Painting On A Mini Canvas!

Painting On A Mini Canvas!

Hello welcome to the channel. I’m Amanda Today we are here with this video about this mini canvas paint set. I actually bought this in The Range a couple of weeks ago when I was with my
son and the lady at the checkout says that these are good little things for the little man aren’t they!? She thought I was buying it for my son and I was like: oh, so now I have to buy one for my son. There are other mini canvases like
this in the shop without the whole set thing. I decided to get this one because
this is so cute and I want to use it to display it. However I think I make it
more mini canvases if I like this one. I’m not going to gesso it. I probably
should. The other supplies that I have are these brushes which I also got from The Range. They’re royal and langnickel unicorn brushes. I have no idea why I picked these up, well I do, I thought that they would be good to use
for gouache and acrylics because they’re cheap but they’re still quite nice. So I
got them for that. I’m gonna be using my Winsor and Newton gouache. I’ve also decided to use this paint acrylic paint because I want to make sure that it
stays a little bit better. I don’t know. I thought that I had light blue. I don’t so I’m gonna have to mix it with some white to make it light blue. I am not going to use this because we all know that’s poop and I’m not all about that life. Trying to fight with supplies that I hate. Oh it smells like wood. okay this thing is adorable although – oh yeah it does stand. I was gonna say it doesn’t stand. So you put that on there. Yep, I’m going to hate that. it doesn’t even stand with it on it! It doesn’t even work. Oh no.
I’m gonna have to lean against the wall or something. Anyway so this is the canvas. It is small. I don’t know how small it is but I know that it’s small. I don’t have a ruler cuz I am not prepared for this. Anyway sorry about the beeping outside. I’ve decided I really wanted to
draw a little tiny doughnut on this because I thought that would be really cute but I’m actually going to do some sort of floral design because I think that will be easier. So let’s put some paint down. I think I’m gonna have to just do this. These are really old. When I opened them most of them were unusable. I’m actually gonna get a bit of this and
a bit of this I’ve put far too much out. I decided to do a nice sort of flowery pattern and I was actually inspired but Mira Who painted some magnets a couple of weeks back. I’ll link that in the description so you can see it. I don’t know if you can see, no, that looks more blue on camera it’s actually more green than that. Maybe I need to adjust my colorings here but How do you – see I don’t want to
dip that paint into the water to clean it off. There’s so much paint. Let’s add this white shall we. I know I’m probably gonna have to add a
lot more white than that. so I wanna paint this… obviously. Oh my goodness. Oh that feels so good just to pick paint down on a canvas. One brush load of this did
that whole thing then. I wanna do the sides as well though. How do you do the sides without getting your hands all messy? The struggles. I was excited. I don’t think whatever I do on this is gonna be that good cuz I’m not used to gouache. I’m not used to acrylics but it’s just a bit fun I’m gonna let that dry and then we’re gonna do some good painting This seems dry. It also seems a lot darker than I thought it was gonna be. Again it doesn’t show it on the camera it looks quite light on camera. We’re just gonna go with it anyway. There was a flower that I found on Pinterest I kind of want to do It’s very close to a pansy I think it is a pansy actually. I’m going to do a sketch of the pansy in white just to kind of outline the area and make sure we’re getting the outline I guess. So there is a little – this is gonna be difficult I think. There’s a little thing up here. Good explaining. [Music] I think we’ll just leave it like that ya? No. I just want to put a little bit more water on this and mix this in a little bit because I like it. Let’s just fill in this a little bit more. Kinda doesn’t look like that whatsoever so that’s good. just fill in the white here and then I’m going to add some pink to that right away I think. I think we’ll do this petal just now. I’m
gonna make that fully white. Just to test to see and then I’m gonna add some permanent rose to my pallete. Just a little bit because we want this to be
pink. Uh, this gouache really does remind me of tattoos. It smells like tattoo ink. It’s crazy. I don’t know why it smells like that. I’ve tainted the white. I knew I was
gonna do that. I was like I don’t wanna taint the white. So I’m gonna wash that off. Get this a little bit drier and
kinda put some pink here. I think this is gonna be a lot more difficult than I thought. [Music] This is gonna need a couple of coats. I have half an hour to record this video so hopefully we can get it done in time. I actually prefer the white first and then the pink. I’m gonna cover this. I may need a couple of coats because it’s really see-through. I’m just gonna put this coat on and just make it all white. # [Music] I love it how I am treating this like it’s
a tutorial, when I have no clue what I’m doing. This is the first time I’ve done it
and I’m like this is how you do it. [Laughs] I’ve made that all white and I’m
actually gonna put a little bit more white in this pink. Then we’re gonna create the shape of the leaves. This is gonna be in shadow but it’s gonna
have just pink texture. [Music] I find acrylic and gouache painting
a lot harder than watercolour. I don’t know. it’s really hard. I’m gonna add a
little bit this darker pink to some areas. [Music] Then we shall leave it to dry. [Music] Let me know in the comments below if you
have ever tried to paint a mini canvas with gouache I don’t think I like it. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at it, but I just – I don’t know, I don’t think
I’m having fun. I just don’t know how to render this in the way that I want to render it. I just keep covering layers and then adding more layers and covering more. [Music] I’m gonna give the petals a little
break and I’m gonna put the middle of the thing in there. Want a little bit yellow. That’s far too much yellow. I kinda of want to add just a tiny of red. To make it more orange. I think my looks kinda cute. there’s no
definition whatsoever, but it’s cute! Just having issues left right and centre
with this. Not being able to record as much as I want to I was just looking at 120ish GB for my memory cards. I have two memory cards, I could do that but yeah, found one that’ pretty cheap I might get it but anyway this is a lot more difficult than I would like. it’s hard to get definition. I think that’s just because my brush isn’t small enough but I’m having fun. So I guess that’s all that matters because that’s all I set out to do in this video was to have some fun. I feel like the paint is too thick but if it was any thinner then it would just not cover these layers. [Music] I don’t know how to get a darker. I guess
you add more color to get it darker? This for example. I guess I just add more of this? That’s a different hue though. I would just – if it was watercolor I would just glaze. You know all this middle bit is in shadow so I would just glaze a purple over it or something. This is really cute though.
I kinda want to put little petals in the background but I know if I do that
I’ll probably… be sad that I have ruined it. This petal’s a little bit too
small. [Music] the nostalgic smell of the gouache is
really really strong. I think I’m gonna say that I am done with this so there we have it. My tiny canvas with a thing on it.
I hope you enjoyed this video. Please remember to Like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see you in my next one.

8 thoughts on “Painting On A Mini Canvas!

  1. Lol! For your son. That was funny. I have seen these mini canvases and stands at Walmart and was thinking of buying and painting. I'm glad you are sharing what you did! Very nice!

  2. Looks really cute hun! 💖
    Btw.. That easels middle leg kicks out the back side so it stands up lol

  3. I liked the end result, to be honest. For a first try, it's pretty good! I played with acrylic before any other medium, so I kind of love it. It's not easy though, and it takes a bit of practice. I did two mini-canvases back in March and I didn't love them a lot. I loved the process, just not the result. I've done bigger canvases since, I got better results. So I will definitely do more canvases in the future. I'm sticking to acrylics though, not ready to mix in gouache just yet.

    For the little stand, the leg in the middle seems to be mobile. So if you push it back, it should work as a little display thing. If it's not mobile, then forget I ever said anything. I never managed to ever get the sides without making a mess. But then again, all it takes if for me to hold a pen for 3 seconds and I have ink all over my hands. Both of them 😀

  4. I have these canvases but never could decide what to do with them. You've given me some ideas! Thanks!!

  5. This was so cute! I really loved the final touches – it really transformed the flower. I know you said gouache and acrylic are hard for you, but you're really good at it!! 😀 also, love the editing style. <3

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