Neetika & Mohit | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

Neetika & Mohit | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

Home is a place where the two of us can just
be ourselves, have a nice conversation after a hectic day at work, a nice meal together
and just be happy, being here together! My name is Mohit, I changed my job, moved
to Bangalore in 2011. Here I work for a company by the name of Drilling
Info. Last year is when we bought this apartment, moved
in a couple of weeks back. It’s been good so far. My name is Neetika, and I’m a teacher. I moved to Bangalore about 6 years ago. And we’ve been looking for a quieter neighbourhood
and we found exactly that in Sobha City. And it’s been great so far! We had a very clear idea of how we wanted
our home to look. We wanted everything to be very subtle but
at the same time we wanted to use a lot of colours. We also wanted to have very modern, contemporary looks
for all our rooms. Which is why we decided to have the Indian
based, Indian themed living area. Hi, this is Charul. I was the Livspace designer for Mohit and
Neetika Kaul. The client had some warmth in their personality
and by this I understood that they liked something minimal but with a subtle colour splash. I made sure that the fixed furniture was subtle,
giving the minimalism look. Whereas I did the colours in loose furniture,
wall tiles and even the light fixtures, to make sure that it all blends in perfectly. One thing I think we were very clear about
was that in the living area, we did not want a TV. We wanted people to come over and have conversations rather than being hooked onto the TV so that’s something we were very clear about. Other than that, yeah, the balcony – both
of us love open spaces, we were very clear, we won’t cover them or anything, air should
come in and then there should be some green, so you can see that those are the elements
incorporated with a vertical garden as well as a base grass on that side. For the bedrooms, we wanted a contemporary
look. And we wanted optimal use of space. At the same time, we didn’t want it to look
very tense. So that’s why Livspace and Charul really helped
us with making the right choices about colours and how to use the space available. The third room was, I guess, a bit of a challenge,
because we wanted to do so much with it. We wanted to have a study table there, we
wanted to have a large TV, my mother wanted to put a pooja unit there. And then again, storage was critical so we
wanted a wardrobe there as well. We got all of that, and again I would really thank
Charul for putting her head together on this design and helping us reach where we wanted
to with that room. The kitchen was actually the first spot that
we finalized in the house. We had very specific requirements for the
kitchen. And we had a pretty clear idea of how and
what we wanted. Also the cappuccino colour that we chose was
something that we liked instantly. And that was something we absolutely stuck
to, we didn’t change anything in the kitchen once we decided to fix them. The design part took a lot of time, because
we wanted a lot of things put together and we only had a limited amount of space. But it was planned and done and executed pretty
well. Interestingly you know, when it comes to design I have
my own challenges, but Livspace always ensured that I understood what they were doing, because
I was a stakeholder here. And I really appreciated that because it took
that extra step to ensure that I always understood how the entire thing looked like and how it
would be executed. In fact, during the execution, I must say this that every time we had a question, Livspace was there to help us with that and answer
it for us. They were always available, which we thought
was very nice of them, often accommodating our questions in the right spirit. That was great. Livspace essentially delivered exactly what
we were hoping for and this house exactly looks like what we thought when we started
this journey back in November. We went to Livspace with a couple of ideas
and I think through the process they really helped us put together all the pieces of the
puzzle. The design phase was pretty interesting, very
intense, we had lots of iterations through the process. But then every conversation that we had back
and forth moving pieces, changing designs, the colour schemes, every conversation was
very encouraging and Livspace never really forced us to settle on something that we weren’t comfortable with.

44 thoughts on “Neetika & Mohit | Livspace Interior Design in Bangalore

  1. simple yet classy… looks like home and not hotel room which now a days many houses look like… gives homely feeling…

  2. Video is hardly audible what they are saying is not at all clear . Nothing special , exciting abt design decor after spending huge.

  3. Are don't focus on cinematic shots nobody is interested in that I just came here to look design and what feeling the design gives to the home I got nothing big zero for the video

  4. Hello.. I want to know the colour detail of their living room.. that metalic blue and cream combination is super.. what is the colour code and brand.. please tell me.

  5. Very dull interior. Thanks for the video – I was thinking of having my interior done by Livspace but looks like it's a complete waste of money!!

  6. The couple is stating "we exactly knew what we wanted". I have had clients like them, they force the Designer into making a house like the Pinterest images they shortlist 😅 and that's is why there is no characteristics to the space! Lacks even the basic design principles like wrong furniture alignment! There is no story to the design!!!
    Livspace you should have maybe asked them to show some enthusiasm in the home tour, looks forced.

  7. Everything is nice but the colours are really dull, maybe that's your style of being comfortable with but trust me would have been better with bright colours like pleasant green, mint blue, lemon yellow and of course white.

  8. I love the house and the idea of not putting TV in living room but the video should have covered more detailing.

  9. Why don't we love normal. A sofa, tv, kitchen a bed a reading table.and WiFi and that's it for me to live like King

  10. Home can be decorated easily by DIYs and good choice upholstery…no need of expensive interior decor…can be done on a budget too

  11. Why you are so sad ! I want my house to be bright so that an adult can be a kid there . Not so boring 😴

  12. By thinking and saying Subtle and Subtle again… They made their house dull and settle with few colours.

  13. Pretty simple n boring designs . I have decided not to hire livespace for interior as I don't need interior designer for this design

  14. I love the design aesthetics of this couple..understated, subtle yet elegant…and I think the designer understood and executed it perfectly …Kudos also for the vertical garden and not putting the TV in the living room…people in India just have to go bling bling and OTT with everything and think spending money equates class…the perfect example of this being ANTILLA !!!! simple can be stylish too….

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