Ohio State Newark Student Paints the Town as Part of Mural Project

Ohio State Newark Student Paints the Town as Part of Mural Project

My name’s Lenise Alexandra Sunnenberg I am thirty one years old I am a senior at The Ohio State University
– Newark And I am from Newark, Ohio So I’m an anthropology major, but a professional
writing minor So through my minor I became an intern at
the Evans Foundation Who’s in charge of the new Canal Market
District And then through that I became connected with
Curtis Goldstein Who is the muralist down here And then I became his assistant in painting
the mural Curtis’ concept for the mural is very historical It’s a real nod back to, you know Some of the industrial origins of Newark So we’ve got these storefronts right here That are representing a lot of the products
that would’ve been sold at the time Kind of capturing a moment in time for Newark The idea behind it is to build an identity
for Newark And in order to have an identity here we have
to understand our history So as you’re walking through the alley here It’s really a walk back through time Walking through to the new Canal Market District Which is actually built exactly where the
Ohio canal used to run And then continuing forward all the way back
to the historic train station So this is really, this whole walk right here,
is really a nod back to our roots You know, I was so excited to get to work
on the Canal Market District And getting to craft the Art and Craft market And now I get to work on a mural that’s
going to be right here in downtown Newark I mean, that is so exciting to me As an artist and as a citizen of Newark It feels so good to get more and more involved More and more invested in a place that I care
about so much To be able to give back To be able to make this place something to
be proud of The fact that I get to be a part of that is
so exciting for me And I’m very, very proud to be in this project

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  1. ahhh man ya ruined TANGIN ALLEY.lol.its a really good mural.on youtube type in wnerk.we did a couple videos in that alley.a before and after.Tangin alley.lol

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