New DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – 2019

New DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – 2019

What’s up creative crafters in this DIY I was
inspired by your comments and some designs that I found online
so after surfing and seeing a couple of different looks and designs I came up
with one of my own that I thought would be easy and inexpensive so without
further ado this is how I made this elegant wall light. For this project I’ll be
using one of the metal kitchen racks from Dollar Tree and this time I’m gonna
be bending the frame so that it kind of makes an arch and creates the shape that
I want now you should know if you just kind of like plow into this it’s pretty
much not going to be uniform so take your time and do this part slowly and
just start out by grabbing the legs and bringing them in a little at a time
and once you see it start taking shape then you can apply more and more
pressure bringing the ends closer together. So once I had the shape that I
was going for I just take it outside and I spray-paint it gold. Next I use some
ribbon from Dollar Tree and if this isn’t around the Fall or Halloween
season when you’re watching this video check out Walmart for this ribbon or
something similar. So now I just start with the fabric and I just pull all of
the fabric off of the roll. I trim the sides so that all that I have is the
sheer fabric and I start with the fabric end that has a hook like shape and
add glue inside of that crease now this is sheer so be sure you have
something nearby so you can press the ribbon to your frame if you’re using hot
glue that way you won’t burn yourself so I’m starting on one side of the frame
and I basically just wrapped in twisted my way around and I did a tad bit of
glue here and there every so often and I try to do this where the
goal with people are just a little bit and I ended up using three rolls of
ribbon for this shade Next I have a old clip here. I’ll be
using the punchbowl spoons or the ladles from the wedding
section of Dollar Tree and I just cut the bowl off so that all that I have is
the handle and it has several of these that I had pre-prepped a while back for
a project that I ended up not doing so I’m going to use them for this project
and then I’ll just take my handles and I cut the straight part off of one of them
and then I use that as a template to go by for my other handles. Now with hot
glue I just glue two of these together
creating an oval shape and I remember a couple people saying about a year ago or
so they had a hard time getting these handles to stick together when I made
that teardrop decor but the trick to this is just add your hot glue and
just let it sit just leave it alone and don’t touch it for about 10 or 15
minutes and they will bond together so these don’t grab as instant as you know
we’re used to working with hot glue. I really don’t know why but I do know if
you add the glue and just let it sit it works perfect once those oval pieces are
bonded together then I go outside and I paint those gold and then I’d glue those
together and it’s a good idea to either prop these up on something such as lids
bowls cry sticks whatever maybe even some wax paper so you can let the glue
kind of drain and get really good beside the joints and so it creates a good bond
and you want to let these sit for about ten or fifteen minutes flip and do the
other side and I’ll just glue two of these at a time and then I glued those
together creating when entire piece. In the meantime I had figured out that
these pieces are not gonna fit up under the frame because the legs on the frame
are in the way. This metal is so super thick it’s not like cutting floral wire
so we have a couple of options we can bend them in
or we can bend these up and the next option would be it to cut these. I’m
not going to sugarcoat it to cut these with pliers you would have to be related
to the Terminator or something because this wire is that thick so what I did
was just grab my cutters and grind a groove I kind of went back and forth and
just made a little groove there and then just bent that and it popped off. Now
I’ve got to figure out how I’m gonna get my lights in here and I’m gonna be using
the LED push lights from Dollar Tree. I’m gonna use two of them and of course I
realize that some pretty bright remote LED lights would be really really nice
and I did find some on Amazon that are some plug-in puck lights and I’ll link
those below but for now I have some Dollar Tree push lights. So what I
decided to do is make a platform for my lights and I’ll do that with an old
plastic lid from one of my craft jars and I’ll just cut that lid into a third
with a pair of scissors and I’ll be using the big part of the lid for my light
and this small part I’m gluing that on the back so I’ll have a place to hang
this. I just take the lid and the light and I figure out the best place for
it and then I’ll glue my lid in and I do the same thing for the top one but you
want to make sure when you do your top one that both slots are within this you
know perimeter of the frame once all of my lids and platforms are in
place I go outside and I spray paint those gold as well so everything is
matching. Then to get my lights to stay I just cut some little velcro pieces
and I stick those to the puck lights and to the lids now the bottom light, it kind of
wants to lean a little bit here I guess I didn’t get my velcro back far enough
but that’s okay because I shook it like crazy and clearly it’s not going
anywhere so I just do the same thing for the top
lot and then I flip it over and glue and screw my bracket in the back. The
bracket that I’m using came from one of the picture frames from Dollar
Tree I have like a million and a half of these but if you don’t have one of these
you could use something simple like a tab from a soda can just bend it and
glue that on the back. Now I just use some adhesive Diamond wrap from Dollar
Tree and I’ll just go over the areas where the oval pieces meet on the sides
and I use a little patch of diamond wrap right there and then I use one little
silver flower bling in this Center I have a ton of gems and mirrors but I
just kind of felt like this was simple and elegant so I didn’t really go all
out with a bling here Now to connect this shade it to the
center piece I am certain you could come up with something better than I did
maybe like hanging these up separately or zip tie them together. Just let me
show you what I did. I grabbed a wreath wire and I cut the smallest ring
off and then I threaded that in between the end spokes of my frame and I bent
the wires so that they would grab and kind of wrap around the frame in the
sides and then I add some zip ties to secure the wire in place and that was it then I hung it on the wall and this is
the result. I’m so loving the look with or without the lot on the X I think
it’s pretty cool I know you can’t tell this in these pictures but the light makes
like a high circle on the floor just like it does on the ceiling which i
think is all kind of neat so that is it I’ll see you soon with another project
until then happy crapped in my friend

62 thoughts on “New DIY Dollar Tree Glam Wall Light – DIY Elegant Wall Sconce – Wall Lamp – Home Decor DIY – 2019

  1. STUNNING❤️I wanted Fancy sconce lights for a GIANT round mirror I have for my bedroom and YOU DID IT GIRL!! 😛You Da Best mIranda🙏🏼god bless

  2. I've been waiting on you today. How are you sissy? This lamp turned out very nicely. I see you're working with gold a little more now. It looks wonderful in this diy. I'm a silver girl myself, but I do mix the two in my home decor sometimes to give balance to the room. I like what you did with the handles. I've seen you do this technique in one or two of your previous diys. Thanks for sharing your tip to making them stick together. I tried before and they didn't stick for me either so I gave up on the entire project. Maybe now I can try it again. Hey sissy, will you be doing any glam fall diys this year? Thanks for sharing again sissy. Until next time😘💕💕………..

  3. Just beautiful sissy just beautiful 😍❣️🙏 love you sis see you soon 😘🙏things are finally looking a lot better right now I wish I could share a picture of my face now to you compared to what it used to look like after the accident 2 years and I've never been asked out more than I have yesterday and today

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  6. Hello my friend x I loved this then got lost at the lids lol trouble is here in the uk it wud cost me more to make as our poundland doesnt have the same things it's crazy and so unfair xxx

  7. I can’t believe you!! What a Awesome Wall light !!!!! Yes ! It is absolutely beautiful outstanding job. !!
    I GOT to have one of these too !!

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