Paint the Town Peaceful: The Mural That Stopped Violence

Paint the Town Peaceful: The Mural That Stopped Violence

(gentle music) – [Voiceover] This colorful
spot has a dark past. Las Palmitas was once a dangerous place with clashes between rival gangs. But the city government
launched and funded a project called Pachuca Paints Itself to turn the community around. The painting itself involved participation from all of the households. They painted over 200 houses
using 5000 gallons of paint. These individually painted houses combine to make one
beautiful rainbow design inspired by Pachuca’s
nickname, La Bella Airosa, or the beautiful, breezy city. The aim of the project was to
bring a sense of liveliness and livability back to the city. The Ministry of Planning and Evaluation of the City of Pachuca has noted that the crime rate
in the city has decreased since the mural was painted.

21 thoughts on “Paint the Town Peaceful: The Mural That Stopped Violence

  1. The colour of the rainbow, " is a really spiritual wonder and its meaning brings joy, " and peace, and also love.

  2. Well, the story is non exactly as the video describes. It's worthful by itself, like a little piece of urban work. That's all. I live there.

  3. This is on par with the anti rape tramp stamp tattoos in Europe. How much did it spend on paint when it could have boosted policing to actually make them safer?

  4. I've been there when it was being worked on. I remember only seeing the top half of the hill covered in paint. It was a beautiful idea.

  5. I live in Palmitas, but i don't understan cause our autorities does this works, i think they could open more places to work, here we need more oportunities

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