Outdoor Planter Bench

Outdoor Planter Bench

>>Announcer: Build this custom planter bench
that adds an interesting twist to any outdoor space. The bench is a basic build. Start with the
back frame which is two posts, a cap, and a series of rails. Flip the frame and add
the front rails. You’ll also add the cable rail where you’ll attach the wires used to
hold the planters. Build the front frame of the bench by adding
the front and back rails to the legs. Join the two frames using the shelf connectors
and the seat connectors. Then you can install most of the slats for the bench shelf and
the seat leaving these spots open to attach the wire ropes. With the bench built, it’s time to install
the clever planters. These are actually pieces of duct work I found in the heating and cooling
aisle and when you open them up a little and attach these duct caps using machine screws.
Either paint or leave them ‘natural’. Next, drill the small holes on each end that you’ll
use to wire the planters onto the bench. The wire ropes that hold the planters are
secured at the bottom of the bench, and at the top so start at the top and thread the
wires through the eye screws and secure them with these wire clips. Mark the height your
first planter will hang at. Put some tension on the wire, and mark the measurement with
some tape. Thread the wire through the holes, and shimmy your planter up and into place.
Use a couple more of these wire clips to secure them, then repeat the whole process for the
remaining two planters. To secure the bottom, you pull the wire right
through the openings in the bench, and using the wire clips again, secure it to the eye
screws just like you did at the top. That’s it! Install the final slats, add plants,
and enjoy. For the detailed directions, go to Lowes.com/LCI-planterbench.

17 thoughts on “Outdoor Planter Bench

  1. Unable to see directions and /or materials needed. Even called your 800# and the very nice, helpful gentleman I talked with was also unable to do so. He even went to his supervisor for help in this matter. Came back to tell me they were not able to help me. You need to fix your website for the planter. Shelby

  2. The bench was easy to build but I'm wondering about the planters. You said you used sheet metal screws which is fine but, it looks like you may actually have used riviets?
    Also, I noticed that you placed your end caps on the inside of the hvac pipe. Was that just to create the correct size fr the opening? I'm thinking that I'll  place the caps on the outside as the soil and water will create the weight and pressure that might otherwise push them out (with sheet metal screws or rivets).
    Thanks for the great video. It was a fun and easy project. Oh, BTW, we went to a couple of LOWES (which was a task in that the nearest one is nearly an hour away) and funny thing, they don't carry any cedar, except for fence boarding. They even told me that there's no way these instructions would've come from Lowes. I went with a different wood and it turned out great.

  3. So, these ducts are sold as whole cylinders. How do you get them cut in half so you can plant in them? Do you undo the seams and open them a bit, then use the endcaps to re-round them? Do the cylinders come apart easily?

  4. I have several sections of fence at my fence line area. It would be easy enough to modify this plan and make a potter's or gardner's table instead of a bench. I will also look at using painted pvc pipe instead of the metal as you show with this project. In using it at my fence line as I am thinking of doing, I would have to make a base that prevents grass and weeds from growing beneath the bench. Maybe some flat cinder blocks there would work well. I'll stain or paint the bench so that it flows with the paint on my outside storage barn.

    I have a large patio area where a long bench done like this could come in handy for extra seating at the patio area. It would be much cheaper than buying the extra patio furniture.

    Thanks for the video and ideas it gives me.

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