new room tour!! cute + colorful aesthetic :’)

new room tour!! cute + colorful aesthetic :’)

this is the first video that i’m filming in this room hello my friends it’s nina and for this video i am finally doing a new room tour so as you may or may not know i moved in the beginning of july it is the end of july now and i think it is finally time for me to show you my room it is definitely still a work in progress but i think for now this is worthy of showing to you guys so without further ado, here’s my room so here, oh there are my socks here is the front door and this is our tiny lil entrance at first i was confused as to what the point of this lil entryway was until i figured out a way to actually use the space a lil bit here i just hung up banners from concerts that i went to these are both from bts concerts i like having it here instead of a main wall where i can see it all the time because it’s a nice surprise every time i go outside my door and i also like the blue and the pink and the yellow i think it goes great with my room color? aesthetic? one of those also don’t mind if my dogs bark throughout this entire video here i have a bunch of stuff that i hung up on a command hook from target this hook holds up to 4 pounds i don’t know if this all weighs more than 4 pounds i hope not i’m trying to find a way to stand in this video i have a towel, a shower robe and then a fluffy robe for if i have to pee in the middle of the night and it’s cold that rarely happens though my bladder has really good timing compared to my last video i don’t have that hook thing that held all my hats and my bags and all that it’s stored away because i didn’t have room but instead i made use of these command hooks they are damage free so that is this corner, i definitely recommend using your door for storage i also have a painting on the floor i did consider hanging it up on a wall but i don’t know, i kinda like it down here? obviously if i wanna hang it up later, i might but i positioned it in a way where the door won’t rip the painting or attack it right next to the door and the entryway i have some important things hung up here i hung up two of my go to hats i might switch it up depending on the season here i have another command hook, it’s one of those strong ones so it can hold a good amount of stuff but i just have my go to purse and then a go to fanny pack it’s the only fanny pack i own but these are my bags that i carry most of the time so i just like having them right next to the entry i might add more things but this is pretty nice right now here i have a lamp because this room does not have a light source on the ceiling like my last room did so i only depend on lamps now here is the lamp and then moving on here is my, oh hello me so this is my vanity i didn’t have a vanity in my last room because i didn’t have room for one i actually had a vanity years ago in my old old room on this channel you might have seen it but i brought it back i didn’t just buy a new one i had this for a very long time so i just brought it back to my room it has this nice little bench and i can just do my makeup here now instead of breaking my back using a mirror for my last room all i used was a mirror and a little block for me to sit on but now i have this entire little area i’m not done with it yet because obviously i wanna hang up more stuff in my room but i think for now i’m satisfied with it and i have this, it’s also old all of this i just brought back to my room it was just all in storage but now i have space for it i have this light up mirror it goes like this and this and then you can also rotate it but i don’t know if i really wanna rotate it right- ugh it has this magnifying mirror that’s my finger and i just think it’s useful i’m gonna set it back to where it belongs i also have another mirror here, i didn’t wanna put it into storage but i like having two angles but now i will give you a closer look into this vanity area here i have this really old storage unit that i just can never get rid of i have a jade colored shallow bowl with all these rings and then my eat veggies not friends magnet here i also have a painting that i painted and then i have my lemonade bottle vase full of fake flowers here i have this very old earring/jewelry holder and i just kept it in my room because i don’t know, i like the silver element and then a new detail to my room that i’m excited about is taping up polaroids i feel like my last room was very minimal to the point where i didn’t have anything on my wall so i just wanted to kind of have fun with this room and add some visual elements i have my polaroids that i’ve taken in the past and then i added washi tape to hang these pictures up here i just hung up more things more polaroids on the side i really just wanna build it up eventually and then lately i’ve also been making little doodles for me to hang up with washi tape so this is a bt21 sticker instead of sticking the sticker to my wall i just stuck a piece of tape to the back and stuck it like that and so if i need to move it around i can just take the sticker out without actually damaging the sticker the things that i do for bt21 and then you may recognize this from my last room tour this is just a collage thing that i made a while ago here is another painting of mine some makeup brushes, i have all my makeup brushes in this red pencil cup in the back there’s this little wooden decoration thing that says love on it it’s red i just thought it would go with the room i had it since probably the beginning of high school i just kept it these are just glitter for makeup some blush, my bb cream lotion, extra batteries or battery because one is charging over there this is my makeup collection this is basically all the makeup that i own there are 3 palettes here, another palette here my lip tints here and other miscellaneous makeup things this is a bb cream some powder here are some tiny plates from daiso they are literally the size of my palm and i use these to hold my everyday jewelry and then just some watches here i also have a lip balm here you guys will notice throughout this video that i have a lot of lip balms lip balm is very important to me and i got these in bulk so i just like having them around everywhere and then here i have more storage which i’m excited about here’s more command hooks that i’m gonna use in the future some bandaids i’ve got gonggi right here, it’s a korean game i have another lip balm i have more blushes and other misc things and i just like having extra storage now so i can dump things in whenever i want and that is my vanity i really just love how it looks and it just makes me excited to wake up in the morning so i can look at this next area of my room is my desk my desk sits nice and cozy in this little corner and next to a window welcome to my cozy little work corner at first i was a little skeptical about having a desk that faced away from my door because i know that can induce anxiety not being able to see what’s behind me but i have this window in front of me that serves as a nice distraction sometimes for me to look up at me not being in school anymore i’m allowed to have distractions but i’ve come to actually enjoy sitting here and it’s not as scary as i thought not being able to see the door now i will show you what’s on my desk so here is my desk it is from ikea as i’ve said in a past video i love having color in my room because it serves as a source of inspiration and creativity for me here is a laptop that is actually done charging my bullet journal, my hydro flask it is a 32 oz hydro flask here are some sticky note pads they are in a pastel rainbow color i have some tape and one washi tape this is how i hung up all of my stuff on the wall here is my beautiful lamp and i will turn it on light this is a 15 year old alarm clock/cd player i play cd’s on it here are a bunch of supplies and of course lip balm i have a lot of pens here i have scissors fabric scissors, more pencils pencil sharpener for my pencils these are some tiny clothespins to hang up stuff here and then here is one of my paintings that i just put for another colorful element my neighbor’s kid is currently screaming and crying that’s fine no matter, we continue this is a storage basket that carries a bunch of my tech goods and this is just a nice place to store my items when i don’t want it on my desk this is my everyday pencil case and this is a very old paper organizer i just have a bunch of notebooks papers my map of the soul: persona album my headphones and then i have a candle right next to the window i have a bunch of pushpins this is my ipad pro with an apple pencil headphones above my desk i hung up yarn and a bunch of polaroids, stickers, fun items and this i kind of just find cute this is just more stuff that i hung up on the wall i have my old scrap piece of sketchbook paper that i just tested watercolor on and i just hung it up here because why not and then i have a bunch of quotes and lyrics that i like i drew little flowers on paper and hung it up with washi tape it just adds a nice little detail to my room this fell off from my fake flower so i just hung it up here i have this scrap piece of brown paper that had some color pencil testing on it and i just drew flowers over that as well here is a hiragana key and then i drew more flowers on a sticky note and hung it up with washi tape and that is it for my desk and then here is my favorite part of my room my bed for some reason in this room my bed feels very cozy compared to my last room i think it was because as soon as i walked into my room i didn’t see my bed it was just kind of to the side but now as soon as i walk into my room the first thing i see is my bed and i can literally jump into it i really love my bed i think also a game changer for my room was adding more pillows to my bed i used to only have 2, maybe 3 if you count this but now i added two more pillows just so i can lie on them whenever i want i don’t toss these pillows on the floor i actually keep them on my bed as i sleep and they’re just nice to kind of- go like this to sometimes i put the pillows between my legs just to give my back a little bit of support so my pillow’s kind of like this they actually recommend putting a pillow between your legs so you can sleep better but these are nice to lean on as i’m working or doing anything if you want more lumbar support you can just put a pillow like this and another pillow like this and it’s better for your back anyway i love my bed i also like having a bright white sheet just to brighten up my room and make me feel clean anyway let’s move on waking up in the morning has also been great i get great sunrise shots right here because the sunlight reflects onto these walls it’s nice to look at the only complaint i do have about this room is that it has these super bright blue blinds if i leave them completely closed it gives my room this weird blue light and so i do raise them up if i want to film something over time i’ve become used to the blue light so it doesn’t really matter to me personally but i do have these blue lights that i can’t change or else the owner will get angry here is joonie with this natural light all day he’s doing well i do wanna get a watering pail instead of this old water bottle i have some vitamins and another lip balm i have twinkle lights that i still have to put batteries in for but i do have twinkle lights across my bed i didn’t know where to put my storage ottoman so i just kind of put it right here and then i have a lap desk it kind of just looks like a chair i didn’t mean for it to look like a chair with a back and then here are just some pajama pants and sweatpants here i have a tv that doesn’t work because i don’t know where the actual plug is to plug it to make it turn on i have an hdmi cord there, it doesn’t do anything unless i find the frickin main cable i’ve actually had this tv for a while but just because of my last room i didn’t have room for it it was in storage but i do wanna watch my korean dramas and youtube videos on a bigger screen so i’m not always hunched over my laptop all the time and then i have another plant that my mom gave me this was not in my last room but now i have two dressers i actually had 2 dressers in the first place but again because i didn’t have room in my last room for two, i had one but now i have two i evenly distributed my clothes again and it’s just great to have more storage i tucked my backpack in there i don’t really know why i could’ve just put it in the closet and then here is basically the last part of my room which is this area that i kind of made all pretty i hung up this print that i got from an art class back in high school this was actually made in a class from the 80s or something but my art teacher was cleaning the room so we got to take a bunch of student made projects and i took this one because it just looks cute and it has a dog on it here i made this little drawing of plants it is on blue construction paper i made this a few years ago and i just put it back on my wall i hand drew all these plants with pen and i think this was black paint but it’s a nice addition to my room and then on top of my dresser because i didn’t have room in my closet for my books i actually displayed all my books out here on this dresser top i laid down a bunch of books that i never open and kind of used them as a bookend because i didn’t have bookends and i wanted these books to stand up here are a bunch of books that i’ve read or am reading and i kind of color organized them i have some decorative flowers and a paper mache bottle from an art class, a spanish class these are both from high school i have this little microfiber towel from daiso it helps to keep my furniture dustless here’s another painting i did a coke bottle with fake flowers and then i have my sunglasses and other glasses displayed here on this jewelry holder and then here’s my phone oh bts tweeted and then my mom called, oops this is my polaroid camera that i hope to use more often so i can put more polaroids on my walls this is a full body mirror from ikea here is my ukulele and i think that is it for my room! i’m also gonna interrupt you guys with a view of my room at night this is what i get to see every night it is nice and cozy and just my style yes that is toilet paper i don’t have a tissue box so i’ve just been using that it’s really cozy!! i will just give you guys one last pan of my room you guys will see this room very often i think she is looking good obviously she is going to improve in the future but this is what i have so far and i’m really excited that is it for this new room tour i hope you enjoyed it and i hope it gave you a little bit of inspiration or finally answered your questions about how the move went and all that i am definitely very happy with this room but i’m gonna go now thank you for watching and i will see you in my next video! goodbye my friends 🙂

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    your room looks so comfy and pretty!! i'll surely going to copy you hahah

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