100 thoughts on “Painting with my bf ✨🌷 \\ Jim Reno

  1. Yes that would be amazing! I really love what you do and wanted to start to do portraits with painting but I have never done both and have no clue where to start <3 Please do one soon!!!! 😀

  2. 😁😁😜😜🙈🙈gosh your bf🤣🤣🤣Happy to see you had good time together on Valentine day.Thanks for sharing.Have great weekend there🌷🌹💐🌻

  3. I love painting and find it really therapeutic, honestly that would be my ideal date. Also: Jim you’re so incredibly beautiful 🙂

  4. Didn't need the F word in the video. That really brought it down. I wish you had put up a video of you both talking about your future plans, wedding plans discussed so far and indicating when you are likely to be married. The black kitten is very cute.

  5. When he gave her cupcakes and they kissed, my heart melted and it remembered me that i never kisses someone before😢❤️😍

  6. This video was on my recommended feed because I watch lots of watercolour videos and then suddenly Tom from FBE appeared and I was shook af loool

  7. This is so cute!! Love that he painted with you. Couples who paint together stay together. 😉 ooooh fancy cupcakes! 🧁 Looking forward to seeing the update of the bathing lady. Lots of love from London // Charlotta xx

  8. I love you two together! I watched your channel and fbe separately before I found out you were dating so when you made a video together it was such an unexpected but pleasant surprise! so sweet 😍

  9. Girl, you let him use your expensive ass oil paints for this??? I would’ve given my boyfriend Walmart acrylics. This must be true love.😭

  10. You 2 look so cute and happy together. You guys should definitely make more videos like this. Maybe even make it into a little series?

  11. ¡ Holaaaa ! ¿Volverás a renovar el stock de la pagina? Siempre me entero tarde y me quedo sin ninguno.. Gracias. <3

  12. Amo cuando una pareja se involucra en cosas que el otro sabe hacer o que le gusta hacer, y que le dieras a Tom su primer clase de pintura fue de lo más cute!!! Los amé ❤️

  13. Toms reveal made laugh out oud. Also him writing "i'm sorry" on the paintibg made it even more funny. This was so fun to watch and i genuinely love your videos. x

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