Patching a Poopy Pipe – Using the Freeze Fix Repair Kit on a Cast Iron Pipe

Patching a Poopy Pipe – Using the Freeze Fix Repair Kit on a Cast Iron Pipe

Hi, welcome to the Handyverse. Today We’re going to show you how we patched a hole in this pipe. Stick with us. Jason: Poopy pipe! Poopy pipe… Today we’re doing a little project Hopefully little, doing a little patch repair so that we continue to proceed with our laundry room makeover Today will be patching this hole in this drainpipe. It looks like it might just be seeping out a little bit The previous owners had patched this hole with a piece of wood, a wood stick which didn’t hold up over the test of time Our solution hopefully is a little bit more Semi-permanent we know it’s not permanent without replacing the entire pipe so we picked up this kit It’s called freeze fix pipe and hose repair kit We have no idea if it’s going to do the job or not But we’re gonna find out. So the first step is to clean up the hole but before doing that It’s important to make sure that there’s no pressure there, otherwise The gunk in the hole might come back at you. In this case It’s a drain pipe, so we know we’re okay, but just in case I’m gonna make Jason do it All right, I’m going to try drilling in the screw into this and pulling out what remains there. Hopefully this isn’t too disgusting You might want to back the camera up a little bit… Okay oh Did you get it on you? No. That’s more rotten than I thought though Have to get some more tools to help clean that out I’m gonna try drilling it and Just getting the drill bit in there and then pulling it out with the drill bit see what happens there. That’s okay, that’s what we wanted. It’s clear It’s actually a little bit cleaner than I thought so that’s a good thing Trying to clean that up as much as we can before we add the putty and then the fiberglass wrap on top of it The first step it says is to blend this putty And then before it hardens to apply it on to the hole and taper of the edges Which we will then wrap it with tape but I’m wondering if this is going to be enough we have a pretty big hole there And I’m kind of questioning the kit because it looks like it’s for pretty small holes But we’ll we’ll see we have no choice at this point I’m blending the two-part epoxy putty Until there are no black specks remaining With moist hands, so it doesn’t stick to my hand Do I want it to kind of go in the hole? Yeah, go in the hole Yeah, make it go in the like make it go in the hole. I did. Then spread it out around and try to make it like flat around I think. I haven’t used it before either It says to taper out the edges It’s definitely in I don’t want it to go all the way because, I mean, it would continue to go in, right? I think we should have opted for a new wooden stick… Would your inspector eyes say that that’s tapered enough? Or keep tapering it? I mean it doesn’t hurt. There’s no hole here It’s important that it’s tapered well and stuck on the bottom because that’s where it’s going to run if it’s gonna leak It looks… even that alone is better than the wooden stick Okay, so putty is up. The next step is we need to wrap Around the putty around the hole with this tape The instructions say to put on gloves, didn’t say safety glasses, but I figure if need gloves… it won’t hurt So we need to wet the tape thoroughly and then we’re going to wrap around Starting from the bottom Because we’re concerned whether or not we’re going to have enough tape because this is a wider pipe And it ideally we’re gonna get eight to ten layers Around the actual hole or leak itself and we’re gonna apply tension as we go around continuously You got it? Now pull your way a little Do you have it good because I have to pull? I mean it’s pretty wide Okay, I gotta let go so you can get around Two wraps! All right! Should I push? yeah, yep Now I know why you wanted me to do this! I pulled out the *bleep* stick! I should keep my mouth closed… So we’re a little shy of the eight to ten wraps given that we only got two So run into a little bit of a hiccup here, and it is a Sunday night We’re going to see what we can find We’re gonna see if we can find some more tape because at this point we’re committed to this project We left this for an hour and although we even know we only have two wraps on this we’re really impressed with how it has bonded to the pipe and It does cover the lower half of the hole We picked up some flex tape at a Walmart. It was the only thing we could find at this time of day But looking at this now we kind of think that This is probably sufficient as it is. I don’t necessarily recommend this for everybody Ideally, you know, even with the instructions it says eight to ten wraps, but we got two But there’s no pressure on this. It’s a it’s a drain it goes by so we’re gonna we’re gonna leave it like this and we’re going to keep an eye on it over the next few days and Hope that no Poopy water drips on you during laundry time And we are going to place this pipe in the future so for now we think this is a sufficient solution for us Time will tell, but we will keep an eye on it Like I said, maybe not the ideal fix But certainly much better than the wooden stick that was in there before. Seeing how this sealed We were quite impressed with the product It does seem like it really gripped on there the putty hardened very well the tape hardened and bonded very well obviously, I think the package is designed for a smaller pipe but It would have been nice for them to say how much was in the package I think Unless it does say. Yeah, it does say that But I never really looked at that. I mean it was part of the package and we needed the package to do it so yeah It’s only 30 inches, if you’re wondering. Bottom line, at this point we would recommend the product but We’ll post some comments down below in the future if we notice that it starts behaving differently yeah so far so good and Definitely did the job for us now that we have that fixed and we can move on to the rest of the laundry room makeover and And really try and get this room put together. It’s been in an awful state for a few weeks now so Months But anyway if you want to catch the rest of that hit like hit subscribe and we will see you in the next video Hi, welcome to the *mumbles* Hi, welcome to be Handyverse. Today, we’re going to show you how we patched… Stop it! Okay ready? No

7 thoughts on “Patching a Poopy Pipe – Using the Freeze Fix Repair Kit on a Cast Iron Pipe

  1. Have you used this pipe repair kit before? Did it work for you? We'd like to know so others who are considering it have a better idea if it will work for them.

  2. I haven't used a patch like that- but I do need one. I have the same type of pipe and mine isn't leaking yet but it doesn't look good. Good tip. Thanks guys!

  3. Poppy water…lol. Good practical video. That's one thing I enjoy about your channel. Down to earth, without all that manicured junk. Thanks for keeping it real!

  4. I'm just seeing this now, but earlier today I wire brushed some cast iron leaks and smeared roofing tar on it. No idea if it will hold. This fix looks interesting.

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