Pawn Stars: CHUM’S GUIDE TO TAGGING YOUR OFFICE (Season 8) | History

Pawn Stars: CHUM’S GUIDE TO TAGGING YOUR OFFICE (Season 8) | History

CHUMLEE: What’s up, guys? I got a surprise for all of you
to bring people into the shop. [MUSIC PLAYING] Last year, Corey became a
partner in the pawn shop, which is awesome for Big Hoss. So I’m trying to
show some initiative, and maybe one day they’ll
make me partner, too. What do you think? COREY: I don’t get it. What, you’re gonna start
a coloring book, or– CHUMLEE: My friend,
Hueman, drew that. She’s an artist who
paints with spray paint and she’s gonna do
this on the wall for us back there on our back gate,
so that when you’re coming up to the shop, you can just see
the three predominant Harrisons right there on the wall. RICK: So why Mount Rushmore? CHUMLEE: Why Mount Rushmore? Don’t you remember
the amazing ride we had through the
mountains to get there? That was a nice ride. I didn’t know we were
gonna have to walk, though. And the time we spent? Wow. RICK: Pretty cool, eh? CHUMLEE: Yeah,
that’s pretty cool. I always thought it
was so much bigger. Three honest faces– it’s
gonna attract business. OLD MAN: We’re not gonna have
no graffiti on the building. You’ll have every
gangbanger within 20 miles tagging the store, Chumlee. No, actually,
taggers will respect the fact that there’s
actually art there and they won’t go over it. RICK: And how much is she
gonna charge for this? CHUMLEE: No, she’s just
gonna do this as a favor. She’s always looking
for a blank canvas in a well-populated area. RICK: I think it
looks sort of cool. I look really good. You guys look like
[BLEEP],, but I like it. COREY: Of course you do. You’re the most
narcissistic person I’ve ever even heard about. My dad likes to
look at himself– often. So what do you think, dad? OLD MAN: Well, I do
look a lot better than that bald head of yours. You look like a billiard ball. RICK: Have her do it, Chum. CHUMLEE: You guys
won’t be disappointed. Oh, I love the smell
of 94 in the morning. HUEMAN: [LAUGHS] Best spray paint ever. It’s my favorite. It’s looking pretty good. I’ve convinced Rick
to let my friend paint a mural on the wall. It’s gonna get us
lots of attention. OK, well, I’m just gonna
let you do your thing, then, and I’ll be back–
HUEMAN: Cool. –to check on you. Just make sure it looks
good ’cause this is kind of like my pride and joy. I’m trying to bring
life to the shop. HUEMAN: It’s a work in progress. Just come back later. You got a little blue on
his head, though, there. I hope you’re gonna
cover that back up. Yes. Think I know what I’m doing. I kind of just freestyle
and do whatever I want, so I’m not really used
to someone dictating. CHUMLEE: Yeah. The old man has a little
more hair than that, though, so if we could get him
some hair going on– he has a lot of
hair for his age. I’ll add some hair. I got it. It’s a work in progress. CHUMLEE: OK, well,
I guess I’m just gonna let you do your thing. HUEMAN: OK, cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] CHUMLEE: All right, you guys. OLD MAN: What? Mount Pawnmore is done. Looks way better
than Mount Rushmore. You guys wanna check it out? Sure. It better look good. OLD MAN: Yeah. It better not suck, Chum. CHUMLEE: I convinced the
guys to let my friend do a mural on the pawnshop. I hope they appreciate how hard
me and Hueman worked on it. Pretty good, eh? What do you think? Looks pretty damn
good, doesn’t it? RICK: The hell is that? CHUMLEE: That’s a
picture of all four of us on Mount Rushmore
looking pretty sweet. RICK: Why are you there? Yeah. I made a few changes. Anyways, I look pretty good
up there with you guys. RICK: And I look terrible. You don’t look
good to start with. You gave me like 15 chins. Well, you have three. OLD MAN: And that’s
how many is there– one, two, three. It looks just like you. CHUMLEE: It does
look just like you. RICK: It does not look like me. It looks like you. CHUMLEE: Yeah. It looks like you. RICK: Cover it up. I don’t like it. OLD MAN: I don’t
care what you like. They did a beautiful job on me. My face is beautiful. RICK: Yeah, whatever. CHUMLEE: All right. Well, maybe you guys could think
about making me a partner soon. OLD MAN: OK, son. CHUMLEE: Really? OLD MAN: When hell freezes over. CHUMLEE: Please?

44 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: CHUM’S GUIDE TO TAGGING YOUR OFFICE (Season 8) | History

  1. Customer: I have George Washingtons skeleton
    Rick: how much you're asking?
    Customer: 2.1 million
    Rick: best I can do is 15 dollars and a pack of gum
    Customer: how about 2 million?
    Rick: best I can do is, $15.01 and half a piece of gum

  2. Oh man, that's not good.. sorry, but Rick looks horrible.. I wondered why the draft has only 3 and then the art has all 4 but then I remembered this is a TV show 🙂

  3. I don't know much about art and freestyle art but anyone who does can you tell me was it good or would you have done it better I think it was alright

  4. Expert: This is the holy grail of collecting. A truly one of a kind piece. You should have no trouble selling.
    Rick: Okay, how much is it worth
    Expert: about a dollar and a stick of gum.

  5. As a legit graffiti artist who has painted for well over 20 years I'm honestly surprised Chum knew two things he was talking about;
    1) 'Standard' taggers will leave it alone and respect the art
    2) He said "94" is the best paint ever. It's Spanish spray paint called MTN 94 and it truly is the best spray paint ever, I've used all brands. SINCE 1994.🔥

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