New Mazda CX-3 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Mazda CX-3 2019 model it’s right here with me and today I
would review it for you interior/exterior
I try to show you every single detail on this beautiful city SUV and we will
start with the exterior of the car I wanna show with the design exterior
design and and we will call in the interior this front of the car it’s very
beautiful in my opinion and it has these new LED lights in the front de la vie
like that look fantastic in my opinion they’re one of the most beautiful also
beautiful rims that fit perfectly with the car in my opinion they look very
nice on this car the car have a little bit the shape of a unite corner if you
look carefully and I think the space the interior space it’s also similar with
and Icona around the edges we have this plastic to protect the edges of the car
this is very practical and I find it very good that they do this because
usually many cars are scratch along the edges down here we have some light
reflector will have this bumper of plastic black plastic in the back we
have parking sensors or parking sensors in the back you can see it here there
are two on the paint and two on the bumper down there and also we have a
reverse camera up here and two normal bulb light on the number plate that
seeks free logo all-wheel drive discards four-wheel drive so and then those
beautiful LED lights in the back they look fantastic one of my favorite on the
market today are those led from Mazda they really do great cars with nice
shapes you can even see here in the image very beautiful cars
SKYACTIV technology engine so it’s the newest this engine and the market also
up here a beautiful spoiler nice design in the brake reverse a brake light up
there an LED and then we have toast this toast lines beautiful shape on the style
of the car my opinion they they add those shape really beautiful their mugs
I really know how to make beautiful cars with beautiful shapes and also this
color this red it’s very few around the edges you can see how cool it is even
when you open the door those plastics go with the car in the same time so protect
the door when you hit something also down here we have some rubber to protect
at the paint you have some chrome design down here plastic keyless entrance in
the car you can see there the button you press it to lock and unlock the car then
the mirror it’s simple and nice as well we have blind spot technology there in
the corner left of blinkers LED light on the mirrors and the mirrors have also a
nice design in the front as well as I show you before those protection here
around the edges and then those dreams that are nice very nice rims
I think they fit very nice on the car they do a great job with those names you
can see I think the rims are maybe 18 inches 18 inch the rims and the 18th
it’s perfect for the car in my opinion there let’s go in the front my favorite
part of this car it’s the front I find it very nice and
with almost accursed front our it’s amazing
also here you can see those beautiful LED light they did a great job great
design there they look very nice also the chrome the way they integrated
chrome in the front grille it’s very nice and behind this logo here we have
the rudder forum emergency brake adaptive cruise control and all that new
technology these days now in the front we have again same four parking sensors
here we have the blinkers and even the fog light down here it’s LED super nice
and down there we got the bumper with a little bit of a chrome design down but
it’s quite cool top front design it’s really nice up here we have a camera for
reading this speed limit and also the the lane assist for the lane assist that
help adaptive cruise control so now let’s go inside the car guys let’s show
you the trunk we have not electric lift gate just a normal eight here as you see
the light you see it before number plate so the trunk as I told you it’s pretty
similar with what we see in here in the corner and then we have this light on
the right side the normal bolt right here you can open this is the fuse box I
think and then in the left side no so much space on the left on the right like
it’s quite spacious for the car in this class and even take the protection out
from there we have here like maybe seven centimeter there some other space down
here under the floor now it’s like 50 centimeter and then if you open again
this down for there is quite a deeper trunk it’s super
deep and if you take this out you still have a space there you can see for the
sound system in the middle so the car have Bose sound system one of the best
also the repair kit is down there one of the best sound system on the market out
there so you have a great sound on this car didn’t expect that but still it’s
quite big the trunk it’s it’s pretty we can’t even have four tires there without
any problem now let’s hear some rubber and some
plastic as you can see that the rubber leads to protect the paint of the car
from the plastic and now let’s pull down the street and see how much space as you
can see the seats are folding down flat so this is very good I like that
something that I think in hand I can I don’t have this flat order also a lot of
space down here on the legs and the impression is that it is enough space
here really enough space I don’t know what you think guys but I think it’s
quite good space there not a huge space but it’s quite quite a good space for
for city SUV which into not space and the seats are going also flat down there
so it’s quite great it’s quite good also you can take this out and then we have a
big engines in the car so very useful very useful in my opinion so anyway here
in the center we have this center console with two cupholders
its armrest also leather very good quality leather here down here as well
you can see the citta really
in the middle we have some different material only on the side we have later
but right there in the middle it’s kind of I don’t know kind of fabric material
but it’s pretty good also back of the front seats leather and
storage space also very good quality I like the window in the back is for more
pieces so it should be ok with visibility also here on the doors we
have kind of a plastic on the upper side of the car and the handle and chrome and
then in the middle part we have this leather with white stitches gray leather
and then kind of fake carbon fiber there that look very nice very interesting the
button for the windows and then we have a leather here where you have two hand
so it’s quite quite well made and the quality it’s it’s ok it’s really good
no complain at all so the shape it’s good and the quality it’s also good let
me fold the seat a little bit in the front as you see someone stay here in
the front and a a folding seat all the way back so I will have to adjust it
kind of like that in normal position like try to proceed and then let’s see
how much space we have in the back of this new monster see it’s free let’s go
inside and now you can see now a kind of plenty of space on my knees I can
stretch my legs under the front seat or laughter I have a lot of space under the
front seat and the space is quite good also on my head I have four fingers
there may be free for something like that but yeah position is quite good
it’s pretty comfortable it’s not a perfect space to be but it’s quite
comfortable quite good the visibility it’s ok not the best on
not like in this for example in those walking Tiguan or something like that
but or a new Skoda but it’s it’s quite good quite a glutton it’s really no
problem also in the middle going in the middle and then you can see the space
here the driver seat it’s a little bit too much in the back and this one still
have plenty of nice space so the space is quite good as well no complaining
here in the middle we have a big big step so you cannot stay with your legs
together also in the left in the right you have some space there but it’s not
it’s a little bit tighter maybe two fingers on my head here it’s kind of
tighter I like better the new Mazda 630 you can see my review on my channel so
check out my other videos with was about 6:30 you have much more space here in
the back and the comfort it’s better in my opinion also here you have a light we
have a handle hook here in the back quality of the roof it’s quite good and
the design of the dashboard is also nice simple and nice I like the vents there
look very nice but check out our the mazda6 30 guys on my channel so it’s
much better the new model it feels great also the shape of the cards it’s much
more beautiful even though these cards also very nice the front of the car
design it’s it’s fantastic in the front we have a big windows with great
visibility also on the doors here this time in the front we have the same
plastic but very nice design and then here we have the handle in grey some
grey design here we have leather on the middle part where it’s matter with white
stitch is really beautiful also here leather where the arm
resting it’s in the perfect place where it’s really matter and then we have this
again this kind of carbon fiber their design and both speakers and some
storage spaces small storage space in the front door
yeah the speakers are amazing on this car you have a great sound I’m teaching
the cars plastic here and then we have this manual adjustable seat
the seats are great I love those seats I love I love them they are very good
also leather on the side side support and then in the middle we have a kind of
fabric material and then it’s they are very comfortable for long trips and you
can see they’re soft and nice so one of my favorite part on his car our toes sit
also arm rest here adjustable up and down I mean you cannot pull it in front
down here we have those button for the ten grand for the funk the car and then
we have those buttons here for parking sensors then we have this beautiful
beautiful design those those vents I liked him very much as well I like the
way they design it and they are really very good here come inside the car
pretty great and then the dashboard look also kind of
nice you can see we have head-up display as well here and also a speaker at
events there in front we have this the speakers also there you have some
leather on the dashboard but here we have leather but all over here we have
kind of strong material like a plastic I think
and also the band’s start/stop engine button the key I want to show you the
key how cool the key is I like all the kids from
that they are super nice very nice design very beautiful kids they did a
great job with those kids I really like them they’re very light and nice down
here also the climatic system it’s super easy to use and nice in my opinion it’s
super cool I like those the way it’s filled when you will turn it off and
turn it on super nice also the background light look very very
interesting and then see the cockpit yes it’s the older cockpit it’s the new it’s
not a new cockpit from Mazda you can see the new cockpit digital cockpit from
Mazda on the other video of mine you can check out my channel the new Mazda 630
there you can see it the visibility is quite good in the back even though the
car have a reverse camera so you have a great visibility
also we have normal oak light here in the car no LED light and then we have a
glass support I like that very good very practical I really like
it also a mirror up here no light for the
mirror and a handle and the roof quality it’s okay quite good
and then the mirrors also it here in the middle so you have a great visibility as
well in the back the center console you already see it yeah plenty of space here
in the middle really a lot of space I like that the way they they split the
space down there in the middle and then up here we have the controls for the
multimedia system the electric hundred auto hold as well very good Rachel
I like this also the controllers are one of the best I have it on my Audi and
it’s fantastic it’s great great controllers also the sport mode the
stick for automatic gear shifter because this car is automatic this model and
then to us to USB and also a 12-volt board there and a
space for the SD card for the navigation system this car doesn’t have now the
navigation system because it’s brand-new also there we have the CD player if
someone still use these days the CD player your steering wheel heated
steering wheel heated seat in the front quite a lot of Technology here we have
leather on the dashboard on the front here quite good quality also the
beautiful bands here next to the driver next to the start/stop button blinkers
and another fans and almost style and there ya dashboard I like it it’s very
simple very nice you have great visibility to the multimedia system
great visibility here on the cockpit beautiful steering wheel I like the
steering wheel very much very good quality I like the weight feel great
grip the buttons are also very ergonomic and very practical very nice in the
perfect place where it should be so no complaining or clappers for changing the
gear memory also we have it there and then you can see the cockpit I think you
already know it because it’s nothing new there it’s the old one so if you want to
see the new one check out all my other videos guys with the mazda6 Turkey there
you can see the new digital copy that looks fantastic
also in the middle here is 200 meter and then on the side we have some
information about consumption and stuff like that also you can see the speed
down there under the 200 meter now in the middle here is multimedia system
that you can use it as a touchscreen as well not in all Mazda you can do that
for example in monster-free you cannot the new Mazda 3 you cannot use
as a touchscreen you have to use the controllers but in this mazda6 free you
can even use all that use it as a touchscreen the colors are nice
resolution also good it’s work very fast but it’s pretty simple
you don’t have so many option there and I like the fact that you can you can
control it from down here from the wheel while you’re driving you can control it
very easy you don’t even need to to use touchscreen because it’s much more
complicated while you’re driving the controllers are much more easy to use you can even change in kilometer or
miles temperature you can make Celsius or foreign time or all kind of sitting
watch the clock and all that stuff the way you want to see the navigation again
yeah control even the adaptive cruise control and Regency brake and all that
stuff so you have a lot of controllers here to adjust different settings also
you can connect your car to your mobile phone and to the media to the USB port
so you can listen music and stuff like that you can even use it with a
Bluetooth from your phone so quite awesome let’s go out show you the
blinkers and then we will end this video I don’t have information about the price
of the car but I I guess it’s around 35,000 euro around there depend on the
option on the car I like so much the blinkers even that your normal bulb
light is still very nice and I like very much those lights those LED lights from
Mazda you can see it how cool it is the front of the car also LED blinkers on
the mirrors right there and then in the back we will see in the moment how
beautiful they do they do a bridge haven’t always liked
I love it I love the way look anyway guys I hope you enjoyed the review of
the new Mazda cx-3 please subscribe to my channel like share it don’t forget to
send me a comment I read all your comments and thank you very much for
watching my videos check out the new mazda CX-3 it’s a really great car and
thank you again don’t forget to subscribe and see you soon in the next
video bye guys you

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