Painted Galaxy Wall Clock

Hi there! As you may know one year is 365 days long. You may not know though, that it actually takes the earth 365.2421 days to orbit the sun. What happens all the time
after that decimal point? Well they become the day, or February 29. We have a leap year every fourth year in order to recalculate the calendar so we stay
consistent with the true timing of the earth’s orbit around the sun, our closest
star. Now the year little bit smarter, let’s get crafty. Since we’re talking astronomy today
I wanted to make something galaxy themed. And since we’re also talking about time, today we’ll be making a painted galaxy wall clock. Check out the links in description to see where you can buy the kit and where you can say hi to me. If you make this galaxy themed clock, I would love to see pictures through Instagram or Twitter. So be sure to follow me at SmartsAndCraft. And make the most of your leap day, you won’t get another one for 4 years!

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