hey guys welcome back to my channel, Myka Stauffer. I’m so
excited to be decorating for the holidays you have no idea this is
something that I have look forward to so much and now that I have all of my
babies and my boys are old enough to really understand and really appreciate
it I’m just so excited for this time of the year if you were brand new here and
you’ve never been to my channel hey I’m Micah super nice to meet you and if
you’re new introduce yourself down below and if you like what you see definitely
subscribe and if your returning subscriber Hey
welcome back super happy to have you and let’s do this first I’m gonna go ahead
and put the sheepskin on our new barstools we just got our new barstools
in and they turned out amazing we actually custom ordered these from
surround in New Albany Ohio and they turned out amazing I really liked having
someone’s second opinion it was such a good eye on their part because it really
ties in with the dark countertops without me having to go light if I don’t
want to and then I thought a cheese board from cratenbarrel I thought this
was a really pretty cherry piece of wood so gorgeous and I wanted to go ahead and
put candles on top of here I originally wanted the candles that are
battery-operated but I couldn’t find enough to kind of get the job done when
I was searching around so I’m gonna need to get a couple of those if you have any
recommendations let me know down in the comments below I remember many moons ago
seeing an overdone candle scape on Real Housewives so I kind of wanted to make
my own rendition of that I ended up adding a red and white beaded
garland to the outside of the candles that I caught at Michaels
but the cool part about the garland is you could do it with or without and I
feel like it still looks just as amazing and then I picked up these gorgeous
little ornaments I cut off the tag and I just kind of laid them around I feel
like those are just such like mini statement pieces it just kind of gives
it a little something and I really like that and then I wanted to go ahead and make a
little hot cocoa station I think these are adorable whenever I see them on
Pinterest or when I go to my girlfriend’s houses and they have one
set up I just fall in love one I love hot chocolate it reminds me of my family
and my childhood and – they’re just so cute so I figured I’d go all out and
create one of my own let me know in the comments below if you are a hot
chocolate all the way or if you were an eggnog kinda gal I found this delicious
hot chocolate at William Sonoma and I also found lots of other yummies as well
as these adorable cups and I also found some of the most adorable hot chocolate
stirs the had chocolate and marshmallows on it it was so amazing I thought this
was the cutest little gingerbread plate display and I found out very quickly
that my husband and all of my children had eaten them just hours after the
video but it looked really good for the scene and then I just added a little bit of
green garland and wove the lights around it and I felt like it was just the
perfect touch next I want to go ahead and put garland
above the stove the one thing I need before I do my Christmas house tour like
I said I’m only decorating 40% of the house maybe even only 30% but I want to
do almost the entire house decorate it for when I do the house tour and I
wanted to see where are you finding your ribbons for decorating please let me
know in the comments below if you found some really cool ribbons because I’d
love a couple ribbons on this hood to just seal the deal next we are moving on
to my windows I have some really cool unique windows in the kitchen and I
wanted to do something and play them up just a tad so I want to go ahead and do
a very classic and timeless look with a little wreath and ribbon something that
we’ve all seen many times before but just add a little bit of timeless look
into the decorations one thing that made this is a little bit
harder than normal is I do not know how to make both so I’ve kind of improvised
and made them as best I could and I do have to mention that I didn’t
end up moving the Reeve so they weren’t as crooked and they were more aligned I love the way that’s turned out it was
timeless it was classy and it just screamed Christmas then I wanted to add just a little touch
I always love advent calendars or countdown calendars I think they are so
adorable and I found this really cute when it target for about $10 and I
couldn’t walk away also a William Sonoma I found these
adorable almond stone candies and I went ahead and put it in a little loss to
display just a little touch of Christmas without being over-the-top next we’re moving on to the kitchen
light fixture I wanted to do something a little bit different jazz it up for the
kids I went ahead and grabbed a little bit of Garland and wove it around the
lights I do wish I would have had a little bit more garland to play with but
this is kind of all I had and then I went ahead and grabbed glass ornaments
that I absolutely love to hang right above the light fixture next we are decorating the stairs so
this is my very first time doing this and I actually had my husband secure it
and set it up for me because it was a little bit heavier than I had had
anticipated and he just used those little straps that you use in the garage
this is not the typical way to secure it but he went ahead and used those little
plastic straps that you kind of like lock into place to secure the entire
thing and then I went ahead and hit those straps with like just a little bit
of gold ribbon and then I want to decorate this entire mantel with gold
and glitter balls and stars and just some ornaments that were not super
breakable so if they were to fall I don’t have anything to worry about and I
try my best to secure them as best as I could one little thing that you don’t
know about me is I’m actually a little bit afraid of heights so doing this
actually is scared the poop out of me I’m not gonna lie I am leaning over and
it’s a pretty good height and it actually makes me a little bit nervous
when I’m like leaning over and putting the balls over but I love the way that
this turned out it was simple and it turned out absolutely gorgeous the Christmas and in the kitchen I wanted to add a
little pop Christmas so I went ahead and added a little Christmas winter lenient
holiday house and some colorful trees and it turned out so adorable for the mantle I wanted to go ahead with
a very classic look this is the garland I have used for a couple of years now
and I wanted to jazz it up and keep it very very simple which raises snowflakes has been fun under the mistletoe and then I also
added this silver it’s no ma’am garland to kind of weave throughout so
pretty it’s very classic it’s very old-school it looks almost vintage I
thought it was so the thing and then for the bates of the fireplace
i wanted to keep it simple just like above so I grabbed my Pottery Barn
lanterns with the battery operated candles and I figured that those would
just kind of go in there nicely I would set them on a timer so that they go off
at night and it just looks really really really pretty and then I got these really adorable
white fuzzy trees and I got garland Reeves for the bottom of them ice at
each one of the trees in the reefs jingle bells freeing it
Oh watch out rainy the falling down we wait and for the big white tall tree I
decided to twist around white lights just to give it a little bit more give
it something special I love the way everything turned out and
I cannot wait to show you my full Christmas house tour in just a couple
weeks so thank you so much for watching if you like this video please give it a
thumbs up and I will see you in my next video bye guys


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  2. Omggg girl!! You and Bri are both premiering?!? 🥰This is a great start to a Monday morning!!!❤️❄️☃️🎄

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  4. Everything looks great! My husband told me I was "Extra" when he saw me decorating the chandelier. Lol. Like the 4 trees I have isnt extra?! 🤣😂🤷‍♀️ Can't wait to do my home tour and I'm excited to watch yours! I LOVE Christmas!!!!

  5. Faresti perfavore un video di come decori la tua tavola nella vigilia e il giorno di natale, sarebbe interessante Grazieeeeeeeeeeeeeee 💋💋💖💖

  6. i live in Cali, and i would decorate for christmas rn but it is still in the upper 80’s everyday so i feel like that would be a little anticlimactic 🤷‍♂️

  7. Amazing video per usual! ❤️ Where did you find the wreaths and ribbons you put over your kitchen windows? love love

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  11. Beautiful but I love how you make it fun for your kids too.
    Also I’m so afraid of heights as well….. so I totally understand how you felt!

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  15. I am definitely a hot cocoa fan!! Your Christmas decor is so beautiful, I love how elegant and beautiful it all looks.

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