Painting a cinder block wall in Phoenix AZ.

in this video by abn painting we
spray painting a block wall that goes around the back of the house and we
start our preparation to work by moving gravel a few inches away from the wall
right next to the wall there is little gravel and there is a lot of dirt and so
that this dirt doesn’t get back on the wall during pressure washing we’re using
very low pressure to wash the bottom part of the wall first we’re using high
pressure to wash the top and middle portion of the wall after the wall had
enough time to dry with all the masking to mask the side gate we using blue tape
first blue tape has very little adhesive and after we finished with spray painting
it will be very easy to remove this tape then on top of the blue tape we run 12
inch masking paper on both sides of the gate and then we’ll cover the rest of
the gate using plastic we covered the side gate using
combination of paper and plastic the portion of the house next to which were
going to be spray-painting we covered with paper now this is the same part of
the wall from a different angle this is the part of the block wall that’s facing
the street or we covered the wooden fence that belongs to the neighbor using
paper on the other side of the block wall and there’s an RV gate that we
masked an exact same way . usually parts of the wall that are being shared
with a neighbor we mask off using tape and paper but the customer discussed
this painting project with their neighbors and the neighbors do not care
whether the color shows up on their part of the wall or not so instead of masking
we’re going to spray-paint those parts after we’re done with masking we start
spray-painting as this wall has never been painted before we have to prime it
first we’re using locxon masonry primer by sherwin Williams to prime the
wall instead of using white primer we asked the store to tint it towards the
color of the paint that we’re going to be using so when we apply a coat of
paint it will be a lot easier to cover the primer before we start
spray-painting we take a look on the other side of the wall to see if there’s
anything that can be damaged by overspray and behind these walls there
is nothing but gravel and dirt so we don’t have to worry about over
spraying anything of value after we applied the primer we give the
wall enough time to dry before applying the coat of paint when we were applying the primer it
wasn’t really important in which direction to spray it for the paint we
want to make sure that the coverage is even and there is no streaks or missed
spots and to make the coverage a uniform we apply it in two different directions
first we spray it from side to side and then up and down after we finished with touch-ups and
clean up this is the look of the wall

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