Paleta de pintor con rosas

Paleta de pintor con rosas

Hello welcome to this new video today
What I’m going to decorate is this palette of painter I have already given you what is the
white primer and we are going to do a bottom like that with a stencil bottom and
then we will decorate it with flowers of Okay, I’m going to start by giving it to you
of the dry primer so you can see how is a palette of painter you see
but I put it here so I can move it and I’m going to give the entire surface with the
country sea breeze and i’m going to give you a beige tone
which is smooth and very well spread then it can already be used as a base in
the wall hung as we want the smooth surface
what interests me most is fixing because then in the center it will go
decorated and you’re done and we dry Now that it’s dry, what I do is
I am going to sand the sandpaper of you’re 800 because with a smooth pass
is more than enough so that later we can
work better what happened
what is a deal and now what I’m going to do is use
this template for the person who interest we leave the link below
This is already widely used but you can see this side and I will give only
around because the motif is going to go on the center I’m going to do it with a dimensional
and giving it a dark tone first and later a lighter tone but
with a stencil brush well as is without fall
let’s do it carefully I let it dry for example here also three if this one I’m interested in how much the template is
dry as the surface I clean it I keep this and what I’m going to do is take out now to make it look 3d I’m going to
First and it’s about
to place it exactly the same and now he slid it
slightly up to the right up and to the right
a little bit of a gap then I’ll have a little line and now what I’m going to do is use
the target now with white I download it
and we are giving now it is going to stay much smoother you see it is much softer I go to
next what is this then I do the other part what
I place and we said that at the top right
slightly and we continue with the light color I come
on this side first and we have another here we will see a little bit of green apple I’m going to use
this medium who is also interested I leave you there the link I will use
flat brush already use the number 12 as the magenta the
green with medium to make it more transparent and we leave
the magenta down the idea is that get out of it
where we put the finger that is here well that from here the branches come out
so we can come see each other lines of work around here I’m going to mix it up a little bit more
too far apart make it more molten one with more tell me we will be darkening but I will give
first then more pink hard candle that will also indicate us where
goes today with a little avocado and with the number 10 but start on this dark side a
little light and dark accentuated it
with a little beige magenta a different tonality and I’m starting to do the little ones
from here the small leaves at the ends
they are a tad smaller and learn more green the least red I have here and 2 you see that with the green and magenta a
tad brown that’s what I want this is going to leave tiny
a and we are going to the center
here crush a little more to make them a tad bigger they will come
all over here this is the raspberry now I
I go to number 8 which is a little open If I don’t change my brush and we start making cocoons for this
part I make one now with whiter in all
and do a third and 3 I close the smallest
and I close the smallest and now I step to the next one which is 10
I have been closing here and I close here once I tried it’s better to start
I leave a leaf there around here we start beige that stopped me
there and now or another will be others
soap I close look is now I do it this way and this other one that I come down
crushed more out there not there with number 81
here I will upload it and now I download it to that stands out a little more I will accentuate
with white on the descent
you see well stands out more we are going to do larger I put this and we continue the important thing is to go
varying the shades of green we can go the same green mixing with
blue and giving it another shade or with the part yellow to clarify and now in the case
It is with a little more white and we are going well enriching everything that is the
and the green of the bouquet we are doing I’m using a flat brush from 12 and now with a round brush we are going
giving little touches of little flowers white to enrich the bouquet let’s do 5 points and then in the
center we give it another hue but not we are going to let them fly and
that’s why we make small stems and with the flat brush we are giving
profile other shade of green other type leaf as more like the asparagus and the same we will go with the language of
cat with the tip giving touches of another another type of flower such as lilacs and so we are giving it more natural with
the round brush of the yellow we make two or three yellow daisies with which we put another tonality we are defining it
and the same we will take now others greens plus pistachio and green grass and
we are thickening the bouquet we go there you see that it is only with the
profile and with a double charge ok with the brush of 10 we are going to do
now and with him what is a loop May all those branches unite us and with medium and white you already know that
giving cross strokes we do what are the lights afterwards if
we have given light we will give a touch of shadow too
that the brushstroke is transversal we leave half an outward and color
that we have chosen in this case the white inside to accentuate that shine if you see how in the center you are at
drying off the light goes out toledo we play again
and so we accentuate the light now with the medium and the darker tone because
we give touches of shadow so let’s go getting as you know
are the reliefs the volume
here another little bit and so we are giving the effect of the return
to finish and make it more vintage because with the sidewalk of finger in tone sienna
natural we are giving him especially the outside you already know that the way
getting older is always especially limbs of objects
by shaking it in the heat itself hand in hand helps us spread
best carefully and giving that effect well here you have it classic simple and
nice i just hope you liked it you know it’s easy a little bit of
patience but you get it and nothing else I hope that if you liked man of is
finger up for me to find out
and I hope to see you in the next video although I am very strong to all of you
very happy until the next

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  1. Buenos días….saludos desde la Ciudad de México…..aprendo mucho con tus videos….. gracias

  2. Maestra estoy enamorada de su arte, muchas gracias por compartirlo, como siempre muy bello, abrazos desde México ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Nada Cristina,,, me quedo embelesada,,,viendo cómo pintas !!! Parece fácil, pero no, jajaja hago unos zafarranchos !!!! Qué belleza !!!!👏👏👏👏😘😘😘

  4. Mi Criiiiisssssss bello como aiempre. Eres la Reina de laa flores 🌷. Tengo que practicar esas rosas, estan hermosisimas, en estos dias en casa guardados podemos practicar. Un abrazo mi Crissss se te quiere!!!

  5. Que dire…. toujours pareil…. douceurs des couleurs, fleurs tellement vraies. Ça fait du bien ences moments si penibles. Prenez soin de vous.👍😚😙😙😙😙

  6. Ay, Cristina, no hay caso. Eres una geniaaaaa. Te quedó bellísimooooo. Muchas gracias Cristina por tu tremenda generosidad.

  7. Me encanta todo lo que haces,en estos momentos tan difíciles,es bueno empezar a pintar ,mañana lo intentaré,besos desde Zamora

  8. Hola Cristina, realmente eres una genia, gracias por tus videos , son muy útil en estos momentos tan difíciles estamos pasando, un beso desde Argentina

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    Saludos Desde México

  12. Me encanta todo lo que haces, parece tan fácil y luego compruebo que para nada ,es súper difícil, siento mucha envidia.gracias Cristina ❤❤

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