Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls

Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls

The next step in our living room project is
to actually paint. What we are going to do is the walls first, which I always recommend,
and then we’ll do the trim and ceiling later. For the walls, we’ve chosen a flat finish,
and the client chose a color, which is black. Open your can, and that is indeed black. What
I am going to do, is I am going to pour two thirds of it into the bucket here, which we’ll
use when we get to rolling, and I am going to start by cutting in. We are just going
to go around the perimeter of the wall, which you obviously can hit with a roller. You want
to give yourself about a five inches, five inch border here. As you can see, I am being
very careful, so I don’t hit the ceiling. I’ve got a fairly steady hand; I have been
doing this long enough that I am not particularly concerned with getting paint on the ceiling.
If you feel like it’s necessary you might want to use some tape, and I’ll show you how
to apply that when we do the trim. When it comes to painting the border trim
you don’t have to necessarily worry about getting your wall paint on the trim, because
we are going to paint that later. So you can be somewhat sloppy with it, as a matter of
fact, I suggest that you do; that way you are going to make sure that you get all the
surface covered in this border region here. Then again, you want to give yourself about
five inches. Ok, we just cut in this wall, now we are ready
to roll.

2 thoughts on “Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls

  1. I have painted for 20 years and always done the ceiling first?.

    You never stirred the black paint or even gave the can a shake…

    Your cutting in isn't bad though.

  2. @NickerSkids
    Rule of thumb….Ceiling – Wall – Trim
    Tinting the primer a dark grey would help the black cover the white because now you most likely will see white streaks and have to two coat it…..the way it was done here I would have at least wacked the prime spots first with the black then in an hour or so painted the whole thing that way you might get away with one coat…maybe

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