Oversized Christmas Decorations You Can Make for NO MONEY

Oversized Christmas Decorations You Can Make for NO MONEY

Hi guys, today I’m going to be showing you
three easy large-scale Christmas decorations you can make without spending a lot of money. If you like these projects, make sure you
also head over to Facebook because I’ve got a social cut of this video posted over
there so you can share it with all your friends. So first up we’re going to make this hexagon
wall art installation thing. Print or draw a hexagon and cut it out. Then trace that onto the back of a piece of
wrapping paper multiple times. Cut out all of your hexagons. To make it Christmas themed, I also decided
to add snowflakes to some of them. Fold a piece of paper to make a six pointed
snowflake and cut out whatever design you want. You could glue this right onto the hexagon
but since I think the folds look a little messy, so I traced it onto cardstock and cut
that out so I’d have a clean version. You can also stack multiple pieces of cardstock
on top of each other and cut them all out at once so you’re not cutting for hours
and hours. To be honest, this would have been way easier
with a Cricut or a Silhouette but I kind of forgot that I had one so I did by hand, but
you know, use the tools you have. Anyway, once you’ve cut out your snowflakes,
use a glue stick to glue each one onto a hexagon. Make a bunch of these, some with snowflakes
and some without, in all different colors and patterns. Hang them up with pieces of painter’s tape,
since they’re super lightweight and they only need to be up for about a month, so you
don’t want to damage your walls on this project. I love how this came out, it adds so much
color to the room and it makes such a big statement for only the cost of a few rolls
of wrapping paper. Next I made this lovely little treescape again
out of wrapping paper. For a project of this scale, I first mocked
it up in Photoshop and made a pattern that I could print out and tape together. I’ll have this pattern linked down below
if you don’t want to do all that work for yourself. Anyway, once I had all of the triangles cut
out, I just traced each one onto the back of green wrapping paper. If you do this, make sure to label which piece
it is so you can keep track later. And then once again, just use painter’s
tape to hang it up on your wall. If it ends up covering a light switch like
mine, just cut the part that overlaps and clean up the edges with a bit of washi tape. And that’s it. Once again we’ve made a large scale decoration
for only the cost of two rolls of wrapping paper. I love how this adds a pop of color behind
all of my other Christmas decorations, and make sure you stay tuned to this channel,
because I’ll have a full Christmas apartment tour coming soon where I’ll through where
I got everything. Finally for project number three, we’re
going to make giant gingerbread men. Once again, print out the pattern which I’ll
link down below. Trace it onto a cardboard box and cut it out. This step is optional but to make it a little
brighter, I painted it with copper paint. Once that’s dry, you can add decorations
with puffy paint the same way you would add icing. I decided to go for a pretty classic design,
but you can make yours as wild as you like. I love how the puffy paint is really textured,
so it’s so satisfying to squeeze on there. And I think this would make a really fun activity
for kids to decorate their own gingerbread men or for a bunch of your friends at a craft
night. Once you’re happy with how yours look, just
hang them up with once again, painter’s tape, and you’re done. I only made three, but if you have a lot of
boxes, you could make a bunch of these for all over your apartment. So I hope you guys liked those ideas. I’d love to know in a comment how you’re
decorating for Christmas this year. And if you’re still watching, use the word
hexagon somewhere in your comment you’ll just be my favorite little Christmas elf….that
was weird. I’m gonna go. Make sure you like this video and subscribe
for new DIYs every week and Merry Christmas.

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  1. Thank you guys so much for watching! Don't forget that my HUGE Black Friday merch sale is still going on through Monday – get 50% off ALL of my merch at http://dftba.com/karen!

  2. I wonder if you can iron the snowflakes instead of having to trace and cut out of card stock. At any rate, it's a really cool Christmas wall project!

  3. I have a pretty small house – and pets – so we hang our Christmas ornaments on a huge, leafy house plant on the kitchen counter. We don't put presents under it though 😛

  4. Of course, the design with the hexagon(s) were my favorite of the three!! Your channel should really have WAY more subscribers because you’ve never let me down and everyone needs to see this!!

  5. Super cute holiday designs. The hexagon wall is such a fantastic idea. I decorated a tree with Homemade DIY ornaments using recycled paper, envelopes and old ribbons.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUjVoGOb8WU

  6. Our rental house front door has glass panes & my hubby diy'd it into 'stained glass', he cut different colored construction paper to fit each pane….then oiled the paper & adhered it to the glass. It looks really nice! 😊😍

  7. I decorated my room by making some bunting with pieces of magazine pages that had Christmas photos on them. A ll that used was magazine pages, string and glue! I also painted some twigs, put them in a jar/vase and hung some baubles on them. I had al of those things already so it cost nothing! I like the HEXAGON, the trees and the gingerbread men! Thanks Karen!

  8. As a tabletop RPG player, hexagon hold a special place in my heart. Looks like I know how I'm decorating the game room!

  9. I love the hexagon design. Would've been SO CUTE in my old apartment! I usually just decorate with paper snowflakes, though I might make some of those adorable gingerbread men! Could save them for next year, too!

  10. Oh my goodness!!! I absolutely love the hexagon design! Actually I loved all of them!! Running to pull out all of my wrapping paper now!! Thank you!! HEXAGON!!!!

  11. I'm glad you showed the gingerbread man diy. I work at a convenience store, and we produce mountains of boxes a week. I might get the kids in on making a giant gingerbread house using your technique. I love the hexagon project as well. My daughter was a bee keeper for a while, so the hexie is close to our heart. Happy Holidays!

  12. I love your ideas! I am new to your channel and I am looking forward to the new stuff. The hexagon wall was the easiest looking project. Thanks for the great ideas!

  13. You could totally use the hexagon design to create somewhat of an advent calendar. For each day you reveal a challenge to complete. They can be fun and festive 🙂

  14. I would have used an iron to get out all the fold lines from the snowflakes!
    My favorite Christmas decorating is my Harry Potter themed tree! I made all the ornaments by hand with polymer clay, supplies from the dollar store, and my printer. I've printed out Honeydukes labels, miniature Harry Potter books, and Luna Lovegood glasses. I made golden snitches from gold dollar store ornaments and paper wings, and flying keys from 'vintage' looking keys from Michael's and printed vellum wings. From polymer clay I made house crests, Hogwarts letters, gold-dipped feathers, owls, lightning bolts, and dirigible plums! (but maybe this year I'll add some -hexagons-)

  15. Great ideas!! My favs were the gingerbread figures (so creative!!!) and the treescape (so serene). [hexagon, just so you know…] ☺

  16. These are so cute omg! I wish my apartment bedroom had an empty wall big enough for these! Especially the hexagon one 😉

  17. Wow, these are soooo beautiful. The hexagon one could also be modified for a non Christmas theme. And, by the way, why hadn't I subscribed to your channel yet? I thought I had.. Anyways, just did 😊

  18. Nice one.. lots of ideas.. hexagon one was really nice… love you. I'm going to decorate with home made pompom balls as snowflake..

  19. I was looking for activity ideas to put in my advent calendar for little ones… definitely using all 3! Love the hexagon idea for giving paper snowflakes extra pop.

  20. I've literally been waiting for more videos without even realizing. I think you're my favorite Youtuber right now. Can't wait for more!
    (Also, hexagon)

  21. Super cute!!!!! Im a teacher and those trees would be super cute in my classroom and I could see doing the hexagons in non Christmas papers for every season!

  22. My child is obsessed with boxes right now! Plus we have puffy paint!!! I think I know what our next craft project is!!! Thank you! Hexagons rule!!!

  23. I was telling a neighbor how Christmas Decorating can be done inexpensively. Foiled Christmas Wrapping Paper. It comes in hundreds of patterns and prints. I found a pattern I liked and made a runner for my buffet table, I also made a valance to go in the kitchen. I used it to wrap my poinsettia pots, I made a lamp shade cover, also wrapped the columns to my entry and my back lanai. It doesn't have to be all matchy matchy either. I always take colors from the wrapping of choice and use it as inspiration for my tree. Christmas Decorations on the Cheap? Wrapping paper! Hexagon!

  24. Hey I’m a bit late but quite a few of these could be modified to decorate a float for a Christmas Parade. takes notes and measurements *hexigon*

  25. We just kept up the decorations from my Birthday in November for my Dad’s Birthday in December and now still keeping it up for my Mom’s Birthday in January. Savings? Savings.
    (I can’t use hexagon in my comment so here’s a random statement. The only hexagons I have are my hexaflexagons, hexagons you can fidget! Make ‘em now from Vi Hart’s two part hexaflexagon video and then later the other videos about hexaflexagons! DIY is fun.)

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