Painting on Styrofoam | Michaels

Painting on Styrofoam | Michaels

One of the most asked questions
when anyone comes into the Michael’s store is what kind of paint can I use on Styrofoam well you know there is only one good answer and that’s acrylic paint there is one spray
paint you can use on Styrofoam and that’s designmaster you can not use regular
latex or enamel spray paints on Styrofoam Styrofoam because it will just
disintegrate the Styrofoam. So again the best thing to is acrylic paint. What I’m going to do is
just use a sponge brush. Now the one thing that you’ll know
Styrofoam is very very porous porous so when you’re
painting on the Styrofoam it’s going to take you several
coats for it to go over and what you need to
do is just paint and let it dry because you want it to go when you are all
done you don’t want to see any of the white white in the Styrofoam so it may take
you several coats for you to go back over and really get that good. And that’s ok let it just dry in between
coats and go back over it. Now you know another little trick
when you want to paint some Styrofoam but you don’t want to get your hands
all messy this is the best thing thing I just put a craft stick down into
the Styrofoam and paint it. But you know another little trick what
I’m going to do with it when I’m all done and it’s all wet so you know what
just use another piece of Styrofoam Styrofoam to use for a great handle. So remember you can’t use spray paint
on Styrofoam except for Designmaster. The best thing to use and the only good outlook
you are going to get is from acrylic paint.

29 thoughts on “Painting on Styrofoam | Michaels

  1. Why is some styrofoam, like the kin d in your example, very rigid and stiff, and other styrofoam, like the kind used in packing is very soft and easy to cut?

  2. Styrofoam is a brand name. Looking at the name polySTYRene, It was Dow who just add O-Foam after the caps letters. Get it , It's all the same. Its people nature to use the brand name word to describe something. Ex. Velcro, etc.
    Good video very helpful.

  3. Same reason why some plastics are soft and others are hard. Ingredients. And how it was made and shaped I also would guess.

  4. I have broken the laws of spray painting styrofoam. Check my video and I guarantee you won't regret if you wanna spray paint foam with REGULAR spray paint.

  5. I own a sign company and we make a ton of 3D styrofoam signs and spray nothing except acrylics and never have issues. Professionals only use acrylics. 

  6. Love this, thank you for the tips. Can you varnish it afterwards for a glossy waterproof seal? Thanks in advance.

  7. the only reason I say this is untrue slightly is because you CAN spray paint with regular spray paint but it MUST be done at least 12" away (since the solvents dissolve into the air then so only the paint reaches the Styrofoam)…OR in addition to this, you can create a safe barrier by first painting the Styrofoam with Elmer's glue thoroughly, allowing to dry clear, THEN spray painting. don't be fooled that if you want a spray paint finish you HAVE to buy expensive paint. (look up what I suggested on Google and youtube for yourself). 🙂

  8. Do you have an idea on what type of ink to use for foam cups and PET plastic cups? Were trying to add the logo design of a restaurant onto the cups.

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