. To learn more about using greenery to
stage your home, be sure to watch this video here. Number 2 is fluffy white towels. In bathrooms, that is. Hanging and folding
white bath towels in a nice display is the perfect way to create a luxurious
hotel feel in your bathrooms. They’re clean, crisp and they make a huge
statement. With white bath towels, you really don’t
need that many more accessories to complete the look. To learn how to fold and hang a white
bath towel like a spa, watch this video here. Number 3 is fruit – again either real or artificial. You often see fruit used in Showhomes & that’s because it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. And, it’s
really easy to change up your decor with the seasons. For instance, using red apples in the
fall and winter and green apples in the spring and
summer. You can achieve many different looks with fruit by using an array of different fruits,
or using the same fruit grouped together, or even using just one
or two to add to a vignette. To learn new ways to decorate your home
with fruit be sure to watch this video here. Books are another one of my favourite
home decor accessories. They bring individuality and personality
into a space. They can add height to any vignette, they can be a backdrop for many smaller
accessories Or, they can add to a great coffee table
display. You can showcase your book genres or you can make your own book covers to
try to neutralize a space. To learn how to make your own DIY book covers, be sure to watch this
video here. Again, thank you so much for watching and
I hope you enjoyed this weeks tidbit. If you want to watch the 4 videos
that were listed here I will have links to them below, in the description. And, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE. See you next week.

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