National Dog Day – Pati’s Story

National Dog Day – Pati’s Story

Painting is a magical thing for me. It’s like I can’t paint it if I don’t feel it. You have to have something that’s solid in your life and a base to work off of and that was Quincy. I found Quincy shortly before I moved up to Quincy, California. I went to the pound and looked at puppies. But there was one pen right as I walked in the door and it was nothing but little terrier puppies and Quincy over in the corner. He just looked at me like, “You gotta save me.” So it was like instant connection for us. He was everything that I wanted a dog to be. I trained horses at the time; he never chased the horses. He just instinctively knew, you know, where his place was. He just wanted to be with me and we were like that for 13 years. I guess I was two years into being on the transplant list; getting sicker. And he developed cancer and I had to make that decision and do the right thing, so that he doesn’t have to suffer. So I started painting again because that was about all I had the energy to do. I think this kind of was a therapy for me when I got so sick and for him to sort of be making his presence known. It’s almost like I can feel him there and I’ll get something and I go, “Yeah, that’s it.” Organ and tissue donation for me has always been a part of my life. I registered to be a donor when I got my drivers license. I never thought I would be in need of an organ. I’ve always been so strong and so athletic and you know I’ve never let anything stop me… and that stopped me. With a second chance in life, it’s been amazing. Everything I do, I want to be a token of my donor and his part in my life and what it’s meant to me to have this opportunity that I wasn’t going to have. I didn’t ever not enjoy life, but I enjoy it so much more now. And he still shows up periodically, you know, he was such an important part of my life. So on behalf of Quincy and all the other amazing dogs in this world, I would like to say happy National Dog Day and if you are not registered to be an organ and tissue donor please do so.

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  1. That's a beautiful true story. It reminds me of this public service donation ad.

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