Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K

Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K

– You ready?
– No! Three… Oh, my God, Dan!
Are you kidding me? Two, one, go! ( theme music playing ) – Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to the
“Super Slow Show.” This video contains three
of my favorite things. We’ve got a big old balloon, a bucket load of paint and Dan getting hurt. This is the Giant Balloon
Pendulum of Paint… – Of Doom!
– …of doom. You got to rhyme it! Okay, well, what is
the official name? Giant Balloon
Pendulum of Doom. Ah, that is good. Give me a countdown. Three, two, one! ( laughs ) Good night! Oh, God. ( grunts ) This is really scary,
by the way. Sorry! Oh, God. That’s packing
a punch now. Oh, God. ( grunts ) You’re just getting
annihilated and it’s not popping. I’ve also got an idea. Yeah? The secret weapon. This is the hero. The thumbtack of dreams. That’ll save the day. I just hope it doesn’t
look too tacky anyway. That was good, good pun. – Ready?
– Yeah. Three, two, one, mess! Ah! ( laughs ) Geez! Not only did it cover me but it also put me
on my arse. It looks like something
out of “The Shining”! – Oh, man.
– That looks gruesome! Let me just get up. ( laughs ) Dan, don’t splash around. You might get red paint on me. Yeah, cool. Cheers. For God’s sake,
help me up! Just walk up
the side of it. Oh, my God. Shall we take
a look at that? Okay, here we go. Oh! Gav:
So much red liquid. Dan:
Geez! It looks gruesome. Gav: It looks almost
too graphic to show. I know it’s
just paint, but… Dan: It’s gruesome.
Did they have to pick red? ( Gav laughs )
I really… Dan: They could have picked
any other color, like blue… Gav: I’m really glad that
we’ve got red in there. Oh. It looks like you’ve
just been born. Oh, come on! You can’t say that! Come on, it’s just… Gav: I’m gonna give you
a round of applause for that. Are you gonna do
that, then? – You ready?
– No! Three… Oh, my God, Dan!
Are you kidding me? Two, one, go! Red alert! ( laughs ) Oh! It’s in my nose! Yes, it’s as good as
I thought it would be, yes! Yes! Yes. Yes. It’s in my sinuses! Dan: Look at my face.
I’m so excited! Gav: You can’t get
enough of that. Dan: Oh! Gav: In prop, I didn’t
let myself go. It actually knocked me over. Dan: Cleaned you out! Totally cleaned you out. Gav: Look at that
chandelier of paint. That is cool. It’s frozen in time
as it’s falling on me. See, I’m not actually
that painty yet. Dan: It all lands on you,
though, doesn’t it? Oh, man, that looks
great, it’s great. Gav: Oh, God. Absolute showering. So it seems like, to me,
there’s one clear escalation
from this point. Go on. Two balloons. So how about,
why can’t you do it? I’ve got another… Uh… – You’re having a laugh.
– Go on. – You’re having a laugh.
– Go on. – Right.
– One, two, three, go! One, two, three, go! Yeah, boy! Are you ready? Nope. Three, two, one, go! Whoa! Bloody hell! It looks like you’re
covered in boogies! It’s like Nickelodeon. It’s like they brought
back “Noel’s House Party.” Oh, it’s up both nostrils! It’s looking like
a giant with a cold just came and took
a disliking to you. Hold on, hold on. Oh, man! A bit of yellow? Bit of green. Dan: Don’t have good
Slow Mo face. Gav: If you’re thinking about
these two things happening to you at the same time, no
one’s gonna have a good face. Oh! Dan:
Couldn’t have been better. It just looks like
you’ve been burst and there was green
and yellow inside you. Gav: Yeah. It looks like
I’ve just popped. Dan: Again, me,
severely enjoying that. ( laughs ) Savagely enjoyed it. Gav: That’s a savage
level of enjoyment. Dan: It is. I hope you enjoyed that because I certainly
enjoyed that a hell of a lot. Did you? Yeah.
All right, yeah. I’m actually swimming
in a pool of paint here. It’s so deep.
It’s about this
thick of gauze. That’s how much paint
is all over you. And it looked excellent. So you should be happy. I hope you enjoyed it. And if you want more,
probably of me getting hurt, but we’ll see,
then tune into the next episode
of the “Super Slow Show.” Bye. Say bye. – Bye.
– Bye. Hello, internet. Be sure to click here
for the latest updates on the “Super Slow Show.” Yeah. Click over there and you’ll actually get
to see Gavin step out from behind the camera
and get his hands dirty. That’s true, actually.
I had to use soap. Did you get both
of them dirty? Both hands.
Unbelievable. Well done.

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  1. 3:25 It's about time that Dan finally blue Gavin. We've been waiting for it for a long time.

  2. That's a lot of spilt chemicals on the ground. Aren't you guys polluting the environment in the process of testing lame stuff

  3. If y’all just like put a canvas i front of y’all, y’all could have a good painting that you could sell.( Sorry for so many YAllLs)

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