Organize Your Hardware! In the Wall Hardware Storage

Organize Your Hardware! In the Wall Hardware Storage

in this video Im going to be tackling a
project I have personally been wanting to do since building this shop in the
wall of hardware storage now before you go freaking out on me in the comments
it’s important to note that this is an interior wall they hold 157 containers
total and it was very simple to do so let’s get into it this is the dividing
wall between my metal shop and my woodworking shop I started by unscrewing
two panels on the far right of it and moving the sheets out of the way my
original plan was to rip both or by 8 sheets down the center place the top
half of the top sheet and then lower half of the bottom sheet back into place
and then have the containers in between this would allow all containers to be
within my reach when standing flat-footed on the ground with that I
used my track saw and rip down the boards in the middle then I went back to
my wall and started clearing out the spray foam insulation as I said in the
intro this is an interior wall so I don’t mind giving up the insulation here
my intent was to build a shelving system made from datas essentially that would
accept a plastic storage container I found that fit perfectly inside my wall
okay let’s build some dado shells NATO shelves yeah I think that’s a
fitting name to make these I started by grabbing my dado stack and placing half
an inch and my table saw I’ll be using a half lap jig made by rockler to make
sure I can get these repeatable cuts accurate and both spacing and size the
jig is intended to be used for single pass operations but since dado stacks
don’t go up to one inch which is what I need to cut to be at I did a test piece
to figure out how to make it work for a two pass operation I started by cutting
in a rabbet on the end then measuring over the distance I wanted between my
containers and making a mark I butted the edge of my rabbit up against the
metal key then adjusted the fence over so that my mark was in line with the
blade I pushed it through to make the cut then move the board over so that the
fresh bado was now setting up against the middle
and then I continued the process to make the second pass to enlarge the dado I
repeated the same process I started with my rabbit lining up the stack so that it
was just outside of the first pass once it was cut in I pushed the inside edge
up against the metal key then adjusted the fence on the jig so that the stack
lined up perfectly for my next cut this locks in the spacing so now I could make
the cut then as long as I place the inside edge
up against that key it would hit where I needed it to and enlarge the data to one
inch since I plan to do plenty more of these boards I made two pencil marks on
the top of my fence to mark each location also I do have a free diagram
for these on my website if you’re interested when making the dados I left
my boards wide enough to create matching pairs of shells to get individual
shelves that use my truck salty split it right down the middle doing it this way
ensures that they in fact match and the slots will line up perfectly with one
another I repeated the process because the studs being 16 on center is just
wide enough for two rows of container in fact it’s actually just a tad bit too
wide I did a mock up on my workbench before putting things together and I was
short by exactly half an inch that’s an easy fix though I cut a piece of
half-inch plywood down to the same size and I stuck it in between the two inside
shelves and there that is a perfect fit the outside shelves are simple enough to
attach as they go directly on the inside face of the studs however I did stick a
countersink bed in my drill and pre-drilled the placement holes this way
I can move my mobile workbench into place then easily attach the unit won’t
holding it in position you’ll see that I started off quite small and that’s
because I wanted to test that this would actually work before diving in but so
far so good I would say moving on to attaching the center
section for this part I started off using pocket holes I pulled out my
armored coal jig and drilled in know about four holes along this length
remember that armor made the height of the jig the same as
two by four so that you can easily play supports under longer work pieces once
it drilled in the pocket holes I did a few more countersink holes then attached
the dado shells to the center filler piece of ply I once again prepped by
placing screws in the pockets before setting it in place then adjusted the
left and right position so that the gap was equal on both containers it is
working already theory is proven I felt like I had a
working system so I continued on this time I cut dedos and larger sheets that
would fill up the entire length of the Bay in fact I used the hot sheet I
wouldn’t be placing back on the wall to make up all of my shelves which meant
that I didn’t have to buy any material for this project while I’m working on
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what I do I repeated the process to hang things but this time after the first
shell went up I used a level and a scrap piece of wood to make sure that they
were truly in line with one another oh boy my mom’s gonna kill me when she sees
I use my teeth it turns out you’re never too old to get chastised by your mama
you can see I just spanned a the distance with the wood and place a
level on top I did the same thing when it came time to install the center
section but instead of using a piece of wood I inserted two containers with the
front lip poking out and placed my level across their front on this one my stud
Bay was just slightly off 16 Center and I didn’t need the half-inch space there
between my Center shelves just noting to be sure to measure each stud Bay before
making your components so that you know how much to compensate if at all so it
was when I was attaching the second long Center that I started rethinking my
design I was worried that a few pocket holes wasn’t going to be enough support
once I had all of these containers filled I ended up taking it down and
making a flange for it instead and this is just a piece of ply that I made a few
inches wider than the shelves and attached it directly to the baptists
screws to make this easier I made a quick spacer I not only use a spacer to
align the shelves perfectly Center along the length of the flange but also as a
guide on where to drill my holes so that I could hit wood and not a dado I also
use the countersink here to make sure the screws wouldn’t be proud in the back
surface this is important because next I place the center section back into place
and use the plans to attach it to that back wall the next Bay was exactly the
same except on this one I had a wire running down one of the studs to
compensate for this I built some small standoffs on the back of one of the
shelves and this allowed me to straddle that wire so it wasn’t crushed or in the
way but I could still attach it to the inside face next I did the center
support and then just repeated the process on the last Bay now something I
wish I would have done more of adding in small containers these look small but
are actually a very useful size and the box comes with a ready-made shelf I
didn’t see the sense on making something new when it came with something
perfectly fitting so I just took the container to my bandsaw and chopped it
up then I made some shelves for them to
rest on see the rows were about one container too short to fit nicely
between the studs so after cutting up the rows I also cut up one single row
into individual cubbies so that I can add one cubby to each row if that makes
sense the visual will make sense after
attaching the wooden shelves I use some quick setting and multi-surface glue
from tight bond called thick and quick I placed them on the bottom of the rows
then clamped it in place for a short time to attach them it’s always
surprising to me just how often these small Bessie C clamps come to the rescue
alright while this we’re setting up I cut and attach some flat shows to the
other stud base as I said in the start I plan to use half and half of each
section but I diverted off of that plan when I opened up the wall and saw all of
my wiring that’s why I went taller than I originally expected already and the
last finishing touch was reattaching all of the sheathing I took down and the
start to cover back up the insulation parts then I was just a matter of
filling it up total this holds 142 of the larger containers and 15 of the
smaller ones although I might come back and add in more of these smaller ones oh
and for a labeling system I kept it very easy and adjustable instead of a label
on the outside when I emptied a hardware box inside of a container I simply cut
out what it was stuck it inside the container and faced it outwards now I’ll
be able to easily see what it is I need pull out an entire container and take it
to wherever I’m working now I imagine that people are gonna say that this is a
lot but remember whenever you’re building storage solutions that if you
build it to your current inventory it’s already too small you’re gonna go
through the effort of a project go ahead and build in some extra room for growth
then you’ve enjoyed this project more than
that it’s a party to get out into your own shop and organize a section of it
when your comments on what you think down below and that will see you on
whatever building next

100 thoughts on “Organize Your Hardware! In the Wall Hardware Storage

  1. I did the same thing with dollar store containers. Yours are nicer. Since I don't have a dado stack I cut all the way through and nailed them in place on a divider. I lined up the supports onto both sides of the dividers since my nails were that long. On the end supports I had to grind off the nails but hey, it's a garage. I got the idea from a cool but expensive product called the EZ Studrack.
    The nice thing about this design, yours and mine, is that if you need adjustable shelves, you just cut them to fit. For taller items you don't need to use every slot. Just leave the ones above without shelves in them and you have the space. If your shelves fit snugly enough, they can stick out from the wall a fair amount. I have some gallon containers safely stored in mine.

    It is also part of a cubby design for tool storage that I copied from John Heinz' channel. But like you said, it' already time for a rebuild as my since I need some space for new tools.

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    I have done something similar; at most lumber companies or big box stores they have a product for wire hanging displays and come in 4X8 sheets. Grooves are already in place and the grooves are 1/2" wide and deep. Perfect for plastic totes. Just a thought for those who are without dado heads or routers. Nice video!

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    April love the storage but where did you buy the plastic containers and what size are they?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Richard in Texas

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