Painting cinder block walls & fences In Arizona | Crash of Rhinos Painting

Today, we’re talking about the painting of masonry block. Hi, Mike Ricker. I’m the owner of Crash of Rhinos Painting, and today we’re talking about the painting of cinder block. The technical term for this block is what’s called “CMU”, or “Concrete Masonry Unit.” Colloquially, it’s known as cinder block. As you can see here, this is plain cinder block that’s currently unpainted. Very common in Arizona, very often has a little bit of a brown tint, or, very often, some gray. Many people are unsure whether this cinder block can be painted or not. It absolutely can, and we encourage it. It adds a real touch of color to your backyard, cleaning up this dingy brown or gray that you often can find. One of the things, however, with cinder block is what we call “paint eaters.” Because of the very porous nature of cinder block, we can go through quite a bit of paint. So, they’re fairly easy to paint. There’s no windows or things to cover up—except for obvious items that we want to protect, such as overspray on other people’s property. But it can use a lot of product. But, the way it looks afterwards is just really great, and we would encourage people to consider painting the inside of your interior fence. That’s how to paint a cinder block wall.

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