NEVER TOO SMALL ep.10 35m2 Tiny Apartment Design – Type Street Apartment

This apartment is built in the 1970s There are 12 units in this apartment This unit is 35m2 My inspirations is definitely
to do with the limitation and the constraint of this apartment has and so I
want to see if I can fit a big house into a small apartment I actually kept the layout pretty much as it is including the internal walls and plumbings The design of the living space revolves around how to create living and home office in the same space Spaces do need to appear and disappear
when you need them to even comes down to the furniture you pick needs to be flexible my lounge chair can convert from alounging to a office chair and at night time that gets fold away and the TV reveals itself The dining space isn’t something I use
every day and it’s only fo special occasions when guests visits so you can
slice out to form a very comfortable dining space for four to six people The kitchen is definitely the feature
it’s four meters long so you’ve got a three meter of clear bench space
everything is concealed A window is punched through between the bathroom and the kitchen to borrow daylight from the bathroom area The glass between the the bathroom and the kitchen is a privacy film and it’s activated just by
press of a button this Obama does have This apartment doesn’t have any outdoor space
I need to bring the sense of outdoor in here to achieve that I put a green wall
on the bathroom the most is real moss being preserved for me that’s a backdrop
for them to put real plants in front of it To shower are you standing on the
timber tiles and surrounded by green it kind of refreshes you One material used in the living is the mirror for the cabinet doors and stuff including the
skirting so that it’s used to give the illusion of the extended bigger space Designing small space is a very tailored way of designing so everything needs to
be carefully considered you’ve got to know your lifestyle
what’s important for you

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