Painting Walls After Removing Wallpaper | Interior Painting Contractors from Naperville

Painting Walls After Removing Wallpaper | Interior Painting Contractors from Naperville

Painting walls after removing wallpaper. How to prepare walls for painting. Welcome to Burning Questions. I’m Mark and that is your Burning Question
for today. [ music ] Okay, you just removed the wallpaper, let’s
say in your master bath. So what do you do next? Well there are a few different ways we can
go from here. First, Is all of the wallpaper itself removed
from the wall. If yes great we move forward. if not let’s make sure we get all of the paper
off the wall. Secondly, let’s make sure that as much of
the wallpaper paste is washed off of the walls as possible. Let’s go ahead and do the wall repairs if
needed. And I find in most cases there usually is
some form of wall repairs needed because the previous homeowner or installer did not properly
size or prime the walls prior to installation. So what is next step? You are going to go ahead and prime the walls
prior to applying the coat of paint. I am a big fan of a product called Guardz. This generally seals up any sort of additional
paste that could be left on the walls. This is vitally important because if you do
not seal that in you could have problems in the future such as the paint cracking and
then flaking off of your walls. If you don’t seal with Guardz, the old wallpaper
paste left on can be reactivated by humidity from a shower or cooking in your kitchen,
or any moisture for that matter that is in the air, because it is a water soluble product. I have seen many times over that the homeowner
told me their previous contractor said it wasn’t necessary to prime the walls because
they got all the paste off. It is very hard to see with the naked eye
the residue that is left behind on the walls. So let’s make sure we do a complete job and
seal everything up. After sealing the wall with Guardz, you should
allow enough time for it to completely dry. If the primer does not completely dry, you
can reactivate the primer when applying the top coat of paint and keep it from doing its
job properly. The final step is applying the top coat of
paint. Now you have peace of mind knowing that the
job is done correctly without future incidences of failure. Thanks again for joining us. Send in your Burning Questions and I will
put them out.

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  2. Thank you! I have been looking for advice that was put out in a way that a not-so-handy lady can understand while remodeling a bathroom that was previously wallpapered.

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