Painting New Drywall Ceiling with Caulking Demo

Painting New Drywall Ceiling with Caulking Demo

All right guys its the next day, ceilings
all dry as you can see behind me
and it is need of a good sand, so we’ve got our sander ready to go
all hooked up this thing does a good job, makes it nice
and flat just got my AEG or Rigid wet and dry vac
its got a really good filter these are the best vacuums
originally it was the vac master and it was this shape
I’ve got videos on it but really good vacuum, never blows any dust out, so good. Even when its choka block full of plaster
dust. alright lets start. OK so we got our big roller
i cant remember what size it is, 450mm or something like that, 480mm? cant remember
and we just going to use some wallboard sealer roll it out
Nice and quick with one of these rollers, not the biggest roller we’ve actually got
one twice the size of this i will link it to the video and put a card
in right here so yeah, we’ve finished the sanding
that was a bit of a pain as the ceiling isn’t fully flat still
and when i use the electric giraffe sander its kind of digging in so I had to do it by
hand it took me about an hour
quite a while ok
so we just finished the undercoat and I must say its looking better
there are a few little issues not too many but generally its going to look
better not as good as a brand new ceiling but a lot
cheaper and good value
pretty good OK so we are just going to caulk a few little
cracks around the place so that can start drying
be careful to cut the tip away from you I don’t cut my tips i like to keep them round
but makes sure there is no, make sure they are all clean
and make sure you have a wet rag with you and keep your fingers moist
Now this is linseed oil putty normally you should leave it on for a little
bit longer than what I just did but we don’t have time
this is just a quick fix up please subscribe

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  1. your technique does not have anything impressive work just like the others I need a different technique to impressive

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