Passion for purple ( Home Decor Trends 2018)

Passion for purple ( Home Decor Trends 2018)

this is Jackie with quick flip decor are
you harboring a guilty secret do you have a love for purple that you’re
trying to hide well this week we’re covering a passion for purple is take
what we have here use a couple of things and bring in our purple I found this
cushion cover and it has a little bit of purple in it now I was able to convince myself to
purchase it because it has very many colors it has some green and yellow and
reds and oranges just what I need for all my other decor ideas so the basis
you would need and most importantly is this because we are all wanting to buy
that beautiful velvet purple sofa but if you’re like me and on a budget quite
like the average musician you’re gonna go with a throw
not so much to invest in so one throw what about your clothing do you have
anything that’s purple this is actually purple Camisole now I’ve tucked it in and
have big stitches so that if you want to wear it again you can quickly undo the
stitching and put it on now do you have anything fun and fancy purple is the
time to bring things out and here is our fun thing that we’ll put on the Ottoman
I’ve got this you could use a shawl or a scarf and I’m going to decorate the
Ottoman with this as well and I also have a little candle garden
which I will explain later okay just give me a couple of moments I will
quickly flip the sofa and the cushions okay so it took me more time to get the
purple in my hair than to decorate the room it takes barely anything at all and
we’ve got the pillows here this pillow we had before the purple at the back
sparkly cushion in the middle and we here we have a candle garden now what I
have done is I colored the water with a bit of food coloring to make this lilac
color if you’re afraid of your vase being stained you might not want to use your favorite one and just some greenery from around here
is the amethyst which was the start of the whole purple phase for this year and I have some Quarts and different
pieces of jewelry just to make this fun now you can make your candle garden out
of anything now I suggest if you have small kids your candle garden might just
be made out of toys just like these are Charlie’s toys hey
Charlie Here we go got these for his birthday thank you for watching this has
been Jackie and Charlie Forsyth with quick flip decor and a passion for purple Friends have a purple party and subscribe to us with quick flip decor a passion for purple
there are many more videos on the Dave Forsyth Band channel so please come on
over and subscribe we’ve got a few new ones coming up real quick along with a
few live feads so don’t forget to check back regularly

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