Pallet Wood Pencils (1,000 of them!)

Pallet Wood Pencils (1,000 of them!)

progress these are all rough cut to nine
inches long next step is to cut them down a width
cut off the rough sawn edges on all them we’re going to resaw the really
fat ones then we’ll do the first big lamination but for some reason I just
hate myself so much and I decided this wasn’t enough the original plan was to
make 100 pencils but we’re gonna add a digit to that number I have to cut all these pieces again? Son of a itch itch itch hey you feel better now no I don’t feel better I feel like we’ve been here before the
pencil blanks are half-inch by 3/8 by 8 inches long I’m gonna resaw these right
now into 1/2 inch slices and then I’ll cut all those slices up into 3/8 inch
sticks and then we will figure out the next step when we get there welcome to
Jackman Works pencil blanks… so in this box I have a
bunch of the random pixelated pencil blanks that you’ve seen already solid
pencil blanks which will be one color and 2 tone and I have these blanks here that I
cut at an angle from the larger sheet to hopefully create a cool visual with
the final pencil it’s pretty tricky this is a very small canvas to work with but
I think that we’re onto something next step is to cut a groove in bottom and the
top face with the 1/8″inch round nose router bit every blank will
then be ripped down the middle flipped around with a piece of lead sandwich in
between and they’ll be glued together to create the final pencil blanks then we can
make some puzzles well there’s a hundred of them so what
do pencils have to do with Carolina Shoe nothing has that ever stopped me nope
huge thanks to Carolina Shoe for supporting what I do by supporting my
feet I don’t even like that one they make long lasting quality work boots
that I wear literally every day the AMP style and my favorite around the wood shop
they’re just super comfortable on a concrete slab and they’re made in the
u.s.a you can get your own pair of Carolina boots at the link down below
first hundred people will get one of these free artisan hand crafted pallet
wood pencils made by me now that link down below is to super casuals it’s one
of the many retail stores across the u.s. that sell Carolina boots I actually
did a pencil making demo there in the store last month riveting I know also
many different styles of Carolina boots are currently discounted on a super
casual site so take this opportunity to snag a great deal along with a gift with
purchase while supplies last oh and the jig the pencil making jig is something
that’s created by Andy Klein I’ll provide a link down below if you’d like to grab
one of those make some pencils for yourself he also sells the lead that I
used in these pencils colored pencil lead and also end caps and erasers that I haven’t
got my hands on yet but I will soon so keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see
what that’s all about and that is it for this one thank you for watching I’m
gonna go ahead and wrap up the rest of these why do I do this to myself

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  2. I would have grabbed my belt sander, clamped it upside down to a bench, and rolled the pencils on it to round them, THEN trimmed the ends off. BTW, dropping pencils breaks the lead inside them, making them fall apart when you sharped them. Not good, and was unnecessary drama.

  3. It's raining Pens, hallelujah
    It's raining Pens, every specimen
    Tall, blonde, dark and lean
    Rough and tough and strong and mean…

    Oh, wait, Pencils… Never mind. Awesome job!

  4. Holy hell that's a lot of work. I was wondering how you were gonna get the hexagon shape. That jig is awesome. And your editing skills are great. I don't think most people understand how much work it is to line up cuts to the beat of the music. You just earned yourself a subscriber Sir. Lets see what else you got.

  5. Great idea. Great video. But can't help wondering why you throw things all the time. Don't you respect your work or your tools or your craft?

  6. The reason pallets wood lasts so long is because it's infused with a plethora of INCREDIBLY nasty chemicals. Turning it into dust with all the sawing, planing and sanding is a great way to absorb all that yummy chemical goodness directly into your bloodstream. There are far less unpleasant ways to kill yourself if that is the goal.

  7. In 1988, Empire Pencil Co in Tennessee mfg’d over one billion two hundred million pencils, in one year! That’s enough to wrap around the earth, end to end, over five times! Made out of incense cedar from Northern California.

  8. I'd think it would be easier to make a row of pencils at a time, stopping before you cut them into separate pencils, slice that in half and cut the grooves, sandwich the lead in, before finally ripping them to separate.

  9. It was a fun video. You could donate them to a local school. it is hard to get money in terms of tax deduction for something that is labor intensive Ask your accountant. Great video, nice tools.

  10. Yet another AWESOME Jackman Video. One day i might be able to edit half as well 😉 Keep Killing It brother 👍🏻👊🏻🤘🏻

  11. Why? I know you are on a secret mission. Making pencils for the homeless or for special people. Or is it just because you can?

  12. Wow, so much talent. And patience. Just the editing skills for making the videos would be amazing. Throw in the woodworking skills of course and it's even more amazing!

  13. I have watched more YouTube than I care to admit to but I can honestly say this is the first video that I have watched the entire way through just in utter amazement, not only or your skills, great sense of fun and video editing but dedication, who makes a 1000 pencils! (mind blown) when you started planing them one by one I thought "no, he is not going to plane them all, surely" I figured you would have a sanding jig that you just dropped them in, so glad you did not hand paint them all, but I would not have been surprised if you had. I actually went out pencil shopping today. you have a new subscriber sir.

  14. That seemed . . . crazy.
    I wonder if making a sandwich of planks and leads, then cutting the individual pencils would have been less painful? I vaguely remember seeing something like that when I was a kid. On Sesame Street? Polka-dot door?

  15. now make pellets out of pallets. by the way, I use pencils mostly if ballpoint pen doesn't work on paper, usually when the paper is to smooth or greasy from fingertips. it is really frustrating if the ballpoint pen doesn't work no matter how hard I try, but the pencil is my saviour every time.

  16. Hey jackman works, i know everyone has humble beginnings. Whats a budget planer you vouch for? I have a bench plane i bought from home depot but am thinking of switching to electric for conveniennce. Any that you reccomend?

  17. This is my introduction video – I subscribed because why not? He just made a crap ton of pencils by hand for no reason than to do it. What I want to know, does he make pencils often because where does one get that much pencil lead? Good Lord! haha

  18. Throws away perfectly good pencils; then, makes 1000 before prototyping one for efficacy. Content for the sake of YouTube.

  19. Really enjoyed watching your videos, especially when you're making magical camera tricks👍 I try to mimic it sometimes but the quality of your videography is way way better.
    It really took a lot of patience making that kind of project.

  20. Is this a new phase in Jackman sizing?…. I'd be disappointed if you did make a pencil the size of that razor knife in proportionate scale.

  21. Очень круто, был бы очень благодарен если бы подложил один карандаш

  22. Hey man, I've followed you since your shop in Massachusetts four years ago. You've come a long way bro! Great job!
    Too bad the same thing can't be said about our beloved Red Wings…

  23. Absolutely fascinating process. So many cuts. That must make each pencil about $10 each. And yes, I would still buy one!

  24. Howdy from Sacramento! You are quite the videographer and a heck of a patient and skilled woodworker. I really liked the video. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Be neat to make I'm just worried about people selling these and what the wood is treated with and kids putting them in their mouth lol usually don't make these comments but I guess there always has to be one of those people in the comments hope you don't take it the wrong way!

  26. Чёртов псих, отличное видео!! С самого начала думал, что это прикол, пока не досмотрел до конца))) уважение к терпению

  27. My goddamn hero. Artisan pencils are not practical, but you bet your ass I'm supporting such a display of skill and determination. What part felt the worst? I have a feeling producing the first pencil was magical… until you realized how many more where behind it ready to take another 00:02:34:15 of your life. Hahaha!

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