Hi. Merry Christmas. Come in. Hi. I thought I would do a Christmas house tour.
Some of you will have seen most of our decorations in my recent decorate with me video, but this
has been highly requested. So I thought I would just show you around, and especially
because this might be the last Christmas that we have in this house. We’ve just bought a
new house, and I can’t think about it or talk about it too much because it makes me emotional.
But this might be our last Christmas here, so I’ll show you around.
As you walk in, the first thing you will see is I’ve put some mistletoe just as you walk
in. I thought that would be really sweet, like as people arrive or as we’re saying goodbye
to people, there’s some mistletoe, so you can have a kiss. Matt’s filming, by the way.
We also have this little welcome mat that I love that says “welcome to the Norris residence”.
I had that personalized online. Then as you walk in, I think the first room of the house
is actually the most Christmas-y. We have this little fireplace that we had made. On
top of it we have put this garland, which I got from Cox & Cox. I’ve just decorated
the garland with some little fairy lights that are on a wire, and just a little battery
pack and some baubles, and a candle as well. Then we have a little fake fireplace that
does give off heat, and obviously can look like a real fire, but it is very safe with
the kids. Then we have these little lanterns next to it, that we light up at night, and
it makes it look really festive and nice. On top of the fireplace, we have these little
dishes that we leave out for Santa Claus, so the biscuit, carrot and stuff will go out
on these when we leave it for Father Christmas. And how could I forget? Norman, who the boys
basically call this nutcracker Norman. He is a new addition to our Christmas decorations
this year, and I thought he was really cute at the front door, as people walk in.
On the sofa in this room, I’ve got some new cushion covers for Christmas. I just got them
on Amazon, I think they were like £10 or something, and they say “Merry Christmas”,
“Let it Snow”, some reindeer and some snowflakes as well. I thought they would just be really
cute, and I tend to get new ones each season, so I have autumn ones and I just switch it
up. If I’m honest, I feel like they are too orange-y. I wanted them to be more red like
this Christmas-y throw, which is really nice to snuggle up in. But I mean it’s fine.
And excuse this, we’ve got a blanket on our couch, because the kids tend to get mess on
it, and get pens on it and stuff, so we just keep a throw on it from Primark. Just to protect
it, but it doesn’t look that nice. If you look over here at the staircase, this is where
we hang our stockings. I got them personalized on Not On The High Street, so we’ve each got
one. I love them, they’re a really good size. I’ve said this before in a video, but they
were quite a big investment. We got them all one year, and I remember thinking, like, “Ouch.”
It was like £200 or something. But we’re going to have them forever, and I love them.
It’s all got our names on them. We’ve each got a different icon. So yeah, I really like
them. See the daddy one. I also put another garland on the staircase
from Cox & Cox. I just tied it on with a ribbon, and then again decorated it with a little
battery pack of fairy lights, which is kind of falling off now. That’s been six weeks. But it looks … yeah, sit up. We did the
decorations really early this year. But yeah, just turn them on at night and turn them off,
and it looks quite nice as you walk in. Then this is the Christmas tree in this room.
This is the first Christmas tree we ever had. I think it’s 10 years old. It is fake, and
it is very tall. This one definitely has our family Christmas decorations on it. Like anything
the kids have ever made, or brought home from school, or things that I’ve had made of the
boys, are on this Christmas tree. So maybe I’ll show you a few of them.
This is Fraser’s second Christmas. This is from Fraser’s first Christmas. [crosstalk 00:04:28]. Also I’ve shown these ones before, but I made
these ones with the boys, with a list of things that they wanted that year. I thought it would
be really cute to have those memories. This is the one from this year. It’s the boys’
school picture. Then there’s another bauble from this year, which is from when we saw
Father Christmas. Caleb made this one this year, but he doesn’t ever want me to turn
it on, because he doesn’t want it to run out, so I have to keep it turned off.
Yeah, I love this one. This is from Caleb’s first Christmas. He was born end of October,
so he was only like six weeks old. I think I did this when he was actually two weeks
old, that hand print. Yeah, I just did it like at a local pottery farm. Then Matt’s
sister has started a tradition of buying us these ones, you know that have the names on
them, here? Then we come into our main living area and
kitchen. If you look up, right here we have some more mistletoe. I put some more, you
know, just in case. I can’t back away any quicker. So I put that there, I thought that was quite
cute. Then this is obviously our kitchen. We’ve had this kitchen for about a year, and
so many of you, when I said “We’re moving,” were like, “How can you move, when you’ve
just got the kitchen exactly how you want it?” Sorry, I keep forgetting this is like
Christmas specific, so I’ll show you the Christmas decorations. I have a vase full of- A vase? A vase? What do you say, a vase? A vase. A vaseful of baubles, which are the same ones
that are on the tree, which I’ll show you in a second. Most of them are from Amazon,
because we’ve got loads of decorations from there last year. Then if you come over here,
I’ll show you the boys’ advent calendars. These are new for this year. I bought them
on My First Years. They did a really good Black Friday sale, so I got these personalized,
so each of the boys have one now. Caleb has his little house. Then Fraser, and obviously
Jackson. I thought they were really cute. They’ve got
these little doors, each with something different on it. But the only thing which I’ve been
telling everyone who’s like, “I’m going to get that for my kids,” is the doors are extremely
small. Santa has to get really small chocolates or sweets to go in each one. But they get
a new one in a door each day. They haven’t been fully filled up, because my kids would
eat them all. This is what the elves did last night. Don’t
get too close, it’s like an old bra. The elves used one of my bras as a hammock, and they
put it there. The boys thought that was hilarious. They left a note saying, “We found a hammock.
Ha ha ha ha ha.” That’s what they did last night.
If you look inside the fridge, you will see we are fully stocked for Christmas. We’ve
got the turkey, all the trimmings, After Eights, the breakfast, the steak and chips for Christmas
eve. We cannot even fit anything else in this fridge, so we’re all set.
If you come over here to our dining table, we have fewer Christmas-y bits. I’ve got this
little fairy lights decoration, like tree decoration, on Cox & Cox. Then we got these
ornaments, which have got a bit tangled up, as well. You can’t see the lights very well
when it’s bright, but at night it is really cute because it’s very lit up.
Then this thing I showed in my decoration video. This I bought when Jackson was just
one, because he loved it so much. It makes noise, and has lights, and it’s like a little
snow globe. You can’t really see it, can you? Yeah. Yeah. It lights up different colors, or you
can have it just with lights and not the sound. They like that. I quite like it as well. Then
in this room, we have another tree. We actually moved Jackson’s little play kitchen to put
this tree up here. Again, it’s fake. That just works for our family, and we know we’ll
just have it for years. This is a really good fake, because I’ve had so many questions and
comments about it. We got it from B&Q, but because it is a bit sparse I think it looks
more real. And all the decorations, as I said, are pretty much from Amazon apart from these
ones, which are from Cox & Cox again. Then I picked up this one in a garden center this
year. I just really thought it was cute, so I got that as well.
The star was also from Cox & Cox. Also, we’ve got these jingly things to go around it. Again,
we’ve got two of those, and they are from Cox & Cox as well. Cox & Cox has really nice
stuff, but it is a little bit pricey. So you have to like … we just do it every now and
then. In the sale. Yeah, in the sale. So yes, this is the tree
that has less of the kids’ stuff on it. Then at the bottom of the tree, we bought this
tree skirt from Amazon. It’s a white wicker … well, it’s kind of like a washed white,
but it just covers up the bottom of the tree, and I think it looks really clean and nice.
Over here, this is where all the toys sit. There’s not too much festive things over here.
You guys have probably seen this a million times on my channel, but we’ve got lots of
throws, cushions, like the kids come down in the morning, watch TV all snuggled up.
And yeah, I am really sad to leave this. This is the room that we tend to live in. But in
the new house that we’re getting, we are going to have a space very similar to this, aren’t
we? Yeah. We’ll make it really nice. Then in here, there’s
nothing festive. But a festive log. But I feel like, if you’ve never seen the
house before, I should show you the utility room. This is where we keep all the kids’
arts and crafts, and Play Doh, and everything is in here. This is where I do all the laundry.
We’ve got another freezer as well. This is such a useful room to have. Obviously it’s
good to have a downstairs loo when you have children potty training, and this is where
we wash the football boots. It’s just a great extra room, so I thought- It’s really festive. It’s obviously not that festive, but I thought
I’d show you anyway. Hey! In this room, we also have so many windows
and bi-folding doors. You wouldn’t even know in this light, but we have put up fairy lights
all outside. At night, well even from like 4:00 p.m., they light up and it looks really,
really festive. It goes all the way around, and this room is all very twinkly, isn’t it?
Now I’ll take you upstairs. There’s more Christmas trees- All right. Mistletoe upstairs. No. This is our bedroom, and the only festive
thing in here that I wanted to show you is our festive sheets. I tend to put Christmas
sheets on all the beds each year. These ones I got last year from Next. They’ve got little
polar bears on them, Christmas trees, and presents as well. That’s all that we’ve got
going on in here, but if you come with me to- [inaudible 00:12:06] Christmas present. Caleb’s room. Yeah. If you come into Caleb’s
room we’ve got some more festive sheets. These are the G. Fletcher ones from Next, which
are quite festive but also adventurous as well, so you can actually have them on all
the time. Then Caleb’s got this little Christmas tree here. This is from Amazon, and all the
decorations were, and I’ve got a little battery pack of fairy lights on it. He’s decorated
this all by himself. Whatever. Even star on the top. Yeah, he loves having
this in his room, was super-excited about it. Then Fraser’s got a full-sized, pre-lit
Christmas tree from Amazon, so I’ll show you. Again, I don’t know if you can tell, but he’s
decorated it all by himself, and all the decorations are from Amazon. We just got rainbow ones,
because they wanted all the colors. Yeah, that’s the Christmas tree in Fraser’s room.
This is Fraser’s bed with his Christmas bedding, again from Next. It has little Christmas puddings
on it, Christmas trees, and it looks like cross-stitch or like a quilt or something.
So he’s got that for Christmas, and he’s also got like some start ones that I’ll alternate.
But I love Fraser’s room. It’s probably my favorite bedroom in the house because the
ceiling’s so nice and high, and he’s just got so much space.
The boys tend to play in here a lot. Caleb will spend time doing cartwheels in this room.
And excuse this, we’ve got a pool table up here. The boys have this pool table that just
sits on top of our dining table, but we had friends round on the weekend so we moved it
upstairs to get it out of the way. But I do actually really love having that. So yeah.
Right, so that’s it for this video. I really hope you enjoyed this house tour. I haven’t
shown you the bathrooms upstairs or Jackson’s room, because there was literally nothing
festive in those. But if you do want to see that I’ll link our full house tour down below
as well. If you’re new here, please subscribe because we’re about to move, and we have lots
of new interior house stuff to come, which is really exciting but also quite sad. But
yeah, hope you have amazing Christmases. I’ll be blogging our Christmas day, so look forward
to that as well. And I’ll see you in the next one. Bye, guys.

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