Our Houzz: A Surprise Home Makeover for a Marine and His Kids

Our Houzz: A Surprise Home Makeover for a Marine and His Kids

(upbeat music) – Angel is the best. He was the best Marine I ever served with. He embodied everything I
expect Marines to embody. – I’ve spent several
years in the Marine Corps. I served both in the East
Coast and the West Coast. I also served in the Middle
East, in the Pacific, in the Mediterranean. I visited over 10 different countries. – [Jordan] We were a company
of about 250 marines. He was pretty legendary
within the company. Angel is a Marine’s Marine and he kind of lived this spartan
lifestyle for a long time. And he’s a new single dad. – My girls are three and five. Their names are Sarah
Grace and Hazel Rose. Hazel is the oldest. – [Jordan] Like he just
moved out to Lancaster. It’s a new place, and there’s
really nothing in it yet. He hasn’t had a chance to buy
much furniture or decorations. So the guys and I
thought it would be great to do something nice for him. We thought about, maybe
fixing up his home. Doing something nice for the girls, making their room look great. We jumped on Houzz and
we came across Charmean. – When Jordan told me about
this, I was so onboard for it. I was excited, not only
to help this family, but the thought of that he’s a vet. – With Angel, it’s clear that
he feels a love of country and a call to service,
more deeply than most. – When I over my end of active
service in the Marine Corp, I wanted to find a different way to serve and I found Operation Gratitude. What we do in Operation Gratitude
is we fill care packages for our first responders and our military. Something that bridges the
gap between where they’re at and the place that they call home. We send between 200,000, 250,000 care packages every single year. – He clearly cares so deeply about it and he pours everything he has, in to taking care of his girls. We thought this would
be a great opportunity to help him jump start
setting up his new life. – So when Jordan first told me about it, you know I thought, I’m
okay, I don’t need anything. But then I really began
to think about the girls. They definitely need a little bit more than just white walls. – I feel like, if you
can sort of help someone create a home, where they’re
relaxed and they’re comfortable and it’s sort of a spring board, for all of the great things
that they go out and do. – I have a trip coming up. – Hi.
– Hi Charmean? – Yep.
– Hi, how are you? I’m Angel. Charmean’s really caring. We were able to connect
for about 30 minutes, on her first visit. So I’m really excited to
be able to just walk away. Put my trust in Charmean
and let her do her thing, when it comes to the design process. – I’m gonna work remotely with Jordan and we’re gonna figure it out
and I’m just really excited. I just wanna show you a
little bit about the room and just give you some of my ideas. This is gonna be really simple and quick. Houzz is such a great platform for just this exact type of thing, because you can do so much remotely. I use it for things just
like this for people to, we put these ideabooks together. We say, what about this corner? How about this type of chair? – This is ideal. We don’t know what we are doing. So to be able to turn it over to someone who can just run with it
and take care of everything. That was perfect for us. – So the main thing here is that the girls right now are three and five and they’ve got these little beds. I do know a little bit about them. I know what they like and
what colors they like. But I also know that their age is something that you have to consider. This room really needs
to do a lot of things. I need to really do something
to fit two twin beds in here, regular size twin beds. We wanna fit a play area and we also want to fit some books and a place where they
could read their books. Everything is gonna be very girly but it is gonna function
and it’s gonna be organized. – Great and you know, we’re just so thankful
that you’re doing this. – Thanks so much, we’re ready to go. We’re gonna use Houzz with the ideabook. There’s a wide variety of
product that’s available and we’re gonna throw
things in those ideabooks and he’s pretty much
gonna let me run with it. But he will be able to
see what we’re doing. I had about two weeks to do this project. Being able to not only
source the things on Houzz, but then just order them, all in one place like that, is really key. Even the accessories, I got it all done, in about an hour and a
half, using the Houzz app. So the key things downstairs really are that we get the scale
right of the furniture. One thing that I needed to do, was find a piece for
underneath the stairs. There was this kind of this bonus area and I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. So I was able to use
the 3D feature on Houzz, which was really helpful. I could place the piece right in the spot and visualize how it would look. And just make sure that
it was the right scale and that it did what I wanted it to do. Oh it’s the lamp. (upbeat music) Downstairs, I wanted to
be just family friendly. By creating three distinct spaces, a meal area, a TV and
sort of conversation area and then a work area. We’re gonna try and make it do all of those things
comfortably, and then look nice. But really the main thing is function and how the family’s gonna use it. So you do that with furniture. You define spaces with furniture. (upbeat music) In the girls’ room, at the same time that
I want them to be wowed and just feel like it’s
so much fun to go home and to go in to their room
and to spend time in there. But they also have to sleep and
they have to be regenerated. And they have to figure out
where their clothes are gonna go so that they not only feel comforted but just so that they
feel organized as well. So we’re all done. I’m so excited for them to see this space. I can’t believe that we got it all done. Are you ready to go see your room? And so the girls are gonna
go and see their room and I can’t wait to see their faces. Here we go. – Oh my god, this is amazing. You know, when I first walked
in I was truly overwhelmed with the generosity and then the work, that went in to making
something like this possible. – [Sarah] Is this a picture of me? – [Angel] That is a picture of you. – [Sarah] Is that a picture of me to? – No that’s me.
– No that’s Hazel. (laughter) – [Charmean] In the TV area, we put in a love seat
that was the right scale. I think every guy kind
of needs a recliner. So we got a really great one. Then we also got a butterfly chair, which is just kind of a young, fun chair. Now in the eating area,
we’ve got a great table that is sort of an all purpose table. You can really do anything. Eat, homework, play games. We’ve got bookcases. The bookcases were
really a great addition. They also just basically frame the space. – She came in here and made
amazing use of the space. Really surprised me with
the attention to detail. – You needed a desk. – I did, thank you so
much for catching that. I totally needed a desk. You know I often used to
come and just sit on my couch and work through the night. Now I actually have a
place to sit and work. – [Charmean] Under stair
space is great space and you really should use it when you can. – I had so much junk here. I had a blow up mattress, a vacuum, maybe a couple of dead
rats and a couple of shoes. (laughter) I mean, this area is just really amazing. I mean the fact that you were able to move all that stuff out of the way. Bring this in and make it look so much more spacious and bigger. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – Thank you. – I’m so happy to do it for you. What I think we achieved is that the spaces is really
function three ways now. They can sit as a family. They could read books,
they could play games, they could just enjoy each others company. I think there’s several spaces
now that they can do that. – [Angel] From the
bookshelves in the kitchen, to the dining set and the silverware, to the patio set that I
wasn’t really expecting. (upbeat music) Oh. – [Charmean] You did it. – [Sarah] Let me. – I know you love Daddy’s recliner, but we didn’t forget about you. Are you guys ready to go upstairs? – Yeah. – [Charmean] (laughs) Let’s go. Okay, let’s go in. – Wo (laughs) Man this is awesome. – So the main thing that we had to do was get comfortable sleeping. And the room is a little bit small, so we had to go with bunk beds. So I thought these bunk beds were awesome. They have regular size twin beds, so they’ll grow with them. And then this is really sort
of like a play structure in addition to being a sleeping area. – Who’s gonna sleep at the top and who’s gonna sleep at the bottom? – [Charmean] To see the
little girls come in and just really love their room, I mean, that was really fun. – Sarah, did you have
a look in the closet. What are those, are those blocks? – [Charmean] I think that they, have a sense of, you know, ownership now and they really see
that room as their room. – Here Daddy can’t squeeze in those, so you guys are gonna have to try these. – [Sarah] What are these? – [Angel] I have no idea,
they look fun though. – [Charmean] They can do
anything from playing games to just, going to sleep when
they need to go to sleep and being organized with their clothes. It was really fun. – Hey you two, so great to see you. – So great to see you. – I can’t wait to hear about the place. – Yeah man, she’s really
done a phenomenal job of putting all of this together. – What did the girls think? – They totally love it. Matter of fact they’re up
there right now playing. They’re definitely distracted up there. – Our hope for Angel
and his girls after this is that their home really
brings them together and allows them to have
the warm family experience that we all know he wants
and that the girls deserve. – Well Charmean, thank you so much and Angel, you’re the best brother. – I love you man. – Love you too. – [Jordan] Separate. – Always. Charmean just came in here
and she completely nailed it and redid the place
above all expectations. You know it’s gonna impact our life because its gonna makes
things a little bit easier. You know, I have a place to work, whenever the girls go to bed. And the girls have a
place to do their homework and to sleep and play and it’s
really just more comfortable. – To be able to create a space that people are eager to get
home to, it’s such a privilege. I was really just honored to
help him and the little girls. – Coming home to the girls and being able to spend
that quality time with them. Whether it’s reading to them, whether it’s building lego’s with them. You’ll have no time for dolls
in the future, she said. You have to work and improve yourself and make yourself useful. You’ve been a United States Marine, you’ve done this, you’ve served here. You now serve this and you’ve done this. Sarah kept her big eyes
fixed and said not one word. Oh there’s a Sarah in the book. Your name is Sarah. Really being a Dad is
the number one title. (upbeat music) Here, dude dude dude,
check this out, reclining. – [Jordan] Oh man, that’s awesome. – Yeah, you like that? – [Jordan] I love it. – Oh yeah. Yeah, I’ll let you sit
in it one day maybe. (laughter)

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  1. Yes! I wasn't that late!
    I love these videos, I just love the feeling that people are now comfortable in their own homes, as it should be.

  2. So beautiful! I love the use of their space now! His daughter's bedroom will grow with them, such functional pieces. I adore the owl quilts on their beds! What a well deserving family! Thank you for your service!!!!

  3. A testimony that small spaces can also be beautiful & functional. The furniture are scaled at the right sizes. I love that its not over-decorated & has a balanced unisex design.

  4. I loved everything about this make over. From the under stairs space, blue recliner, girls room. The owl quilt to the beautiful pink color on the walls and window shutters. I do show with me videos. I would've had a ball showcasing that room. Thanks for sharing! 😊 👍

  5. I really think they should’ve gotten rid of one end table and gotten a bigger couch, no room for guests to sit nor the whole family together.

  6. What a great make-over for a fantastic dad and his two adorable daughters! Wishing you three lots of love and laughter in this wonderful new space that you call," HOME." Peace to All of Us!!

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