Oztent Foxwing 270° Series 2 Awning Tapered Zip Extension

Oztent Foxwing 270° Series 2 Awning Tapered Zip Extension

– Folks, I’m here today with probably the most useful accessory you can get for your Oztent Foxwing 270 awning. It’s the tapered awning extension, and I’m gonna tell you all about it. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music) Now, the Foxwing tapered extensions are a wall that goes on
the side of your awning. They’re available individually and you can fit up to four
walls on your 270 awning. Behind me here now, I’ve
got two attached already. One in just the standard configuration, which is sloped down and
pegged to the ground. And then the next one around is actually a setup with the awning poles. So you can extend the sheltered space underneath your Foxwing 270 awning. This is what they look
like when you buy them. They’re about 3.7 kg
and pack up to 125 cm. Wide by about 9 cm by 9 cm. Now, these are made with the same modcan polyester ripstop material that the awnings and a lot of Oztent’s new products are made from. It’s a really durable and robust fabric. I’m gonna show you what
comes in the bag first, then I’m gonna show you how to attach it. So inside the bag, or
inside the package you get for your tapered extension,
you got a bag here. We’ve got the actual wall here, we’ve got a strap to
keep everything secure inside the bag. You get a couple of awning poles. These have got little
bent spigots on the end so that wind doesn’t end up
blowing the eyelets off the top. You get a couple of guy ropes and you get eight pegs to set it all up. And an instruction manual. First thing we need to do to zip it on is unfold the wall. It’s probably the easiest way to work out the orientation of the wall is to find the Foxwing logo, which goes on the bottom right-hand side
if I was facing the awning. So that goes down this side. I’ll follow it up to the top. I’ve now found my top zipper and the zipper actually starts on the right-hand side
if I’m looking outwards from the awning. So I come up here to find the zipper up inside the awning here. So once we’ve got the
zipper, we just line up tapered extension wall up with the zipper, slide it in and we do the zipper up. As we go, just lift the wall
up in front of the zipper so the zipper slides nice and easily. Now, attaching the wall to the awning is as simple as doing that zip up. Finishing the setup, we need to put some pegs in the bottom here. Now these taper out from the awning rather than go flat down with the wall, they taper right out this way. So I can put some pegs in here. Alternatively, I can use my poles to extend this out as
another awning like this out from my 270 awning if I like. I’m gonna show you what it’s like when it’s fully enclosed, which means I’ll need to put a peg in here and I’m actually gonna attach another wall on the far side there and show you how they zip together as well. So I’ve got the second wall
zipped in at the top there. There is a bit of Velcro in under here to keep these walls
secured at the top there. Now to join the walls together, we have to do the zip up. Oztent have left a small gap here for us to wrap it around the pole and zip it on the other side of the pole because this wall actually extends out further than where the pole sits. So we do that zip up right to the bottom and then we just need to
put some pegs in place. Now, with these walls pegged out, this actually comes right
up next to my vehicle here, so it almost encloses
this space down the side. I’ve got no room to walk through there. Now I’ve just put the
minimum number of pegs in at the moment. There’s actually three peg points along the base of each wall. I’ve just put one in each
corner at the moment. There’s also three guy ropes that feature roughly halfway up the wall here. Now these serve two purposes. Firstly, if they’re all pegged out, it stops the wall from
flapping around too much. Secondly, pegging it
out pulls the wall out a little more and creates more
internal living space for us. Now the dimensions of the wall is they’re 2.3m high or
230cm in length this way. The longest section at the bottom is 375cm and that tapers back to the 260cm width of the awning side there. Last thing I’ll mention is
that there are three eyelets on the base of each wall here. So we can use the two awning poles that were included with the wall and add a third one if we wanted to extend the side walls as an awning, like this one is over here. Now this is the tapered panel that I’ve had set up
before with the included awning poles that come with the panel. Now this is set up at
full height at the moment. So these poles are at 220cm. If it was really rainy,
we’d wanna make sure we lower these poles down a little bit to allow the water to run off of these. Because it’s gonna pool
in here very easily. What I wanna do now, though, is actually lower this right down, zip it up closed, and take you inside the
awning when it’s all closed up to show you how much
room there is in there. And there’s one extra zipper on here that you might be wondering what it’s for. And that features along this panel at the very back of the awning here. This is actually on the awning. This isn’t for one of
the tapered side panels that we’ve attached at the moment. This is for future accessories
for the 270 awning. So keep an eye out for those. What I wanna do now,
though, is take you inside to show you how much space is in here. So just coming inside the 270 awning here. The main thing you notice
with the tapered extensions is this extra space
that the walls give you because they come out further than the upright pole of the awning. If we were to peg these walls out, the guy ropes in the middle out again, it gives us even more
living space inside here. Now one thing I’ve noticed
that people might question are the little holes where the pole go through the joints in the wall here. I guess there is potential for a little bit of water to creep in here so I wouldn’t store your
electrical equipment right underneath these poles. But it’s not gonna be much
water, only a very little bit. You notice that these
walls don’t actually have zippered doors in them
so if you did want access in and out your awning, either you use the wall we’ve just walked through there where you’re standing,
or you could bend down and unzip these but it’s
quite a way to bend down. It’s a little bit awkward. You’re probably better off either just leaving one of the walls off completely or extending it out as an awning, maybe away from the weather so that you’ve got more access in
and out of your awning. Come on right inside. I wanna show you just how
much room there is in here. So I can stand right over
past the edge of the poles and I’ve still got head space here. I could be setting up tables and also what’s in here I’ve got
tonnes of space to bunker down even in really bad weather. So I can create a really livable space, weather protected space in my campsite with a setup like this. Now don’t forget, these walls
are available individually, so you need a total of
four to completely enclose your Foxwing 270 awning. But they’re probably the
most useful accessory you can get for your awning. You can grab them online at snowys.com.au. Lowest prices every day. Thanks for watching. (upbeat hip-hop music) Don’t click away from us yet, guys! There’s plenty more where that came from. Subscribe to our channel for
all the latest information. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below. Give us a like or check out our other Foxwing videos down here.

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  1. Hey Ben do these work with the foxwing series one? And will there be a gap with my Oztent connected to the awning

  2. How about some clear panels, windows to let light in it’s such a dark cave. I have a foxwing and zip panels and love them but always have to have lights on.

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