NEW SHOP MURAL | Painting and Laying Out Lighting

NEW SHOP MURAL | Painting and Laying Out Lighting

so now that all the mudding and the
framing of the drywall and all that’s done we got to paint this and I want to
get the lights installed before we do anything else with any more of this
vlogging content right now we have to use these ridiculous stand lights as
which is why I look so good and it really makes it difficult to film so
we’ve got all these LEDs that came in from American greenlight we want to get
those hung and strung up and ready to rock and roll
and that’s episode two really in order to have the shop not look like
the dungeon it’s been for pretty much the entire time I’ve ever been on
YouTube I am going with LEDs for the new setup and for this I actually linked up
with American green lights to have my shop laid out properly by them so with the new walls up we’ve got a
bunch of whitespace that I Sam and I kind of had a ridiculously awesome idea
about what you guys think to be good at your business you have to
be able to control those emotions and you have to be able to not let that
bring down the status quo you know like you always have to be able to what I’d
like to say is keep chopping wood like just the fire could be blazing or the
fire could be dying just keep chopping wood and I learned that my freshman year
of college we had a coach who would say that all the time you know like if you go out on the field
and someone flips your ass that person was two things one there’s
that much better than you or you didn’t put the work in and actually type it
there’s no in between there’s not like saying like though the weather was bad
and I might toe hurt all that shit’s like now what you control is you that’s gonna be a wrap on this one we’ve
still got to wire up the lighting wire up all the machines and get the dust
collection run so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel to follow
along with the rest of the shop build if you’re loving the new punch today in the
face logo make sure you’re hitting that link in the description and snagging
yourself up one of these fancy new t-shirts I also want to thank my sponsor
on this build woodcraft I’ve got a link down in the description for gonna check
out more from them and as always go punch your next project right in the

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  1. You should look into the barrina 4ft LED lights. They c9me in a 6 pack for like 40$ and they are worth every penny! We love them so much we made a video just for those lights but its not as good as yours (;

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