Off Camera Secrets | Metal Gear Solid – Boundary Break Ft. David Hayter

Off Camera Secrets | Metal Gear Solid – Boundary Break Ft. David Hayter

Whose footprints are these? Ugh! ! *Gunshot* This is Solid Snake. Welcome to 76 of an ongoing series where we- -basically take the camera… Anywhere we want And we try to find secrets and new discoveries to some of our favourite games Hrm, let’s see here, uh… Boundary Break? Off-camera secrets? ! A Magic camera, are you kidding me!? Agh, what did I sign up for here? *Snake displeased* Ouhhh Guess we can comb Shadow Moses one more time. Commencing operation *music plays* Thank you, Snake. Okay- So the first thing I want to look at is right here at the very beginning of the game And as you know, you swim into this elevator area But you’re not allowed to walk back from where you came from. So if you take the camera over here You can see that the developers optimize this space There’s nothing to really look at… which is something you would typically expect But! Regardless, there actually is something kind of interesting in this area. That water effect that you’re looking at is pulled off in a very clever way Due to limited technology at the time, the developers of Metal Gear Solid Manually manipulated all the areas underneath of water to give it a wavy effect And of course when we’re looking at it from different angles where it doesn’t look like there’s water on the surface It can almost look like jelly… and also there’s a very primitive Reflection technique use of this area. You might notice that snake doesn’t have his character model underneath this puddle Well that’s because these puddles are not puddles at all, they’re actually specifically made environment to parallel what’s going on above it Which, since it only gives the illusion of reflecting what is directly above the puddle, the game manages to save much more on resources in this way *In-game Music* Alright, now let’s talk about Johnny Sasaki… that has a little Easter egg; You can catch Jonny on the toilet, and if you trigger this cutscene, He’ll then walk out of the bathroom stall and go over by the cells But I just wanted to give you a visual of how that looks because you’re not really allowed to see it happen But what’s far more interesting is seeing what it looks like when Meryl takes Jonny’s uniform It’s a little bit difficult to see but here You can see Jonny walk over to his position where he’s supposed to be completely disrobed, And if you look closely, there’s actually two miles of Johnny here. One where he’s still in his uniform And the other where he’s down to his underwear. And also because we can take the camera anywhere We can get a better look at Johnny’s face… just to absolve any confusion here; I know that normally he’s supposed to be naked But in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid as well as the PC version, they cut Johnny a little bit of slack and gave him some underwear *In-game music* ‘Looks like we’ll be a little delayed!’ What are you doing? ‘Don’t think; shoot!’ This one was an excellent viewer request! As always, if you ever want to suggest something for an episode that I’m currently working on, you can follow me right here on Twitter And the suggestion made here was: ‘Where the guards come from when they’re coming through the door during the scene where you first meet Meryl?’ And this one might be one of my favorite scenes! I can’t lie! The guards actually spawned in one of two positions… and every time they do spawn, the character model warps in horizontally- -before quickly adjusting itself to a normal vertical stance. Doing a little bit of planking before planking was even a thing *In-game music* Someone also want to know how the elevators work The first thing I want to show you is that the developers use culling to save on resources until you open the elevator door But that’s not what people actually want to know; it’s when you’re inside the elevator and you’re going to a new floor How does it look? Well as it turns out, the elevator doesn’t move at all. And in fact, Once you get onto a new floor, That’s not even the same elevator that you stepped into… because you might notice on this one frame the position of the elevator completely shifts as well as immediately showing the new area This is because a completely new map is loaded in and the position of the elevator on this new map is Slightly different from where the position is of the elevator in the other map *in-game music* Hey, you know when you sneak in the Shadow Moses’s facility through the vents? Well, if for whatever reason you decide to go back out to the helicopter pad, You might remember there’s a view of the outside from inside the vent. What we’re looking at here is just a 2d texture that Represents that outside… and you might notice it’s actually quite a ways away from where the vent ends Also, here’s a zoom out of the first area inside of Shadow Moses’s base *in-game music* Now let’s talk about one of the first boss fights – ‘The Tank’. As many of you already know, this tank is helmed by Vulcan Raven- -and every once in a while, he’ll pop his head out and laugh at you *Vulcan laughs* Of course, I wanted to see what was inside of the cockpit And interestingly enough, the inside of the cockpit is just a very small square and Vulcan Raven himself clips through that square to have an entire character model that isn’t really seen by the player And once he goes inside of the tank, Vulcan Raven just culls out *in-game music* The warhead facility, you can finally see Otakon for the first time Granted, you only see him in this way if there’s a little easter egg And as a result, it only shows you just a little bit of the other side of the wall where Hal Emmerich is staying So, if we move the camera into that area, you can see there’s next to nothing inside of this place… only enough to show the player that Hal is over there *in-game music* Next up is what happens to Merrill when she runs into the women’s bathroom In normal gameplay, you can see her run into the women’s bathroom But the second that you’re trying to make chase, you go up to the stall where she changed out of her uniform And she gets the jump on Snake. ‘That’s the second time. I’ve been able to sneak up on the legendary Solid Snake’ However, if we have the cameras set in place, we can see that she just disappears the second she gets to the stall But even then, the clothes aren’t on the stall just yet It’s not until Snake gets close enough to the stall that the clothes are loaded in. But funny enough, the gun that Meryl uses in- -the cutscene is still in the map even after the cutscene’s done. It’s just on the other side of the mirror *In-game music* *gunshot* ‘Aaaaaaagh!’ So some folks want to know if the laser sight that Sniper Wolf was using is- -accurate to her actual position on the other side of the map Or if she’s even at the other side of the map at any given time And I’m very happy to say that yes, it is. Sniper Wolf will be rendered into the game And she will be pointing her sight at you, though funny enough before you even engage her in any sort of way, there’s already blood textures in her sniper nest, meaning those blood spots don’t land there in real time It’s just there the entire time. And of course with an area this large- -we got to do is zoom out because it’s- I just can’t believe that none of this is culled out! *in-game music* So during the torture scene of Ocelot, you got the camera moving around in a whole bunch of different ways, either It’s pointed at Snake himself or you get into a first-person perspective- -with Snake. What happens when we look at the scene from a different angle when it’s in the first-person mode? Well, you can see at this very moment that when Snake goes from third-person to first-person, his character model just disappears outright so that the camera can rest in his position without being obstructed by Polygons, and the same can be said for Snake when he’s dragged away to his prison cell. It’s the camera itself That’s actually moving around so when you look at it from a different angle All you just see is just Ocelot standing there looking at nobody *In-game music* And we got ourselves another Johnny Sasaki moment where Johnny gets the runs and has to go to the bathroom Most of this is supposed to take place off-camera with your only visual cues being what’s on your radar, but if we take the camera into the bathroom- -we can see Johnny standing in there, and then the second that Otacon comes into play. That’s when Johnny disappears *In-game music* After defeating Sniper Wolf, Snake fulfills Sniper Wolf’s final request Now in the ‘Twin Snakes’ remake episode that I did (which I’ll link to down below in the video description) There was a textured wound for Sniper Wolf underneath the handkerchief. But here in the original game, you can see no matter- -how well you position the camera, the polygons for Sniper Wolf’s face and at her chin *in-game music* Another viewer request is for the Trap Pits. Now there isn’t too much to say about them and Unfortunately with the limitations of the camera that I have here I can’t show you what happens to Snake when he falls down the hole… But at least from another perspective I can show you just how deep the hole is… and show that there really isn’t anything in particular at the bottom Also, I want to show you a nice zoom out of Metal Gear itself. Usually they zoom the camera out just a little bit- -but still kind of keep it at the player’s perspective But here we can see Metal Gear all in one shot while also engaging with Solid Snake *in-game music* After you defeat Metal Gear, the hangar that you fight in it is completely crumbled and of course I just wanted to see how much of this rubble is actually back here… so in order to do that, we do a little bit of a zoom out *in-game music* Now during the escape sequence you’re driving down a long road maybe a little bit too long in fact? Because even though most of the- -environments in Metal Gear Solid can be really expansive for some reason without any culling whatsoever, here on the escape route Areas are loaded into chunks! And then when Liquid catches up to you, the environment just goes on repeat reintroducing parts of the tunnel that were already shown to the player once before Seamlessly so that it can continue this scene for as long as it needs to *in-game music* And of course, how can we do an episode on Metal Gear Solid without a zoom out of the outside of Shadow Moses Base? *in-game music* Hey guys, thank you so much for watching! Um… First of all, huge thank you to David Hayter! *chuckles* I couldn’t believe he guest starred on this show. It’s pretty amazing! Um, He has two things going on right now. There’s a…a video that he did on bunzlife as well as a, uh- -Horror movie trailer that he’s going to be doing. I got links to both of those things down below It’s very interesting if you love David -like I do- you definitely should check it out. Anyways, Oponok! Thank you so much for doing the animated intro! Oponok has his own YouTube channel with tons of cartoons- -he updates it seemingly regularly, so it’s definitely worth your time to check it out. He’s very- he’s a very talented man. And, uhm… Yeah, if you haven’t already; check out these three episodes that I feel like… it’s a good strong connection to this episode you just watched Um, see if you’d like more Boundary Break and, uh… If you want to stay tuned for Boundary Break, we got these three episodes coming out in early 2018 and that’s a promise So anyways guys, I’m freezing my butt off here. I’m gonna go inside, and ah… I just wish you a happy week Take care! *some outro music*

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  1. The blur came off the disrobed guard for me once while playing the original psx version. The guard had no shorts and his most private region was actually fully modeled. I was a bit traumatized.

  2. Hayter really loves MGS maybe even more than Kojima. Funny how Kojima replaced him with no regards with Sutherland and got the same treatment by Konami.

  3. Metal Gear Solid (1998) is as close to perfection video games have come (followed by The Witcher 3 and Half-Life).

  4. Watching this reminded me of how much i loved this game. as primitive as it is in retrospect, it was ground breaking in its time. so cinematic, the combination of perfect music and vocal performances brings the brilliant (for vidya) cinematography and editing.

    The timing on the scene where sniper wolf scratches snakes face, just after the sniper fight with her, is one that always stuck out to me. Its nuanced and deliberate, you can tell a lot of thought went into every camera cut and angle.

    And the gameplay was every bit as deliberate and nuanced, esp for the time. The controls arent the most intuitive at first, but more than adequate and the game allows for so many different ways to get thru the challenges it throws at you (the tank battle and second sniper wolf battle being 2 good examples, several different ways to defeat them).

    MGS3 is a much better version of MGS, but something about the originals tone and style is just intoxicating to me. Maybe its nostalgia, but the confluence of so many artistic minds working to bring kojimas ideas to life gave us a masterpiece of a game.

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    Not much else to do aside from screencap a "directions unclear" meme for Campbell's comments on Using the Elevator?

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