Painting exterior cinder block wall.

Painting exterior cinder block wall.

In This video by ABN Painting we are working
on a block wall that goes around the back of the house and this is the look of the wall
before we started prep work. We start preparation work by pressure washing
the wall. Pressure washing ensures that primer and paint
adhere properly. After we are finished with pressure washing
the next step is masking. All the areas of the wall that are shared
with neighbor we tape using tape and paper to make sure that no over spray gets on the
part of the wall that belongs to the neighbor. The
areas where the block wall meets the concrete we run 12 inch paper and then cover the area
with tarps to make sure it does not get over spray. After we done with masking start priming the
wall. Every time we are priming larger areas we
try to avoid using white primer. If the color is darker we ask the paint store
to tint the primer towards the color of the paint as much as possible and this way we
do not need multiple coats to cover white primer. All we need is one coat of paint after the
primer has been applied. Usually the primer does not come out exactly
the same color as paint. It is usually slightly lighter but for the
primer we do not need exact match just as long as it is not white it will be a lot easier
to cover. After we are done with priming the wall we
put the finishing coat of paint of the color that we need and the wall is ready. This is the look of the wall after we finished
painting it.

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  1. How much would a job like this cost? I tried to contact you thru your website but there is no listed email. Thanks

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