North Babylon NY Kitchen & Bath Review – Alure Home Improvements

I’m Lynne Ficarola From North Babylon new york and I’m Steve. You did our beautiful kitchen and our bathroom all at the same time – yes all at the same time demolished one day in the bathroom and then the next day came and demolished the kitchen and
where the camera is standing right there, there used to be a wall that they took down so it opened up the space there was an in the wall oven over here where this space is now replaced with a regular stove and oven and we reclaimed some dead space over here where this wonderful cabinet is – our beautiful pantry with my pull out cabinets that I love to death Patricia Nicolini – yes she came and she did measurements she was going through you know what we could do
where we could put things she was the one that recommended the peninsula right yes she recommended doing the peninsula – we knew we wanted to take down the wall but after that we weren’t sure how we wanted to design the kitchen and then the garage with the microwave on top because I wasn’t getting rid of it and I didn’t want a smaller one to go right we didnt want to do an above the stove so this worked out very well dave weber was great he was funny they were neat clean tidy on time very mindful of the rest of the house they taped plastic everywhere so dust was minimal – very minimal we did a makeshift kitchen downstairs which dave help me say okay this is what you should have maybe you should try it this way maybe you should try it that way so I’m like okay so it worked out really well I think we had looked at one other place but there were a couple of places we saw at the Home Show right yeah but I think we liked the salespeople at the home show but everything at the beginning we just felt very comfortable with the team at Alure most definitely – I know we’re sitting in the kitchen but my favorite part of the whole experience was the bathroom because its a major part of the house it gets used by everyone and it was ripped out and replaced and usable in three days – yes it was very quick – and i just thought that was fabulous the people everything i cant theres not
i can’t say theres any one thing honestly it was it was
everything’s a combination of the people the atmosphere everything it was just it was great to get away you know and i have to be honest, when i was first told about the partnerpoints thing i was very skeptical i was like yea right that will never happen and it’ll be like the airline points you’ll never have enough and maybe fifteen years from now i’ll get a call you almost made it but it really didnt take that long and i mean for us personally it came at a perfect time we weren’t able to go the last couple years we had already earned the points you know not only has this winter been horrible for us and everyone else because of the length of it and the amount of snow that we received it was just perfect timing for us personally and I just thought the ability to just drive to alures place and park our cars in a secure lot and get on a party bus and from that point on the vacation started party bus with a stripper pole and it didnt end until we got back to the parking lot it was just fantastic and we still keep in touch with people that we were on the trip with and we’re back for about three weeks now i guess use them – i dont know – um I don’t know I cant say enough about the crew the people who we
dealt with always professional always friendly
always wanting to know what they could do for you to improve upon anything we actually did have a problem almost
three years after you did the kitchen – was we had a leak we called they said okay we’ll come look at it they said okay they fixed it it leaked down into our bathroom downstairs they went down to our bathroom downstairs
they ripped everything out of the ceiling in the bathroom downstairs replaced that fixed and fixed everything like it never happened and thats a good point because you know just like anything else you have to have people that stand behind their product and alure does – yes – and i’d also say do your research because youll get lower
price from other people but you wont get the same quality and you wont get the people standing behind their product and the initial price may be higher from alure but it’s not gonna go higher than what they tell you whereas other people will come in and say yeah I know i said it was going to be three thousand for that but its really going to be forty five hundred and before you know it you are going to be spending more than you would have if you went with alure yes… and Sal is wonderful – hi Sal!

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