Pam and Angela: Our Favorite Frenemies – The Office (Mashup)

Pam and Angela: Our Favorite Frenemies – The Office (Mashup)

100 thoughts on “Pam and Angela: Our Favorite Frenemies – The Office (Mashup)

  1. The hypocrisy from Angela makes her that much more hilarious..calling Pam the office mattress but Pam slept with only 2 known men which she was in a committed relationship with. Angela on the other hand, cheated on her fiance with her ex bf then proceeded to sleep with and get involved with the Senator then go back to her ex. Pam was actually the least scandalous/promiscuous of the whole office

  2. Oscar thinks having a dog is like having a baby
    Angella is such a liar
    No one said you should have two bbies

  3. "Pam is the office mattress." That was a reflection of Angela on her own self, thinking she's all high and mighty that she's carrying the Senator's baby. I love these two! 😂😂😂


  5. I love that everyone in the office imitates Jim as a stoner surfer dude.
    One of my favorite ongoing jokes.

  6. "Niagara falls? Pregnant? That was your dream?" 😂😂 Angela is thee most condescending b*tch I know

  7. Ok I got an amazing idea Jim and Pam vs Dwight and Angela 4 people go back and forth with jokes, roast, and pranks

  8. Are you sure you don't want to play?
    I'm sure.
    Come on, Angela, don't you have a game?
    I have one, yes.
    Well, let's play! What is it?
    I call it "Pam Calling", I count how many times Jim gets up from his desk and goes to reception to talk to you.
    We're friends.

  9. The way that one of Angela’s quotes is:
    Pam is the office mattress but she was cheating with Dwight while engaged to Andy then with the senator. Such a disappointment

  10. In summary…
    Brownies = Cookies
    Office mattress.
    Jesus is not a caterer.
    Ethical dilemma.
    Hussie = ….. An invitation?
    Third person proposal.
    Wedding prep…don't kill Grandmother.
    What color is whorish!!
    Penguins like coupons.

  11. It took them several tries to get the unbelievable scene right because The actresses that play Pam and Angela kept laughing

  12. If anyone hasnt heard: these two wonderful ladies recently started a podcast called Office Ladies where they're going in-depth on every episode starting from The Pilot! They even recently had Rain Wilson on. Check it out!!!

  13. Angela was that judgmental Christian that everyone knows, that’s what makes her such a great character. You have to know an Angela to appreciate her.

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