#PAINTTALK Live My Favorite How To Paint Show

#PAINTTALK Live My Favorite How To Paint Show

hi everybody happy Thursday night Deon
here that turquoise iris popping on for my favorite paint show looking a little
odd as I just pushed play I didn’t really gonna realize you couldn’t really
see much of that in the camera but this was the remnants or the beginning of a
little tutorial that I gained in my private closed group empowered by design
and we were talking about ombre and so you’re gonna ignore that tonight I’m
gonna paint right over it I’m actually gonna do a black piece so Highness
What’s Up Girl hi Jackie hi Annette I’m so glad you’re here so
listen we’re on like day 77 of a hundred so I did miss three days Christmas
Thanksgiving in the day after Christmas but other than that we’re on day 77 and
we’re gonna wrap it up I believe on February 1st should be the last day
don’t know what we’re gonna do on day 101 other than probably be right here
yeah yeah what should we do on day hundred and one you guys I’m afraid I
know what they’re gonna say though you’re gonna say so party they’re gonna
say throw a party you’re gonna say celebrate somehow and then there’s gonna
be those that say come right here 801 withdrawal says Suzie it’s a it’s a real
thing hi Lea ha we watched both we watched each other
man Leah honey Leah paint a trash can tonight okay
well she um braided trash can because she came you dang right she did for her
office Wow I’ll braid it it was fantastic she had her water girl she had
her turquoise iris brushes she you tell she’s my friend um so I’m gonna start
with like velvet we’re going black no one should imagine this black piece no
this is not the color ignore this was a tutorial that I did in my group um big
white and pink flowers with touches of red okay picture a wallpaper mural
that’s all over Pinterest that’s my ensberg
for it so if you’re on Pinterest you may know what I’m talking about if you don’t
no worries we did finish pretty little steampunk we’ve got our out there I need
to get her photographed hopefully tomorrow and get her out so you all can
see it and so I’m going to start with a named little paint pixie brush so you’ve
got a clean one you can pull the plastic off and go to clean once it again this
is black velvet I’m gonna start in with black um this is just the base coat you
guys when I used I used DIY paint I don’t worry about having the sander
Prime but this wood is extremely worn out um extremely dried out so thanks for
hanging out tonight for day 77 for my favorite paint show have y’all come on
to the new name you think it’s catchy or you’re like did
you catch on oh good honey so um people been asking me today
Matthew if we have started our next video have not started well we haven’t
started the video process we’re in the planning stage the working out detail
stage slash money stage we’re basically a negotiation right now you’re gonna
make me pay you well I mean it’s to be an actor in what why I’m getting offers
you’re getting offers you know so we have a topic for the next video but we
won’t tell you just yet but it’s it should be pretty fun you guys responded
really well and you guys have been so supportive that that video us that we
released on Sunday is you know definitely the best one I’ve done in a
few weeks so I appreciate you guys I like my favorite paint show awesome
thank you so this is just black velvet again I want you to picture huge
white and pink and red flowers on part of this and I’m gonna hand-paint them of
course that’s my inspiration I’ve been seeing a lot of wallpaper wallpaper
murals and some of the use that is my inspiration and I asked Matt right
before we went on I said hey honey ask me ask me as tell me ask me something
like a story so I can tell you guys something really inspiring and
motivating and and I don’t know that he’s come up with anything you’re a
little late well then you’re not a little late no worries
potty get started have you come up with anything no but I think hashtag Matt
gotta get paid he’s gonna take off Lisa Dixon started that hashtag Matt gonna
get paid leave thanks Lisa appreciate you do I think that yeah I
don’t think you do I mean I think you should just enjoy working side-by-side
with your wife on a fun project I said here’s what I want to do I really want
to teach him how to blend and to apply paint and he’s not up for it he won’t
take the challenge I thought it would be a good video if I showed him how to do
it it would be a good way to show you all how I do things if he would sit down
here with me and paint so hashtag paint Matt no no that’s nice no no no I may be
maybe one I mean I don’t know you dance in a wig but you won’t sit down and
paint with me is it because you’re afraid I’m gonna be better than you I
just don’t want it to turn into the Matt shows you are already turning it into
the match hashtag your video there be right the lead at least another
hashtag where’d y’all go we mean you’re gonna boot me off the show
you’re gonna boo me off words no no we can renegotiate contracts cause you’re
so formal trying to keep everything simple in cash and you’re so formal one
contracts and negotiations we’re going right over the blue guys that was an
ombre technique tutorial that I gave in my empowered by design group and so
we’re just going right over that we just used to this piece to get started on
that I haven’t done black in a while yeah she’s there yes peer pressure I’m
so proud of him and you for asking and getting him on there good job Lee yes that’s great oh you know I could blend I
don’t think he can he’s washed it enough that he probably would be able to
Oh Michelle sells is throwing out the challenges she’s like where’s my car –
tag Matt so scared Thank You Michelle next time I see you
as if I wouldn’t I’m hugging you as if I wouldn’t but it still so hairy has an
actual legit okay I have an armoire that there is a key and it’s missing so how
do you know what size key oh is it a skeleton key it’s probably a skeleton
type key well it might not be a skeleton a lot of these wardrobes I mean I don’t
have the key for this one I don’t even have one we I have like a collection and
then I’ll try to fit it and if it doesn’t fit then just doesn’t happen it
actually stays closed by itself you can put like little magnet ah what are those
things called keep it on there magnets put one on the door one on the base and
it will adhere though we don’t have to actually worry about the but you can
find skeleton keys if you go to you can go on
Etsy that and one of them actually are quite the same as far as size that might
be a little difficult but you can go to like one of those stories antique stores
my guess is they probably have a million I know I’ve seen them in some antique
stores around where we shop but yeah just find that do your homework or just
take it out fill the hole no I wouldn’t do that I just would not have one I
would just make sure the door would stay closed and not worry about the key and
yes I did paint with you a couple times why didn’t I do blending we did not do
it lesson you just you painted on canvas which was fun and you nailed it and you
did amazing I know I know the word is thank you not I know I pretty much take
out many dollars of that butterfly who taught you to be like that the funny
thing is he’s not really like that I think to be honest with you what has
more to do with me and my hair issue like not wanting it on my face is having
bangs on your face all the time I think it has more to do with hormones than it
does anything else hormones meaning sometimes I don’t want anything to touch
me you know what I mean those kind of hormones that’s what I’m baking okay Oh
show the sign show what’s on Gavin oh well he’s been painting so you guys need
the ones of you that are on YouTube mr. Gavin sent me a sign for Christmas a
lot of babies are hurt your family they are coming after me
I’m not going to read their questions anymore so guys this came in the mail
today now so those of you that are on YouTube you know who this is Gavin will
pop on every once in awhile and he paints and he made this so his mom set
him up a section in his garage and he’s he’s been used of DIY paint and we sent
him a water girl and some DIY paint and some golden ticket and anyway I got this
in the mail from Gavin so super sweet kid really mature for his age and he
just wanted to wanted to start his own show and very cool it was very awesome
so a lot of you guys have have communicated with him and anyway he made
me feel off special and then oh he signed it love Gavin so Gavin if you’re
on here mister thank you I appreciate you very much that was super nice
he’ll probably catch the replay all right what’s we’re moving up actually
should we move up yeah yeah yeah let’s go up I’m just putting the base coat of
black on so don’t mean to be boring but we’ll start in with some flowers soon take it away my job you don’t move fast
enough woods higher uh yeah I’m up here
that’ll work perfect so I’m just painting over this blue guys again that
was just a tutorial that I was doing in my group as you can see this covers
really well DIY paint the coverage is excellent it’s very thick do not need
any water I’m not blending any color and the base coat just goes on so well very
highly pigmented so it’s just going on so nice and smooth now if you let me
know if anybody has any questions and if you came up with a fun inspiring question well they’re usually hashtag
amore matte so it’s nice that they want to see you come on here and paint with
me because I could show you it’s been a while beds are not really my thing
mostly because they take so much room to set up and and work on and stages
they’re not really my things but I have done one that was shades of blue and
white it’s probably been literally like three or four years it was the last time
I remember doing a bed I sold it to a couple they came and picked it up and
then um I heard them talking out was in the driveway when they were loading it
I heard them the husbands asked her what color she was gonna paint it I just
painted it and she bought it and she was he’s like what color you’re
gonna paint it I’m gonna hand-paint this one these these really what these are
really big flowers that I have in mind and so I’m actually going to hand paint
this design thanks for asking okay go ahead drama it’s called Mondays
with matt monday mad she wants to give you your own show
I would I would break the internet with laughter people making fun of me so many
people are there they be giggling and just ridin oh my gosh he doesn’t know
what he’s doing and then I can say except it’s ugly fades right now give it
some time is that what you would say in 17 age years listen to me we have been
married he may not go ahead and answer we’ve been married a very long time you
know Matt you know this thing answer 20 no Mary Mary Mary Mary not together
married when I was 21 years we’ve been married 21 years yes we’ve been together
for 25 he’s 42 we’ve been married 21 years no yeah 21
year so he got married four days after he turned 21
as a baby what was I I was only 22 no comment
on the Heather’s day of school our little students dress up like they’re
100 years old so my challenge to you is up YouTube okay years old so my
challenge to you is just like like a little old gray in paint that’s a pretty
good challenge it’s a pretty good challenge if they saw me sometimes the
way I’m dressed before I go live I never look like your Grammy did you run I have
my robe in my house she’s on and I just throw them off for the live and I put
them back on because I’m always cold I think my Naismith that would be fun he
could show us how to pick some stuff yeah yeah I’m a good fixer-upper Oh
they’ve watched your video was I did door handles today yeah no it was
yesterday no oh no you did you did you change all of our handles not all of
them just a couple of so this is a really light wardrobe and I’m just
getting us a good solid base kind of black on it doing black velvet before I
paint relief large bold flowers on it why’d you choose black um because I’m
using the wallpaper is my inspiration remember what would you use to seal the
top I have and I don’t like to paint dining room tables but I do and I would
use either three probably three coats of wax or I would use a couple of coats and
big top if I were going to use DIY products which of course is what I would
use I just there’s something about dining-room tables that I don’t I think
it’s because I can’t do my look on them because it’s a flat laying down surface
and I just don’t I don’t really enjoy them but it’s been a few years since
I’ve done tables you know you have your favorites I stopped doing tables and
chairs a few years I’ve done used to do so many chairs Hey
I can’t stand them just do not enjoy them I would seal so about three coats
of wax buff in between and then or a couple of coats of big top is what I
would use it’s too deep he’s a man show on this mask Monday
night fixes we could do mats Monday night man show the man show see see at
the last class he and Anissa Moriarty’s husband came up with a man group and we
laughed about it we still laugh about it so it’s pretty basic it’s called the man
group it’s clever huh clever so when Michelle was here the other day she said
she has to get Mitch in on that group she didn’t want him missing out on all
this man stuff pretty funny very very very creative there the man
show yeah Barbara Hope says hello dear Barbara how you doing girl how’s Texas so not a whole lot going on just a
really smooth coat of black paint just saw you were live and I’m so happy I did
I’m so glad tomorrow we’ll have Friday night live on Facebook
you guys I have a guest every Friday and it’s something we’ve been doing for over
two years so I can’t don’t live it on on YouTube as well so if you want them
catch Friday night why’d you have to pop over to Facebook to the turquoise iris
and watch there otherwise we’ll be back Saturday night after we go see Jumanji
right would ya Jumaane love those actors and are
getting really good oh my goodness I’ll just giggle giggle giggle take our
youngest to see it with us hi Sandy there’s Armstrong here this is a brand
new wardrobe or it’s that old wardrobe it’s a new piece just got started on it
so I’m just putting a sheer coat of black all over it and and I’m gonna do
really big bold like white flowers with some pink and some red and you know you
have to use your hands so you guys get the total visual of what that’s going to
look like Matt I would like it lowered back down a little tutorial how do we
fix the peeling veneer if we ever run into it yeah you want you know I mean it
just did a little saleman yep yep sure is thank you
so my new art series is coming out on Saturday you can see a couple of the
paintings on Sunday a couple of my paintings they’re behind me
I guess Jasmine it is black it just probably looks a little grey where it’s
dry it’s dry it’s a little bit grave and it is black when we put our wax over the
top again it pulls that in intensity of the color back out because it has the
clay it dries lighter than what it is but then you put the top coat on and
it’s perfect she’s coming to McKinney map row Gloria
says would she should have a big neat green Oklahoma for
100 101 episodes a good idea would you come rather problem sure wouldn’t it be fun I love in-person
events okay I will do a walk-through I’ll have the on filming I’ll do a
walkthrough on how I get the pieces ready before color using this is called
black velvet black velvet and that’s a song right no it is you missing it
no it’s Bonnie Raitt no it’s hard no it’s not is this I wish I knew the words you can see bad very soon she bought her
tickets to the more workshop today yes yes someone did buy a ticket today
thank you can’t wait to see you in a few weeks I’m doing an in-person workshop in
Moore Oklahoma at the beautiful store reclaim warehouse tickets are still
available there’s $77 and I’ll paint for three hours for you um yep yep yep alright so we’ve got that done it’s
pretty basic but it’s necessary so we’ll be back for part two on Saturday Elena
miles is that who’s sang the song black velvet I don’t know we got a feel a lot
of miles on here I don’t know they want to know did you paint the old door oh no
the door no this has been Elijah’s headboard since he was two
and I stole it from him last year and I’m using it just his backdrops and
things like that so no that was Elijah’s headboards and he was too and he turned
17 and I was like hey how about a big-boy bed he was like no don’t touch
my headboard I was like give me the headboard so got him a grape habit yeah
they’re saying the words use the words now Alana miles is what the WW says so
we were both wrong that’s odd at least one of us is usually right I thought it
was Bonnie Raitt no no Bonnie she’s saying so you guys this is just sheer code of
black over the whole piece yes I still have that other side to do but I feel
like it’s in Texas wins McKinney’s Cindy McKinney is that March 21st tickets are
available right now I’m gonna paint the owner of this paint company Jackie
beards gonna paint Kara with Kara’s Color Me vintage she’s gonna paint
Khamis we’ve got an MC we’ve got all kinds of people coming from all over the
country from Florida to California all the way up to Washington State and are
coming in that day for the workshop so we would love to have you the one and
more is just here it’s in February 8 at reclaim warehouse in more but those
tickets are also still available so we’d love to have you if you have any
questions you guys leave a comment I go back through I promise and read them if
you are commenting Carol’s laughing I don’t know what’s just laughing that
probably that beautiful singing map my phone went flat while watching how weird
totally Katherine don’t have thanks we are fortunate to have found Dionne she’s
an awesome art so kind of share knowledge Alice thank
you so much dear you know sometimes you feel like things are your responsibility
you know so I’m planning on painting big swirly white flowers with some pink and
some red like a deep cherry red that’s my goal that’s my plan that’s my vision
we’ll see how that rolls out did you have something so my beautiful paintings
will be 4 so I owe my cell just about everything that I paint but they would
not probably be on Etsy I’m putting them on my website Etsy is another place that
I sell where I got started but at the turquoise iris calm that’s my website
and that’s where I load everything Etsy just ends up getting things that if they
sit too long I end up putting them on there just so they get a wider range
frankly I get so overwhelmed that I often forget to put them on that seat
but they’ll be on my website the turquoise iris calm and that’s where all
of my work is my workshops my tutorials my groups all of that you guys thank you
so much I appreciate you it’s Thursday night we’re gonna sign off I’m gonna go
have some figs and hot to eat well I already explained these books that way
if they want to watch they have to go to Facebook tomorrow Friday night live what
is the magic gonna happen on that piece um Saturday so they come back Saturday
Saturday yeah Saturday around 8:30 after we watched Jumanji are your paintings
done with DIY paint carry these are not done with DIY these
are all acrylic I do some with DIY paint but this series the ladies this series
is all acrylic and it’s women and different like this is the wedding this
one’s the wedding and this one is the anniversary and so Matt’s gonna be
framing these in simple frames with gold and this is the wedding and this is the
anniversary so you have Facebook tomorrow at 8:30 yeah for Friday Night
Live Friday Night Live and then we’ll be back Saturday on Facebook in
YouTube at 8:30 Central Time always Central Time I’m in Oklahoma so
always Central Time you guys thank you so much I appreciate you have an awesome
Friday and again Gavin if you’re just popping on or if you did not see this I
got your sign your mama shipped it to me and I love it so much I’m gonna hang it
up in my studio so sir job well done you guys have an awesome night see ya

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  1. I missed the live but loved the replay!! I agree Dionne, get Matt blending!! And GAVIN, you did A GREAT job on the sign!! ❤️💕

  2. You're welcome 😁😁😁 cheese balling smiling I am super happy you like it and thank you again for my presents tell matt please next time I will make him a present I promise

  3. watching while drinking my morning coffee and you guys are making me laugh so hard!! #paint Matt!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHa

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