Ned & Ariel’s New House Tour

Ned & Ariel’s New House Tour

(dramatic boom) – We got the house!
(laughs) – [Ariel] I’m excited to tear stuff down. (drilling) – [Ned] Here we are, home sweet home. Looks like the aftermath
of a disaster movie. – It’s the beginning
of something wonderful. Welcome to our house! (upbeat music) – What’s up guys, before we start the video, we just wanna announce that today we have dropped our brand new sweatshirt
and matching joggers, as well as a dad hat, as well as a notebook and a poster. Get it today, only at ♪ ♪ – And now onto the house reveal video. – Where are you going?
– See ya! (jazzy music) We are so excited, because we finally finished
our home renovation. It’s almost a year in the making. – [Ariel] Oh man. – [Ned] Oh my goodness. – [Ariel] It’s been a process. – We thought that doing a renovation would be easy and awesome, ’cause you get to pick
everything out yourself. But that means you have to
pick everything out yourself. – Every single thing. The rough-ins for the fixtures, covers that go over the switches, and do you want square switches or do you want round switches. When I was pregnant I was
here almost every single day. Checking on things. – [Ned] We bought the
house in last November, and it was pretty old. – It needed a lot of work. Cracks in the walls, and the
whole place was just old. Nothing had been repaired or replaced since probably the 70s. – So we came up with the plan, we met with an architect, and we started knocking down walls. We wanna turn this main room from a cramped tiny
living room and kitchen to one big open concept. (dramatic boom) We’re in the guest bedroom
slash office right now. There’s a giant hole in the wall! (screams) So in the guest bedroom, they had these antique windows that were kinda falling apart. – We ripped all of them out. We actually turned the three window into one really big window. – So much backyard space, like, we could do so much out here! You might even say it’s
pregnant with possibilities. (drum roll and cymbals) And the master bedroom addition we wanted to expand the footprint and take away two of the walls. They told us if you’re gonna
take away two of the walls, you might as well take
away all four of the walls and build it from scratch. In the master bedroom we have, we have demolished the
entire master bedroom. This is the back house now. Totally demolished. Treacherous trenches here. Uh, easy, whoa! This is my beautiful
bathroom shower, wait! It’s outside. – They took out the whole back wall. What I thought was really fun, was actually seeing it get built back up. – Yes! Well it’s starting to look
less like a disaster zone and more like an actual construction site. We’ve got some wood framing, the holes, well you can see there, that’s where the concrete
footers are gonna go. Imagine we walk in our
beautiful bedroom, la la la. And that’s where the bed goes, very nice. This is the beautiful walk-in closet. I’m gonna measure how big
the bedroom actually is. – [Ariel] (laughs) Ah the tape measure doesn’t go far enough. – Sorry, the bedroom can’t
get any bigger than 25 feet. They build it back up
going from the foundation, to the subfloor. Holy crap, the subfloor went in. Look at that. Whoa it’s just like stub plumbing. – This is gonna be a big bathroom. So we’ve got here is where the tub goes. There’s gonna be a vanity here. A big shower goes right there! – Wow!
– Yeah! – To then the frames went up one day, and that was very exciting. It was kind of a microcosm of seeing the entire
home building process. (dramatic boom) Alright let’s check out the back. I hear that they put up the walls. Whoa! Cool, yeah. That’s really goin’ fast. Whoa, look at this! This is what our
bedroom’s gonna look like. Oh man, oh man! Oh it’s gonna be so big. (gasps) This is the walk in closet! I’ve always thought like, walk in closets is just like
something the Kardashians have. But it’s like, this is amazing. Oh my God, walk in closet! Wow. It’s a pole! – Do we have to have that
metal piece on there? In the like, rough construction phase, it doesn’t really look like it should, there’s plywood on everything.
– It’s just wood! Yeah the rough construction phase is just like pieces of
wood up into the air. (fake crying) Got the first aid kit here. (laughter) I hurt myself. – It’s been a rough couple of weeks. – It’s been a rough couple of weeks. – I’m not gonna lie, I’ve
been like staying up at night. – We’ve paid thousands of dollars. Look behind us, they had
to like rip out the drywall because of an inspection. They opened that up, opened that up, all up here. All of this was like fine. It was good. So they made us install a stripper pole, because apparently our
roof is gonna fall down. – [Ariel] Do we have to have
that metal piece on there? That’s ugly. – That is ugly. And crooked. So we’re gonna try and take
some of the power back, do some of the projects ourselves, so we can have a little
more control over it. (dramatic boom) – So we built a bunch of
things ourselves actually, I mean aside from designing
the whole thing ourselves, we built the bookshelf. – It’s time to get started
on our first DIY project. Which is the built in bookshelf. I have no skills, you have, – I’ve got some skills but, – All of the skills. – I’m not gonna be able to be doing much uh with this happening. – Shelf number one at 58 inches. If I lean over to like
sniff a pot, like mmm, am I gonna, I mean it comes
out to like here right? Aah! – [Ariel] (laughs) You
hand is moving down. – It is?
– It’s, yes. We got cabinet boxes
from Ikea, put them in. Oh, just the hair! – It just gets the hair, oh no! – And then I actually hauled the wood from Culver City in my car. We sanded it down and
stuck ’em on the wall. That was a labor of love, I wanted those bookshelves so badly. – So this is the status
of the living room so far, you see we have some new windows. We did a fireplace transformation where we turned it from a brick fireplace into a modern California
rustic type of uh, – It’s really more California modern. – California modern? California modern, California modern. I mean, oh damn, look at this fireplace. Look at that, look at that! Came out great. – I would say that the
biggest transformation for me was the kitchen. – Oh my God, yeah. That was just night and day. – Yeah! – [Ned] The original kitchen
was super cramped and tiny so we knocked down the
walls and opened it up. – [Ariel] We designed
the kitchen ourselves. – This is the kitchen’s progress so far, you see there’s a little bit of work that still needs to be done. – We’ve got counter top, counter top, and the range is gonna go right here. – [Ned] Damn, look at those pantries. – A big ass island! – [Ned] Wow. – Well we knew that we
wanted this huge island in the middle of the room. We wanted it to be a place
where people could eat, where they could sit, where we could like put food out, and people could like stand around. So we basically bought Ikea box cabinets. You know, they’re kind
of the cheapest option. We got these custom
cabinet fronts done for us. Our kitchen isn’t huge, right. But look at all the storage
underneath the island. – [Ned] That’s a lot of storage. – It’s a lot of storage.
– That’s big. These are $20,000 cabinets
that we did for $4000. – Yes. – [Ned] Wow. (dramatic boom) So we’re here lookin’ at the countertops. Very important. – That’s crazy.
– Our huge wine cooler. – That’s, that’s, I don’t. We don’t have enough wine to. We’ve gotten to the most
important part of the store. (angelic singing) The toilets. (jaunty bumbling music) Stage one was demolition, stage two, the rough construction, then stage three is finishing. – [Ariel] That’s when
they put in the floors, they put in the cabinets and the doors. – About to see the big
door for the first time. (gasps) What! Oh my God, look at that! – [Ariel] All the light
switches start to go in, and you start to see it
really come together. – Yeah. Once the walls go up, it really
feels like a house again. – I’m starting to imagine what it’s gonna look like with furniture. And what it’s gonna look like, you know like actually
living in the space. – We are starting to build the deck and we realized that we don’t have a saw that can properly cut a four inch beam. We went from this to this! ♪ Lemme lemme upgrade ya ♪ (drilling) Damn! Wow. It’s deck day. – Woo hoo! – Ariel and her family
have done a great job building the substructure of their deck. It’s time to put on the decking. – [Ariel] Woo! (silly noises) – We’re actually putting
the deck on the deck! We’re really gettin’ decked over here. (drum roll and cymbals) So we’re at board number 20! We’re about to put it down. Look at thug get on that! Let’s cut to the beauty shots. (fantasy music) – 26, 27, 28, 29, gah.
– Ah, so close! We almost got 30 boards. It’s like almost 9 o’clock. Midway through the construction process, Ariel went into labor. We were actually in the middle
of building the deck outside on the night that she went into labor. How are you feeling
about the project, Ariel? – I’m feelin’ awesome. Baby’s feelin’ awesome. We’re doin’ good. Yeah, we got. – We got a baby. She said uh, I think I
might be going into labor. And I was like okay, what do you want me to do? And then the back half of the house still wasn’t even done for three months after we got back from the hospital. (dramatic boom) It’s moving day! Ariel and I are moving out of our rental into our new house! We actually moved in before
the house was 100% complete. It’s the first week of havin’ a baby, Ariel’s mom is taking
care of him right now. – We’re exhausted.
– We’re a little sleepy. – We’re 100% exhausted.
– But we’re hangin’ in there. I mean we have this beautiful house, now we’re gonna fill it with boxes. (singing sustained note) – Oh it’s crazy. – [Ned] Oh my God, it’s beautiful. – [Ariel] It’s gorgeous. – [Ned] It’s beautiful. It’s all painted now, and look at the finish on the wood floor. There’s boxes everywhere, and it’s a little bit of a mess, but like, – We live here!
– We’ve come so far! – This is our house!
– And we live here. And now this is the deck that might have sent Ariel into labor. We built this! – I know, we did this with out own hands! – This part of the house
still under construction. – That’s okay,
– We’re workin’ on it. – You’ll see that later. It’s gonna be amazing. – The appliances go in, and the furniture comes in, and then it’s like you live here! We made it, the TV survived! Everything else survived. Now we just have to unpack, but first we’re gonna pop some champagne. Wesley, this is a message
to you in the future. This is the first night in your new house filled with boxes. There’s your mom, you already saw grandma, there’s grandpa, hello! (dramatic boom) So the first three
months of the baby’s life we were living in a construction zone. It’s the morning of the day
that Kieth is caring for Bean and there’s boxes everywhere. And Bean is barking at all the workers. How am I gonna unpack. My baby kept me up, I only got four hours of sleep last night. Okay (deep breath) okay. There’s hammering, there’s sawing, there’s like dust in the air, it was like really stressful. I haven’t shaved the entire
time Wes has been alive. Still have a lot of
work to do on the house. Looks nice, but it’s not exactly livable. Oh my God, this closet
is the size of a bedroom. You could fit a car in this closet. Wow, I’m very excited. This is the bathroom,
it’s comin’ along okay. Shower for Ned. Shower for Ariel. Is it just me or are these
lights not like 1000% level? The final finishing stage was maddening, because it was at that point all of the little details
really needed to get fixed. And you’re like, wait a second, this is not rough construction anymore. This needs to be perfect. Oh God, this is just, this is ridiculous. This is definitely not
what we were lookin’ for. – [Ariel] What happened honey? – I drilled the wrong hole size. – [Ariel] Aww. – I used the wrong cabinet hole. And now I don’t know we’re gonna have a hole
in our brand new cabinet. People who are installing the oven nicked the gas line upon installation. So the oven doesn’t work. – We’re waiting on parts right now. I called this morning and they said, – [Ned] Looks nice though. – Probably one more week, but we’ve already been
three weeks without a stove. So what’s one more week, right? (dramatic boom) We have a working stove! – We have a working stove! It’s been like over two months of not having a functioning stove. We finally got it fixed! We’re gonna boil the
fuck outta this water. We’re starting to install the tile. – So I did this cool thing with the tile where the tile on the
floor of the bathroom actually extends into the shower so that it makes the
bathroom look even bigger. – Ariel picked out this beautiful, – Oh my gosh. – Spanish inspired pattern. – I am just in love with cement tile. I wanted to keep the style
of the Spanish house. We’re doing open shelving, of course. So we’ve got two shelves here, and there’s two more
going in here and here. But I decided to style these anyway. ‘Cause you know, they’re here. – They look beautiful. Ariel has this thing she likes to do where she tries furniture out in a bunch of different ways. There was a period of a couple weeks where she would move the furniture from one side of the room to the other. I would get used to an ottoman, and she was like I don’t like this one, and she would send it back
and order another one. Do you like the new sofa? Yeah, yeah that’s the answer. The answer is yes. It goes from an old
house that has potential, you have a vision of what it could be, then you tear out a bunch of stuff and feel very destructive, and then little by little
it gets put back together, and all of a sudden it starts
to feel like a new house. Whether it worked or not, it’s
done and you live here now! (intense metal music) (dramatic boom) – Hello, welcome to our house! – Welcome to our house! We are so excited to be showing you all the details of our
fabulous home makeover. First this is our – Our bookshelf.
– Built-in bookshelf. – I love it so much because
I can just put all of my like little bits on it and everything. – I thought it was just
gonna have books on it, and then Ariel turned it into
like this beautiful artscape. It’s gorgeous.
– It’s what I do. – She’s amazing.
– Thank you. – [Ned] Moving on, this is
our living room sitting room. – I like to call this the sitting room. Because it is only for sitting. And this is where we keep Beans’ toys. – All of Beans’ toys are here. Trick! And then this is a fireplace, we did a DIY project here. It used to be red brick, but now it is white with a
nice little modern mantle. – We replaced this tile with
like the nice Spanish tile. – This is the dining room. It’s not so much of a room as it’s a table in the middle of the room. But it totally works. – [Ariel] Yeah! That was my idea. – And this is the kitchen. – We love the island. (love struck laughing) Also we have the floating shelves. – [Ned] Yes, Ariel installed
these shelves herself. – [Ariel] We have our custom range hood. – We wanted it to be white
so it kinda blends in. So this is actually. (beeps) (blowing) All of this used to be one big wall. – [Ariel] Well technically there was a door here and
there was a door there. – But we turned it into one giant door. Check it out. Oh my goodness! – We’ve got the deck that adds like 300 square feet of living space. This is where we spend most of our time. – It’s the cozy couch. – [Ariel] It’s the cozy couch! – [Ned sings] Try guys game time. This actually used to be the dining room. – [Ariel] We opened up the wall and put the couch here. – [Ned] Ariel designed the whole house but like I designed this area. So I did a wall mounted television, pretty cool I mean I gotta say. – [Ariel] That’s like next level stuff. – [Ned] That’s like some next level stuff. Let’s go on to the bedrooms. – So we’ve got the guest room first, which is also the office. – [Ned] Once we had a baby we realized it’s very nice to have guests over. So we got a little desk here, a bed here. – So all over the house we
have these custom draperies. I love love love them. – And this used to be three old windows and we kinda turned it
into one big window. C’mon into the toilet room. – This bathroom was a labor of love. It really needed a lot of updating. My favorite part of this
bathroom is the tile. – Check it out! – [Ariel] So pleased with the tile. – We have a new marble top to the sinks, we updated the fixtures,
have new lighting. – [Ariel] And then we’ve
got our herringbone tile. – Yeah we re-tiled the shower. This is a hallway that wasn’t actually
in the house initially. It used to be one big room here. Up top we put in skylights so that there’s natural
light in this hallway. Alright let’s move on to the nursery. Here’s Wesley’s room. – [Ariel] This room used to be like the antechamber to the master. Even though we took out two,
three feet for the hallway it’s still a really good sized room. – [Ned] Babies don’t need that much space. – [Ariel] Pretty much every
time you would go in there it would be like this soothing space. – [Ned] Ariel created like
a little Wesley tableau. – We’re very happy with this room. It’s finally come together. Okay, big time. – Time for the reveal
of the master bedroom. – Which basically was
built from the ground up. – Let’s check it out. – [Ariel] The reveal. – Look! – [Ariel] Ta-da! It’s huge. – [Ned] Yeah, the original
bedroom probably ended like about here. – Yeah, we didn’t keep any of it so. – We were just like, let’s make it bigger! – We wanted like a big old bed, we’ve never had a king sized bed before. – I really wanted like a
place where you can hang out and just like a place
to put on your shoes. So we put in a gorgeous leather couch and this like little sitting area. It’s like, very relaxing. – And now we have our walk in closet. – Walk on in! Our closet is designed as a his and hers, so there’s multiple racks. There’s a racks for pants,
and a rack for shirts, there’s a central cabinet on each side where you can have drawers and also some are open drawers. We have some pictures of us in there, and I have a shoe section. My clothes have never been so organized! So the bathroom was originally
part of the backyard, but we turned it into this
very spacious bathroom with room for a tub, pretty great. One of my favorite parts is we have not one, but two shower heads. Oh man, mind blown. It’s awesome. It’s very very decadent, very big, and it’s also
really comfortable. – So I guess we can just
walk you right back out. Okay, bye!
– That’s it. Thanks for watching our house tour. – I’m very happy with all
the decisions I’ve made. – I’m very happy too. I mean it was a long long process, and I’m glad it’s over. But I’m also glad we went through it. – Because next time, – Next time! – We’ll know even more! – Oh boy. Thank you all so much for watching, we have posted some links for
some of our favorite products that we used in this renovation. You can see those in
the description below. Comment what your favorite
part of the transformation was. – I’d be excited to know what you guys like the most, because. – What do you think?
– What do you think? – What do you think, do you like it? I can see us living here for a long time. – Me too. I’m excited to grow into it with you. – Me too. We’re gonna raise our family here. – That’s right. ♪ I’ll be there for Christmas ♪ ♪ Oh yeah yeah ♪ ♪ I said I’ll be there for Christmas ♪ (upbeat music) (dance club music) – [Ariel] (laughs) Ayy! – Ayy, ayy, ayy! Oh ayy, ayy, do it. That’s a good dance.

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