PAPER FLOWER DIY WREATH | HUGE Paper Dahlia Room/Wall Decor!

PAPER FLOWER DIY WREATH | HUGE Paper Dahlia Room/Wall Decor!

Hey guys it’s Sher and today I’m going
to be showing you how I made this really cool giant DIY paper Dahlia wreath. Is it
dahlia or dahlia? Dahlia, Dahlia whatever, it’s a huge wreath or wall decoration
really whatever you want to use it for actually I made – I made a mini one as
well because this was the original one I was trying to make but I messed this one
up a little bit so then I just went all in and made this huge giant rainbow
colorful one I know it looks a little complicated especially if you aren’t
familiar with origami or paper folding at all but I’m gonna try to explain it
in a really easy to understand way so you can make your own all you’ll need
are some pieces of origami paper a piece of cardboard that you can cut into a
circle to use as the base of this wreath and some double-sided tape before we get
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me on facebook so if you want to know how I made this really cool looking but
simple DIY paper Dahlia huge wall decoration then let’s get into it first
I’m taking a large piece of cardboard and cutting it into a circle to use as
the base then I’m cutting some sheets of colorful
origami paper into four by four inch sections the squares can really be any
size as long as they are the same length and width in the bigger version of this
decoration that I made I used sheets of paper that were six inches by six inches
and didn’t bother cutting them down at all and that worked just fine and I’m
cutting a lot of these little squares once I’ve got about sixty of them not
exaggerating I am rolling them into cone shapes to do this I’m just placing a
piece of that double-sided tape along one edge and then folding that on to the
other side of the paper to create an ice cream cone shape it’s really easy to do
once you’ve practiced it a few times and luckily you have all these sheets of
paper to practice with once all your sheets are rolled into
little ice cream cone looking things you can begin placing those along the
outermost edge of the cardboard circle I’m going to go ahead and place a layer
of double-sided tape around the edge of the circle as well i spaced these out with small gaps in
between them to leave room for the top layers of cones that will be added on
top in a minute then I’m repeating these steps again and
just adding a second layer of that double-sided tape a little bit further
in towards the middle of the circle and filling in the gaps left by the first
layer of cones with the second layer I’m going to keep working my way in towards
the circle moving the cones in a little bit at a time so that they start to
create this cool three-dimensional effect and I just kept doing that until
the wreath was complete I kind of messed up near the middle of
the first wreath and ran out of room so I ended up trimming down my last few
cones to make them all fit in the very center I liked how this one turned out but I
wanted to try one more time to see if I could make it even better so I made
another colorful one with six inch by six inch squares of paper in literally
every color of the rainbow and it turned out really pretty and even bigger than
the first just as another warning these can turn out to be huge decorations
depending on the size of paper squares you decide to use to roll the cones with
once again I am using the double sided tape to roll each square into the shape
of an ice cream cone and then space them out on the outer edges of the cardboard
circle slowly moving them inwards as I go I didn’t end up having any issues with
the middle section of this second wreath and I personally liked how this one came
out even better than the first and this is what the finished decoration
looks like like I said I do kind of prefer the larger one even though it
takes up a lot of space let me know if you guys try to make this at home and
how it turns out for you thanks so much for watching and if you have any
suggestions for future DIY decor videos I should do make sure you comment them
below before you go and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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  1. This is so cute and inexpensive!!! Lovely Video hun!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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