NEW! Cloud Technique How To Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie (How To Paint Walls) #FauxPainting

NEW! Cloud Technique How To Faux Finish Painting by The Woolie (How To Paint Walls) #FauxPainting

The next technique that I will demonstrate is the Cloud technique. This is our most requested demonstration. because it’s so popular. You will need to roll a base coat up a
satin finish blue paint on your wall before you
begin. you’ll also need white paint color, and a pale grey paint color. keep watching the video and we’ll teach
you how to make a glaze using these paint colors You will need a white glaze, and a grey glaze. that will be required to faux paint the cloud technique. This is done by combining 4 parts clear glaze with 1 part of paint. Do this for each color. I have already prepared my glaze colors. and have rolled my blue base coat on the wall we’ve got our tools here so we are ready to begin. Apply the white glaze using the small brush. Beginning at the top, apply the white glaze. Apply it in a jagged and rough brush stroke. Next, apply the grey color, using a different brush. The best way to do this is to make it wider in the middle, and narrow on the sides. Kind of shaped like an eye. Using The Little Woolie Tool, blend the glaze colors. Tap through the glaze using a jabbing motion. The top portion should be left very jagged looking. A small amount of glaze will go a long ways and will spread out. Blend the white glaze so that it transitions into the grey glaze. As you add more clouds, the look will gradually become more interesting. I started at the top of the wall, because it’s best to overlap them as you continue. Repeat, by applying the white and grey glazes. Again, tapping and jabbing to blend. and again, spreading them out. I prefer to create them in layered
clusters Instead of individual clouds. Most often groups of 2 or 3 clouds together. Occasionally I’ll make one large one
separately. This is really a VERY easy process. Just don’t overthink or overwork it! It really begins to transform as you continue to paint. Build and layer them, then stand back…. and look at your creation come to life. I talked about cloud clusters of 2 or 3. every once in a while I make
a small, stray cloud. Interestingly, kids like to do this technique
in their rooms. Children’s clouds are usually the best…. because they don’t overthink it like adults! The reason that we use the grey glaze is to create depth. If you look at a cloud on a sunny day, The Sun creates a shadow on the cloud, that we are recreating. and using The Little Woolie to blend. The key factor is to make the top really jagged. REMEMBER: Make the shape to mimic an eye – Not round. I believe that this is probably the most realistic, easy
way of doing it. This look is fantastic for creating
on walls, and more. But what if you are painting on ceilings? I actually do like to create this illusion on a ceiling because it’s fast & easy. But if you’re wishing to create a more random look, I’d like to show you
exactly how. To answer the common question: what do I do with calls on the ceiling? I really prefer doing them as we did
them on the wall. But I will show another option…. Using the brush again, apply the white glaze. Except, this time, I will apply several small and random strokes. I’ll blend them with The Little Woolie. Notice that there’s no grey yet. Blending to create the
clouds. Notice I’m I am kind of
creating almost a circle here. I’m actually going to complete the
circle with the white glaze Notice that I’ve left many open areas of blue showing. Now I’ll apply the grey glaze. VERY SPARINGLY and randomly. Then blending. The function of the grey is do add depth, not really a shadow. So that’s our fabulous cloud technique. Remember that the most
important key to your success is to keep is simple and have fun! Hi, I’m Barbie, Creator of The Woolie line of Decorative Paint Tools. Thank you for watching our videos. watching these will give you professional
looking results and I hope you have as much fun watching
it as we did making it

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  1. I am repainted get my room and I am going to do this technique on my accent wall. It's really unique because nobody can exactly copy it, which I like. It also reminds me of Andy's room in Toy Story, I really like that movie. Do you sell the little woolly in stores in Canada or do I have to order it online?

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