Painting a LARGE portrait *for the first time* \\ Jim Ren #paintwithme

Painting a LARGE portrait *for the first time* \ Jim Ren #paintwithme

[Music] you guys like my face looks awful right now I’m too like a movie so I’m about to start to be this joining in canvas that I bought the other day I’m scared I don’t know what’s gonna happen I catch you in a bit well plot twist I didn’t if you think that canvas I was a little bit too scared at first to use such big support at the beginning so anyway I’m going to be painting Emilia Clarke mother of dragons breaker of chains I forgot what she was but yeah I’ve been saving this photograph for a long time in my reference photos he’s like a little folder that have on the side and I just think it was very very powerful so I decided to give it a go and start doing in a very large scale that I don’t usually do in this vid : I’m going to get a little more technical about what I use in materials because you guys are always asking for that so before starting into that I’m going to say a huge shout out to my sponsor today yes so happy how would it scale share so if you don’t know what Skillshare is is basically an online learning community with like a bunch of classes that you can choose from for example I’m using Fine Arts as you can see here and there’s a lot of different videos to choose from there’s drawing this old painting there’s watercolor the one that I liked the most was this one by G Assange which is a painter and illustrator and the way she approaches on a self-portrait is really really interesting it reminds me of how they did it or they taught us in fine art school so I think that’s really really amazing and this is also like animation because I’m going to try to learn to animate and also after-effects that’s something that I really really want to achieve with you know so I can do a little things in my videos especially my cosplay videos but yet so skilled sure they gave me a link I’m going to put in my description box because you have a two month free trial you can sign up for free and then try it out to see how it goes I think is really cool also an annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month so that is really really achieving compared with some workshops that I know they’re very expensive like I’ve done a couple and there’s just a lot of money so I think this is like a really good opportunity to still are learning something that you want but you maybe don’t know how or where so moving on to the painting as I said I’m going to try to explain what I’m doing although it’s very hard because sometimes I’m more driven by my intuition than a technical scale but for example right now what I’m doing is I’m using some burnt sienna oil painting the brand that I use is gambling gambling is a really amazing brand they are based in Portland and the quality of the oils is just so good so good but I started painting with like very very cheap oils you know that little kid that maybe your uncle or andriy mom Casey for Christmas so yeah don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect materials you will eventually build your own kit and the things that you that you need so I started with this layer because I feel like um the white of the canvas is very it’s very how to say I feel like with the burnt sienna it stablished some values so it’s not as white so it also helps me with my under painting and the shadows are gonna pick that are going to pick through eventually you will you will see them in a little but how there’s basic how this base coat or how this honored painting is going to help me in the future if I’m being honest I was I know I say this a lot but it’s just the truth I was going to give up like now and then in the next 10 minutes and I actually put it on a side I waited for like a couple of days and then I picked it up again so that’s how we go it’s not everything is like as smooth as it seems anyway so here I’m using this trick hell I think it’s nice how you say charcoal charcoal brushes and again they’re very very nice quality how they’re stiff so soft and especially this one that is like flat I love love the ones that are flat I feel like you can get really cool shapes and in a very clean way because I have another two brushes but you can tell they don’t pick up the oil as good as this one but anyway I’m gonna have all my materials this time in the description box I usually don’t put them but this time I will and yeah so here for example I’m just like I don’t really know what I’m doing you I know that I’m just trying to what I’m doing is I’m trying to look at the reference photo and making my eyes a little bit blurry so I get the general shapes I’m not going to get into details until very very on later until very until later on and yeah you know one thing that I struggle with a lot is the shadows I feel like I’ve talked about this in a previous video or something but I feel like I don’t really know what color are the shadow sometimes and I feel like you can make the shadows any color you can make them blue or green or orange or red it’s a matter of preference but I does how I struggle and I’ve tried to use a different palette like more into the blues and the purples but I just can’t I just kids I’m always driven by these warm tones it just feels good to me it feels right and I know that it’s also very nice to change every once in a while have tried to change my palate but I just don’t know how to do it seriously on there’s no mystery to it anyway so now that I have like some basic tones established although I was pretty lost year to be honest I blew it was like killing him like what why do I have blue top of those anyway I’m going to add some of the dark tones for example in the mouth area and in the eye and something that I always like to do that I feel like a lot of you have noticed is I just don’t like finishing everything especially this is such a big portrait that the main thing is the features in the face so I didn’t want to do the right eye or her left eye in this case because I I felt like it was way more powerful if I left it like undone and you will see at the end how it’s gonna look but yeah I’m just I’m just this is throughout like probably three days again of like leaving this on the side picking it up again looking staring at it for a long time looking at older artists that inspire me like Jenny and Jenny savvy I hope I’m saying is correct we started her in college so yeah I was introduced to her work out of early earlier age and she is amazing and oh my goodness I’ll put some I’ll put some images in the on the screen so you guys can see and I was very inspired by her as you can see the brushstrokes and this is not really how I usually do it so I thought it was really cool to look up other artists work it’s always very very inspiring so this is just me looking at it seeing what’s not working why do I need to change for example in my case it was the Kennedy regard which is also the main focus if you look at a picture of reference you know that’s all of the weight is in her eyes and in her mouth after life when you’re about to cry your mouth gets really puffy and I believe this was what always taking or at least that’s what the title was when something like her father didn’t believe in her or something that she should be a waitress you know instead of an actress so it’s kind of like a feeling of of not following your dreams or feeling stuck or feeling that you’re basically not enough to pursue your dreams that’s what this meant to me and I also have like really bad anxiety sometimes with like my work and myself and I feel like this was also a way to to just you know make it make it into something you know get all these feelings inside me and just put them here and just let it go and that is also like very nice bad and going to therapy I think that is really good so yeah this is like a mixture of just self-doubt and and I don’t know honestly that’s like up to you I think for the phone but yeah I’m just going and adding more layers I didn’t want to overdo it you know it’s also very important to understand when a painting is finished and when to keep going sometimes we end up screwing it because we add too much instead of too little and it’s also very important to take a break and to look and is very very important observation is a huge part of the process as well but yeah and yeah I don’t always know what I’m doing here I just think I’m I think I’m adding a little bit of more texture especially on the right side but yeah I hope you guys I do this I know this was very different I love to paint like beautiful ladies with the roses like I love that but sometimes your body and your brain is asking for something else that’s why in my last video excite something else that it was um elio and it was like a guy a boy not a woman yeah it’s even if your work doesn’t end up the way you want to there’s always a lesson to learn and I think that’s very important to understand don’t get frustrated but I mean hey I just read it all the time but just say know that you’re not alone that I feel like every artist even the ones that you admire the most get frustrated with their work and I’m pretty sure they’ve you know wanting to give up along a lot of times so yeah thank you so so much for joining me today and thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this you know this really really helped me a lot to live in LA and basically making it every month so that means a lot well see you guys very soon I’m sending you hugs bye [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Painting a LARGE portrait *for the first time* \\ Jim Ren #paintwithme

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE KIND OF VIDEOS, they always inspire me a lot and is so nice to hear you talk about the process more, thank you Jim💕

  2. I love to watch these videos before i’m going to sleep, your voice is really relaxing and you make lovely art! Thank you for making my evening even more relaxing (Dutch one here<3)

  3. It's 3 am here in Greece, and what am I doing? I am watching painting videos that give me hope that I can paint while this is not true, Bob Ross.

  4. I love it, and when you said that we don't have to pressure to have everything ready for making art, I wanted to give some idea here, I use acrylic paint but I only buy white paint and with pastels' pigment I make the colors I need. And it works for me, actually for me is more affordable doing this than buying acrylic paint of all colors I would need.💟♥️ Have an incredible week, Jimena! Kisses and hugs from Argentina 💛

  5. a helpful tip for shadows that I use: take the photo and turn up the saturation on it! I have an original reference photo and an overly saturated one. It really helps with my values and figuring out the tones in an easy way 😊🥰

  6. Hola, me encanta tu trabajo y entiendo lo que dices sobre las sombras yo apenas comencé a pintar al oleo sin saber sobre las muchas cosas al momento de pintar al oleo y creo que parte es teoría y mucha mucha practica y paciencia. Y es fabuloso todo lo que haces

  7. Jo Jimena, que maravilla de videoo 😭😭 Me flipa el cuadro, siempre me dan unas ganas tremendas de pintar con tus paint with me. Y que guay lo de skillshare 😀

  8. Estaría guay que hicieras un room tour y ver tu espacio de trabajo:3 me encanta el aspecto que tiene lo que hay en tu entorno

  9. Me identifico con cada palabra que dices y eres una fuente muy importante de inspiración para mi, sigue así¡¡
    Besitos¡¡ =))

  10. Hi Jim
    I like that you tried a much larger scale. It definitely is a challenge to scale up the work to a larger size. As we say in California, go big or go home. Good points on taking breaks and observe the work as you go. Makes a difference. If you guys are looking for more paintings, check my channel at ShawNshawN. Can't wait to see more art soon Jim

  11. Every time I lose motivation for being better at painting I'm watching your videos to just remember to practise and do not give up. Thank you for your hard work girl! ❤️

  12. Not only do you make me want to try painting portraits more often, you also make me want to dye the other half of my hair blue/green now😂😂

  13. Painting was always a destiny I thought would turn out to be my life but there are people who always tell me it's juat a waste of time and that not a lot of artists turn out to be successful. Sometimes I wish my life turned out to be like yours but it hurts when others bring you down and you just let them do it.

  14. Ver tus videos hace que me inspire muchisimo y me entren unas ganas enormes de crear. Eres una gran fuente de inspiración hacia mí. Gracais

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  16. Cada vez que veo tus videos me entran unas ganas locas de pintar, pero ya no tengo pinturas, pinceles ni lienzos… Super sad

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