I think this is my portfolio I’ve been putting here now I actually didn’t look at this portfolio for like ages you know have a look at my portfolio (shock) oh my god I see my own I see myself right here this is basically an announcement video that’s the tea for today I mean no no no really I’m joking I really want to be more truthful to you my subscribers will lead to a better communication more artistic I guess something that I have been doing since I was three hold up let’s have a look so here some older work that I did when I was in college and you know some British colonial style and finally we started to have computer work well this was prepared for my internship three years ago so like this is one of my favorite project about the optical store the entrance design the windows design there’s just a lot more about the interior moving forward that is a restaurant project like three four years ago my 3D was pretty terrible and my Photoshop was not there at all because back in the days I don’t even know how to use Photoshop properly the thing is that the only thing that I know about it is brightness and contrast it just doesn’t make sense I didn’t even Photoshop the visual at all it was rare SketchUp and V-ray so it was pretty dark okay we got to go back to editing and now back to some freehand sketching was like enlarged version I love my markers but technically I just lose all of them and yeah that’s yeah that’s the last one wrapped up and this is what I was doing during the time when I was a student and I wanted to get back to that after a year of slacking trying to lie on myself that I’m good at Instagram marketing actually I’m not good at IG marketing (you know it Mike!) So I just want to go back to what I’m actually good at perhaps that good at you know drawing if you think I’m good at drawing probably you can leave a comment down below look at by the drawings that I was showing you just now it’s nothing really new to be honest that I tried something like this like before in this channel there’s like one or two video but I just don’t have the you know the dedication to do drawings to do because I was so messed up right here and right here so I wasn’t ready for doing that but I feel like now I’m actually ready because I’m ready to literally like quitting social media (hold up) not entirely quitting but I’m just going to be focusing on what is more important in my life and that is something that I’m the most passionate about which is sketching drawing art design you know literally things like these regardless they’re in digital form or in hand form you know it doesn’t matter as long as that I’m actually capable of doing that it’s gonna be amazing if you guys are part of this journey because I may actually try to get a position as a designer or any position in the design field it’ll be great for me to document that isn’t it people don’t usually do that on YouTube like documenting finding a job I feel like I want to do something less scripted and that’s kind of making me like a contradictory kind of making me nervous because I’m not getting used to doing that you know that’s kind of the new push for me like I need to be more comfortable I need to let go all the stress like this so I kinda need to changes up the style and maybe this will boost up my channel and it also boost up your interest looking at not just me talking but you know maybe something that like drawing some kind of other talent that I can offer (singing: I don’t sing well I just sing for fun this is my parody for 2018) hope you guys will be enjoying this and follow my journey all along the way and I will see you guys very soon

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