New Volvo V40 R-Design 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Volvo V40 R-Design 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me the new Volvo v40 R-Design 2019 model
and today I try to review it for you guys I will show you the interior
exterior and every single detail about this beautiful hatchback it’s one of the
best on the market also very good quality you know walls will make very
good quality cars and I’m pretty pretty happy to review this for you anyway if
you are from Switzerland you can come here at Volvo car Bern they have a lot
of cars here you can see it and also other models so
you can come here and check this out so anyway let’s try to do the review and
then we will talk at the end if you look careful on the windscreen you will see
those lines you can see these lines here on the windscreen those lines were yes
right now you see the lines they are all over the windscreen guys all over the
windscreen there are small lines that help you in the winter when this
windscreen it’s frozen you just press unfrozen button and then
those those ice will be melted very fast and you have a great visibility this is
great Volvo great job you don’t find this in other cars and I love it good
job alright guys so here is the key of the
new Volvo v40 it’s quite a very light key and you have here all the buttons so
you can also unlock the trunk from here if you want to unlock it so you don’t
have an automatic lift gate on the trunk but you can lock it and unlock it from
here now let’s go around the car maybe I just opened the light for you let’s
let’s open the light guys I want to show you LED light as well and let’s go
around the car the design of the car it’s really
beautiful I like it very much I like very much the design of the car looks
super nice and also we have this beautiful rims let me go close here we
have Michelin tyres and we have 18-inch rims and then see they are very nice I
also see these rims on the v60 they are super super nice I really like them also
the Volvo logo it’s cool the brake caliper are simple the discs are small
not so big because this car doesn’t need a big discs also I like very much the
chrome design around the windows they look super nicely super nice and super
fancy and also have tinted windows in the back it’s pretty cool pretty pretty
cool also let’s go on the mirror here the mirror it also has a nice chrome
design here blinker LED spot also the mirror are simple nothing complicated
they’re going in the front a little bit here to show you the front also the car
have a nice nice design you can see some lines on the hood here they are really
really nice I like the way they made it you can see the car look much more
sporty and much more cool with those lines there also we have the
full LED lamp in the front adaptive LED you can see the same signature from
Volvo almost the same like you see on the bigger brothers full LED system you
can see here also the signature down here we have the parking sensors so we
have only four parking sensors in the front you can see it here also the
design it’s simple they chose to make it a little bit rounded you can see this
car it’s more rounded in the front than the other v60 that the the front grille
has more edgy but here it’s kind of round design even the front grille look
the same I think it’s almost the same we have some chrome design and the logo in
the middle down here we have so plastic simple plastic
and yeah but it’s look look really nice it’s look really good even down there I
like the way they make this front bumper down here this poor design looks super
nice super interesting up there we have the camera for Lane Assist and emergency
brake and adaptive cruise control it’s quite quite useful really useful around
the edges here we have simple paint also down here we have just the paint so no
plastic here or maybe yes yes it has a plastic you can see it there let’s begin
from here and then this plastic part here you can change it if you spread to
the car this is very helpful I see many cars have only the paint directly here
and I don’t like that because if you scratch it or if something happened with
this part you have to change it you have to paint it all but this here you can
change this plastic and it’s all perfect the shapes of the car are also nice look
how interesting the choice to make this line here quite interesting the way it
made it it’s the car look a little bit special with this line here I really
like it also in the back you can see the LED light I don’t know if you can see it
so well but typical the light here in the back for a Volvo look quite
interesting but here you can see we have a combination of LED light and here we
have the bulb light for the blinkers and also for reverse light we have normal
bulb light so it’s not full LED light in the back also the brake light we have
LED here up here also I like very much this part here of the car this spoiler
look really nice it has interesting shapes up here it looks super nice and
with this tinted windows and with all that black plastic here comes super
super nice also back camera here as you can see it we have a back
camera there and yeah v60 the logo t3 air design and down here my favorite
part we have here the fog lamps you can see the fog light hand down here the
exhaust pipe looks super nice in my opinion and also the air diffuser down
there this plastic looks great really really
great in my opinion looked fantastic I like it very much
also I want to give you some information about the car because before we go
forward so you can see here and you already know Volvo have ten years
warranty until one one hundred fifty thousand kilometer or and five years
full warranty for the body and for the pieces inside anyway you can see here
the information Volvo v40 four-wheel-drive dynamic edition we have
here 1.5 liter engine petrol 152 horsepower automatic six year 132 co2
grams and here we have the park light packed winter and all that stuff you can
pause the video and you can check it for you the impressive thing is that the car
have a great price for a Volvo you know Volvo have a lot of guarantee
and very good quality for this price so the price it’s super super good also
here you can check out this information the consumption the kilogram zero six we
have here on this car it’s super nice in my opinion great great price for a new
car for hatchback the price it’s super super good anyway look how cool they
make this free so from here come the water on the windshield super nice
really interesting let’s go in the back let’s see the trunk now open it simple
from here and the trunk so you have this year
protection for the tongue that you can take it out very easy and then the trunk
it’s kind of deep here you have some plastic at the entrance here it’s really
deep here you can see it’s got all my hand down there we have the first-aid
kit medical kit here we have the LED light
in the trunk on the other side you have some hooks here so hooks again down here
down here and down there and that’s it kind of big it’s really big in my
opinion it’s a lot of space here also opening this up we have to repair kit
there and triangle and all that stuff you have a small space down here pretty
useful I’m not sure if you can put this up I don’t think so maybe if you if you
have another one so you can put this up like that so you can put it up like that
like here and then you have a straight straight trunk here maybe you can add
something maybe this car is missing something because usually you can put
another another floor here that goes directly here you know what I mean and
then you have another 10 centimeter here under and then when you fold down the
seats let’s fold down the seat you have a flat floor there and I think this car
it’s missing that when you fall down the seat it’s really great system here you
can see the the headrest it’s going directly like that in this position they
are very small and very cool and when you put it here like that you
have a lot of space on legs I see on on all the Volvo cars today that you have a
lot of space down there and what I’m talking about to you now here it’s all
flat here and if you have another another floor there you can make it all
flat so you can you can almost flat I mean until here will be not flat in this
way but there there will be flat directly there so you can you can even
maybe I don’t know that sleep is not so much space but you can load plenty of
stuff there and I think it’s a lot of space you can also take this out without
any problem and let’s fold these seats here to folding down this it again like
that and you see it’s pretty cool I like the fact that here it’s all flat so it’s
plenty plenty of space here this is it it’s way in the back normally visit it
should be a little bit in the front like the driver’s seat and then you have much
more space there so this is the trunk in the v40 let’s put this back it’s very
simple also push this and it’s going normal position I like that very much I
will leave the doors open here we have another LED light super cool I didn’t
see it super nice and like that also closing the trunk and let’s go here to
see the space in the back now now look at this sheet but first time let’s go to
the door we begin with the door so I like the window very much it’s from one
piece so I think you have great visibility I really like the design the
way they made it the doors are soft material you can see
it’s kind of its kind of a rubber but it’s soft it’s feel nice as you touch it
we have some chrome design here on the doors leather here everywhere it’s
leather also down here the white stitch is pretty nice also the button right
here the speaker and some space here for storage
quite cool also down here we have some plastic at entrance we have this small
space here where you can put some stuff and on the side we have also plastic as
you can see and then those nice sit and I like this arm headrest they’re super
cool leather leather here also here we have kind of
sure I don’t think it’s Alcantara but it’s kind of Alcantara you can see here
it’s very soft and nice and I think they are very comfortable at long trips
I know Volvo make amazing amazing seats and I like this white stitch is pretty
pretty awesome the design of the seats they are super cool you can also fold
down this armrest here it’s nothing no cup holder here but it’s just the
armrest in leather super nice I’m not sure down here oh yes down here
you have the the cup holders super cool I like that I really like that I’m not
sure if you can open this too no I don’t think so
but you can open this thing here super interesting very very interesting I like
that super pac’s anyway the back of the front driver’s
seat it’s from leather you have a storage space here pretty nice I like
that and let’s go inside inside first impression close the door because today
it’s called first impression it’s that I have a lot
of space in my legs just like that also down there I can stretch a little bit
the legs and yeah no problem at all on my head guys I have maybe four
fingers four fingers four fingers and the position it it’s not like in the
bigger cars like a tour or a state like v6 TV 90 but actually it’s good it’s
good space good comfort and yeah I like the seat they are ok maybe not for super
long trips like 2000 kilometer but they are super ok
anyway the visibility on the windows it’s quite good not the best but quite
good kind of up here it come a little bit in your head but it’s it’s quite
good also the handle we have here hooks
pretty pretty useful I like that and I also like the
front seat look how cool they look they are nice and small and I also have good
visibility in the front there up here I like that it’s LED light up here good
quality also the roof has great great quality I like that good job Volvo here
in the middle we have a step yeah kind of big step and nothing else here just
plastic you can also see it for yourself going in the middle I don’t know why
this it it’s way way in the back you can see there it’s way in the back but
normally it should be a lot of space for my knee as well here and here and up
here I have yeah I have less space here maybe two fingers three fingers yeah I
think three fingers three fingers I can stay here if I go a little bit in the
front will be no problem but is not so comfortable here in the middle it’s kind
of very hard for short trips good for long trips no left side it’s kind of ok
space in the left in the right as well but I guess this car is only for 4
seater maybe if you have kids can stay in the middle but yeah not for long
trips good I like the way they close the door they here so nice let’s try again
great quality whoa let’s go in the front now the handle look how cool they are
I like the handle they are super nice and again these nice big windows
you have great great great visibility on the window because this is from one pcs
and I like it I like the design the same good quality here in the front soft
material we have a speaker down here up here I mean the chrome design the handle
super nice the same as in the back leather with white stitch is also
leather here a leather also here and also the buttons you can see they’re
pretty nice speaker down here some plastic down part here and also small
storage space it’s not so big wide it doesn’t do it a little bit bigger I was
expected to be bigger but yeah anyway the air design the logo down here mega
cool it’s look nice we have manually adjustable seats in the front as you can
see it the same good quality as in the back and I like them they are so nice
this headrest I like the Volvo makes so tiny sit you
can see they are not so fat like in other cars they are tiny and you have
plenty of space left in the car so they are cool I like them I like the seats
they are really nice also the same quality materials here has in the back
also leather combination some little holes here super nice I like it I like
it very much also aluminium pedals and they also look
super nice super cute I think they are the most beautiful aluminum pedal I ever
see so cute so nice I like them I like them very much let’s go inside
because outside it’s noisy a lot of cars today around here and here
we have the light you already see it before the button for the trunk so you
can open the trunk you just unlock the trunk you cannot open it because doesn’t
have a automatically gate here we have a space a small space that’s a bit just a
small space the vents are also simple nothing complicated just simple vents
chrome design around here soft Matteo on the dashboard so nice I
like that all the dashboard has a soft material
you can also adjust the seat that we wanted you pull it from here and you go
a little bit upper on downer the way you wanna drive also all over the dashboard
it’s this soft material a kind of a rubber or something like that the chrome
design here the the vent there pretty interesting here have some plastic as
well Wow plastic but look how big is this
glovebox man it’s huge and you have to two parts you can put up the book and
down other stuff now let’s go here in the middle leather
with white speech is super nice for the armrest you can also adjust it the way
you want it push this button go down here we have 12 volt port and an USB
port here and a lot of space to put your stuff here it’s kind of big space thing
kind of useful now here this plastic door I don’t know
how to call it you can open it you have two cupholders another 12 volt port here
super nice and we have minorly handbrake in leather of course with white stitches
yeah I prefer the electric but that’s it now here we have the automatic shifter
you can see it interesting with leather down here nice design
I think it’s cool and it’s also in a good position so you can change the gear
very easy from here in the back here we have the button for start stop engine
then come my car button I will show you this all this I will show you in a
moment just let’s start the car where’s the key the kids in my pocket the
problem is like that ok so when you want to start the Volvo cars you have to put
the key right here just like that I put the key there and then I push them I
press the start button and then I press the brake and then I start the car and
the engine right now it’s start but let’s let’s go with the beginning so
let’s show you this toes will hear it for the automatic system so you can
adjust it from here here is the sound and you can open and close the
multimedia system right there and on the other side we have the menu with this
wheel here you control all the menu from there I will show in the moment as well
and here is the heated seat and all that stuff
with left or right temperature and all that controls my car shortcut Eco mode
here is the button for echo then you push this button he will see down there
on the screen it will be an echo so you drive an echo mode right now and then
these buttons you already know it from the climatic system air conditioning and
all that stuff here you change the radio system also telephone navigation
shortcut button telephone shortcut shortcut shortcut radio and all that
stuff even when you push this shortcut button it will go directly there if you
push it to 2 times right now you can set the address so from here you can set the
address for example or traffic information internet search point of
interest for example you press this ok and then you go by name near the car
round point on on map so you can put here the point on the map so wait a
second how can I do that how can I move that I don’t know how to move this
really interesting and I don’t know how to move this at this point there go up
and down I’m not from here I’m not sure anyway I don’t know how to move that yes
okay I okay full station let’s go to fill station
and we have all around us here it’s work super fast I like this system you don’t
you cannot use it as a touchscreen you have to know that but it’s work super
super fast from here you just press the button it’s go directly there anyway
after you put the key here you can take it out and the car is still working you
don’t have to have the key all the time there only when you start the engine
anyway now it start the the anyway the gas station is being calculated
all right through this thing will I like this I like this clearing will very much
because it’s like the Range Rover you can see this hole here you know the
Range Rover steering wheel if you see it in my other videos if not you can check
it out super cool I like this line and I like
the leather quality here super nice quality those are the button that you
can control the adaptive cruise control and all that stuff and the radio sound
also here you can change the radio station or sound and with this wheel you
can control there in the front you can go also on exit and there you can see
the navigation system right there so I think it’s cool I like the colors I like
the the colors and I like all the
information it’s pretty nice in my opinion nice colors nice resolution also
this is the navigation you have a lot of information it’s work fine if we go to
menu now menu here of the navigation please follow around and then we go
hundred meters we go exit and end the exit here is like a main menu you have
radio media phone my car internet and camera so we have a back camera rear
view camera so you can see the back camera as well super cool very useful
you can also zoom it if you want it zooming super nice we have the Internet
my car for example you go to my car you see here information about the car
for example trip statistics and you can see the consumption you can go a drive
economic drive I mean type more entire monitor settings service owner manual
and all that stuff my v60 city safe I show you emergency
brake and all that stuff ACP off on that I don’t want to put that anyway that’s –
I like the multimedia system it’s kind of simple you can also use the shortcuts
here media navigation and all that stuff that iPhone internet you can go on the
internet put address and all that stuff so it’s kind of nice and it’s integrated
very interesting there it’s not so big screen but it’s cool it’s cool
also I like this in the front here I want to show you something right there
now we are in the sport mode so from this wheel here you can control this
digital cockpit so you press this ok right here you press the ok and then
from this wheel you control what you like to see there contrast damn
and then you press ok and now you can choice three different mode performance
echo or elegance so I’m not sure if here wait a second please follow the road for
400 meters that’s really if the color there will change as well I think the
color will change as well there when you change this different mode if you go to
echo yes it will change the color you see on the main display as well so super
cool and then you press ok on the echo and then you can also change it from the
wheels different settings there on the display it’s super cool the display it’s
super nice really really nice I like it very much up here we have the mirror
also great good visibility in the back as well if you go on the side also we
have good visibility here and also here so the position of driving it’s super
nice up here good quality on the roof you have the mirror with two lights
there the microphone is here on the roof also here you have LED lamps super nice
I like that and yeah the fast bells and all that information right there in the
back you have kind of ok a little bit of blind spot there in the corner but the
car have a bad camera so that should be not a big problem I mean but I like
those it’s supercedes I love the seats they are fantastic here we have to vent
and blinker I like the way it’s shoulder the blinker
super nice design pretty nice I like that
yeah and I guess this is everything that I I want to show you guys also driving
this car it’s super easy and I like the way it feel when you drive it for
example you go in the drive and then driving this car it’s feel fantastic yes
I don’t have the seatbelt let’s go back to pork it and I just want
to tell you guys if you wanna see a test drive with this car just let me know
comment down below and tell me if you want to see a test drive and I would be
really happy to to make a test drive for you also
yeah thank you very much for watching my videos guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope
it was helpful for you and I wait you next time for a new video and by the way
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel check out my other videos send me your
feedback tell me if you want to see a test drive with the new Volvo v40 or
other car and thank you very much for watching my videos guys I see you soon I
will go next month in Frankfurt and there it will come this new cars Porsche
Tyco on electric also Volkswagen ID free and they will be on my channel so
subscribe to my channel if you want to see the newest cars on the market so see
you soon thank you for watching and have a good one

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  1. SDA Dan Cars  Excellent review. Thank you for taking the time to show us this Volvo.  For some of you others who are making comments, Volvo doesn't sell all of their cars to everyone.  Some countries certain models are not available.  The XC40, XC60, XC90 (SUVs) are the US top sellers.  I had a 2000 V40, which resembled a Saab wagon.  I also had a Volvo S70 (sedan/saloon) which was the best car I've ever owned.  As you can see with this V40 that Dan is reviewing, it is basically a 4 door C30, which was a fun car but Volvo didn't continue its production for very long.  The C30 was a flashback to the 1971-73 Volvo 1800ES Wagon.

  2. Have got a 2 year old Volvo V40 T2 R Design exactly like this with a major gearbox fault. Been in the workshop six weeks. pray you don't have a problem with your Volvo because they are a nightmare to deal with. Wouldn't buy another one.

  3. I think you can find front window defroster on Ford Mondeos from 2009. Cause my work collegue had one with the defroster upfront. The window had small holes all over.

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